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A Married Billionaire's Love Affair

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Graceful, classy, s*xy, and many more names are described for 23 years, Ada Elsher Hayes. She is a young billionaire who stood on her own feet because of her hard work and dedication but some people may call her lucky because of her filthy rich parents but people who saw her closely only know her hurdles and struggles to get to the position she is in right now. Ada never shows her emotions or how she reels, everyone around her adapted to her poker face which conveys nothing other than her anger when times come. Ada’s peaceful and well-groomed life got disturbed by a very handsome man who is by the way is a married man.  Cheating is the most hated word in Ada’s life and she swore that she never in her life will cheat but after meeting the handsome greek god for the first time in a club that she forgot the promise she made to never cheat on someone and never help a cheater in cheating. Every moral, every rationality went out of the window the second her eyes land on the tall alluring olive-skinned god who is emitting a dangerous and powerful aura making everyone in the room cower with fear but like many firsts in her life which happened in a minute Ada’s heartbeat begins to race and her core pulsated so hard that she thought she is going to reach her c****x in front of everyone and she clenched her thighs to stop that. She felt like a deer caught in headlights aroused by a stranger.

Uneventful Mornings

Ugh! I hate alarms. Who the hell did invent these little monsters? They are like these noisy little monsters who burst your eardrums. See, I am thinking about an alarm in my half-sleep and planning to destroy It. Grumbling, I sat on my bed already feeling so much worse for not getting any proper sleep. Stretching my arms and yawning for the 100th time in a minute I stood up to start my long stressful day.

Nothing is interesting about me or my life. I am Ada Elsher Hayes, 23 years old daughter of Mr Samuel & Mrs Victoria Hayes. I am the eldest child of Hayes and I have two siblings with whom I am close as normal in our terms. As you can see, Hayes are filthy rich who give more importance to status, fame and money than relationships. I am not sad or depressed because I don't have a perfect bond with my siblings or my parents. We are just civil with each other and life goes on with everything.

As an eldest Hayes child, it's my responsibility to look after the business and I am a vice-president of Hayes groups and my father is a president. You people will think I got this post just because I am Hayes, not my friends. I earned it. As I said before we Hayes are just concerned about money, name and status, My father made me earn the position I am in right now. I started as an intern and proved my worth and shed blood, sweat and years to reach this position but people think I just bagged it without doing anything and I don't care about what people think.

I started my day by removing the sleep from my eyes and putting my signature red lipstick on my lips. I am an average 23-year-old with curves as people describe me but I know that I am just fat and I am not ashamed of it. I have brown hair with half curls and a half straight. My favourite feature of mine is my grey eyes.

As I was getting down the steps, I saw my dad's bedroom door open and a blonde woman came out with clothes barely covering her and from the looks of her, I knew that she was one of my dad's many one time hookups. Cheating is a normal thing in our house and both my mother and father cheat on each other and they both know about their infidelity but they choose to ignore it as they ignore their children.

I ignored her as usual and went straight to the kitchen to have some water because of the earlier event I lost my appetite. I hope things were normal as with everyone else's.

"Ahem, Good Morning."

I jumped hearing someone behind me, it's none other than my father who is sitting on the kitchen stools, ready to read the newspaper. I straightened myself and mumbled good morning and turned to get the forgotten water bottle from the fridge.

I gulped down the cool water feeling its coolness descending my throat to the stomach and I like this feeling, it's so refreshing. I took the bottle with me ready to leave the house dreading the long stressful day ahead.

I stopped in my tracks hearing my name. You may ask why I am jumpy and I have a reason for it. I don't talk much because Hayes doesn't talk unnecessarily. I was groomed by my parents when I was a child and everything instilled in my brain that I am afraid to break any of it. Conversation in our house is very less due to my parent's busy schedules and us being chasing our dreams as Hayes.

"Ada!" Father called and motioned me to the chair in front of him to sit. There is no warmth in his words. Whatever he says he says in a business tone. No fatherly affection, nothing. When I was a kid and saw my classmate's fathers talk to their kids with warmth and love, I envied them and wanted my father to talk to and treat me like other fathers but I received punishment because I demanded a ridiculous thing from him? From that day I never acknowledged him with anything and didn't ask for anything.

" Yes, father?" I asked taking the chair and wait for him to start and end whatever he wanted to talk about.

" How is New York's project going? Is everything coming to an end or still stuck at something"? He asked, turning the newspaper's page, not removing his eyes from the paper.

" one or two more days left to finish the final touches to the hotel. Everything went smoothly and we are just waiting for the manager of the hotel to call us and my assistant to report to me about the completion of everything." I said with a strong voice because my father doesn't like weaknesses and I know that better than anyone.

" Okay, it's better to be completed in one or two days as you said because you know I don't like the wait and delays." He said firmly with a frown.

Our business is in construction, we have other businesses too but Hayes groups are a constructional business which builds hotels, mansions, resorts everything. I love designing the interior and I mostly design the interiors of our projects. It helps me relieve stress and makes me forget everything.

"Okay, father. I know." I said ready to bolt from there.

" one more thing Ada, we have a meeting after lunch. So prepare the conference hall and inform everyone about it and be ready." Huh? A meeting? Out of nowhere, I will always be informed about the meeting before the day.

What is so important and urgent to call for a meeting? I came out of my thoughts realising father is waiting for my answer, not wanting to make him wait and irritated I answered with an "okay father" and bolted out from the house as it was on fire. I just need a fresh breath of air and a calm mind before entering the office and preparing for the unexpected and suspicious meeting.

I hope the meeting is just a normal one and not the scary one where everything will be changed. I always get scared because there are so many people who think I am unworthy of the position I was in just because I am a woman and a Hayes. They don't know my struggles, they don't know my hard work, they don't know my demons. They just know that I am Hayes and I was born with a golden spoon.

Unannounced Meetings

I prepare myself for the unannounced and unexpected meeting. I don't know any details about the meeting but I still prepared myself, mostly mentally. The stress is eating me alive not knowing what is going to happen. I never felt this helpless in my life, I always had control over things in my life.

I always trust my gut feeling and it never betrayed me and today it is swaying towards both sides. Clearing my mind. retouching my makeup, I left my cabin to gather everyone.

“ Good morning! Miss. Hayes, everyone is gathered in the conference room and we have 15 minutes before the meeting.” my assistant Neil informed me while I made my way to the said conference hall. I just hummed and slightly nodded my head in acknowledgment.

Everyone was busy whispering to each other and I could feel the tension and fear in their voices. I am having the same feelings but years of discipline and teaching which were forced


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