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A Mafia's Obsession

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I felt his lips brush against my earlobe, a soft brush that suddenly made my toes curl. His breath lingered on my neck before he finally whispered, "I own you Crystal. The sooner you get to accept that the better for you. I'll make sure you submit yourself to me, be it the hard way or the easy way. And I'll break this ego of yours. I promise you" * * * * He was her beast and she was his beauty. He was addicted and she was his favourite drug. He was a sinner and she was his sin. In the blink of an eye, Crystal sees her entire life crumble with the death of her parents and she is forced to take a job that she would never have thought off to make ends meet for her and her sister and pay of her gambling father's debt to a crime boss-- being a stripper. Just a glance on the doe-eyed milk skin beauty swinging her hips seductively on the pole and Leonardo already knew he had to have her as his. He had to claim her for himself. But he was everything she hated. She despised him and loathed his existence for the pain and anguish he had caused her and her sister. She swore never to succumb to him but what she didn't know was that he was also determined to show her that he would earn a place in her heart and life.

Chapter 1


I closed my eyes nervously, exhaling and inhaling. Even though I knew I had been doing this for some weeks, my legs still felt too heavy to walk me. I had danced several times, I practice ballet and I was absolutely incredible at it but tonight I was going to be dancing as a stripper infront of men old enough to be my father.

I felt knots tie in my stomach and I wanted to puke. I wished I could be anywhere but here but I just couldn't make my wish a reality. It took every self restraint in me not to cry out in frustration and anger. Ever since our parents died months ago, it has just been only I and Mabel, my younger sister, fending for each other.

Life was extremely tough especially when we had to settle a debt of seven hundred thousand that was loaned by my gambling father from a crime boss.

When he was alive, he never brought us peace and now he was dead and we still don't have peace as we are left to cover up his disgusting tracks.

I just wondered why mum had to join him in death.

Mabel was the only family I had, I took up this job to fend for her and myself and also pay of our father's debt but time was running out and so did our anxiety increase. By the day I worked in a ballet hall with my crew, dancing decently and performing for people and by night I worked as a stripper. I had applied for so many other well paying jobs but I was never employed. Even though, I had been in this stripper occupation for weeks, I truly couldn't believe the sort of occupation I had to engage in to make ends meet and pay off my father's debt.

"Why aren't you ready yet princess?"Golden, my work colleague called out to me snapping me out of my reverie as she entered into the dressing room.

I didn't even realise I was alone in the magnificent dressing room and I wasn't also ready to do the work I had to get accustomed to.

I gave her a faint smile. "I'll soon be ready"

The red haired lady gave me a broad smile and pinched my cheek slightly. Out off all my colleagues she was the nicest.

"Look darling I know you didn't want to be in this sort of business but you just have to come to terms with it. Food ain't gonna fall from heaven you know. You got to stand and work. Now let me help you put on some make up" she said with a grin.

I allowed her work her magic on my face. By the time she was done, I looked so radiating that I could barely recognise myself whilst I stared at my reflection in the mirror.

"You are really so talented Golden"I complimented. She flipped her hair and winked at me.

Suddenly the door swung opened roughly and two other lady walked inside, perspiration covering their tanned skins.

"Crystal what are you still doing here? The men are eagerly waiting for your performance"Claire, one of the ladies, chided before taking off her wig and slumping down on a kingsized sofa.

For a strip club, I had to admit this place was oozing pure luxury. The building was magnificent, sometimes I wondered who owned it.

"Boss is here today and there must be no mistakes and sloppy performances"Violetta, the second lady, chorused as she eyed me from up to down like I was infected with leprosy.

"Chill vilu"Golden said with a sigh.

"Crystal has never messed up and she won't. Stop being so hard on the poor girl"Golden added with a frown.

"Crystal"she began turning to face me.

"You will do great ok. Go over there and show them what you are made off"

I truly liked Golden.

I took in deep breaths trying to calm the torrents of nervousness coursing through me and stared at my appearance in the mirror. I stared at my nude self from my laced underpants to my white lingerie and dagger heels. Then my eyes darted to my face and the breathtaking make up Golden applied on it.

Yup. I truly looked like a certified stripper. My one wish was that Mabel wouldn't join this line of profession with me.

"Once you go out there baby, free your mind and relax. You look so tensed. Do your thing and get the money flowing"Golden urged with a chortle.

I gulped and nodded my head.

I opened the door but not before giving her a soft smile whilst the other two girls exchanged glares at me.

I truly had no idea why they didn't like me.

I began walking down the narrow walk way .

Loud defeaning music and the rush from the crowd could be heard from the hall.

I approached it briskly. Once I got to the wine coloured closed curtains, I took in deep breaths and tried relaxing myself.

Soon enough the curtain were pulled opened revealing a hall bustling with life. Loud music was blasting from all corners of the hall. Some men were dancing shamelessly with multiple women and endless swarm of waiters buzzing around filled the entire atmosphere with the stench of s*x, drugs and alcohol.

I had no time to stop and think as I was already on the stage with poles sprouting out of them.

A new song was played by the dj and the crowd went noisy, cheering and expecting me to dance whilst feeding their eyes on my body. The men were yelling for me to strip myself naked. I felt like running back but I couldn't. I had to do this to put food on the table and settle my father's debt.

I immedately began moving my hips. I ran my hands down my body seductively in accordance to the beat of the song and grasped a long pole as I swirled my body around it.

The men were howling as they fed their eyes hungrily.


"Come naked darling!"

"Give us that *ss!!"

I felt so irritated hearing their nude comments but I hid my irritation and kept on swaying myself around the pole.

I released my thoughts and let my my body twist around the pole seductively.

My eyes travelled around the hall as I danced to the rythm of the song. It then suddenly locked with a pair of cold blue eyes, eyes colder than glaciers.

He locked his eyes with mine, not cheering or howling like the other men. He stared at me like the way a predator would stare at a prey.

I suddenly felt myself being self conscious on my performance as a result of his fiery like gaze on my body.

His dark silky silver coloured hair cascaded over his shoulders. I couldn't really get a perfect view of his face since he sat in the shadows, surrounded by skimpy dressed women whom were seductively caressing his body to get a response from him.

Something about the way he stared at me gave me goosebumps. I immedately tore my eyes away from him and continued my dancing, twisting my body against the pole in hopes of finishing the dance quickly.

Slowly the beat came to an end and I immedately packed the money littered on the stage for me.

From the looks of it, I got about a thousand dollars if not more as I walked out of the hall. Today was really my lucky day.

"Oh my God. You performed so well today!"Golden excitedly chirped as she waited for me by the walkway.

"I truly am so happy Golden. Look at the amount of money I got"I replied back elated as I showed her my hands stuffed with money.

"Keep up the good work sis"

I sighed and stuffed the money inside my bra. "I'll. I have to be going home now. My sister would be waiting for me"

I quickly hugged Golden and headed to the dressing room to change back to my normal outfit.

* * * * * * *

I slumped on the couch, my hands flailing around. I was d*mn tired. Being a stripper was really not easy.

"How was work today sis?"Mabel asked as she came to sit by my side. She handed me a glass of water to which I collected and mouthed her a 'thank you'.

"It was good. I made eight thousand dollars today!"I chirped with ecstasy.

Mabel stared at me with widened eyes.

"Oh my God! That's huge. If you can make this amount everyday, we will settle dad's debt in no time"

Just the mention of my father got me hissing. He got us into this mess and now he is lying peacefully six feet underground whilst we were working our *ss off to pay off his debt.

"Crystal why don't I join you so we can raise enough money on time"Mabel suggested with a faint smile.

I shot her a hard glare immedately. "Don't ever join me. There's no light in this job. I don't want you to get yourself involve in it. Stick to your normal part time book sales please sis"

She nodded her head reluctantly and slumped her shoulders. "We received another letter by the way" she informed me lowly.

I didn't need to ask.

I already knew who it was that sent it and what the wordings were.

It was from the ruthless crime boss, the one whom my dad took a loan from, reminding us of the ever nearing deadline to pay off our debt.

Chapter 2


I pointed my toes and arched my back gracefully on the hands of Sebastian, my ballet partner as we danced together gracefully to the rhythm of the calm music playing in the dance studio.

With beads of sweat covering my foreheads, I was goddamn tired. I couldn't even sleep well the entire night knowing that some ruthless crime boss out there would be coming for his money soon.

With the now frequent letters we were recieving, I had a feeling he would be coming very soon.

Toppled with my sleep being haunted by those mysterious pair of ocean blue eyes.

"Ouch!" Sebastian immedately exclaimed as he let go off my body and twisted his toes.

My face turned scarlet red immedately after I realised I must have stepped on his toes.

He winced in pain and crunched his face.

"Crystal what's the problem?"The ballet instructor, Lola, asked as she came over to my side.

"I am so sorry Sebastian. I


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