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A Billionaire Scandal

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Irene, a college graduate, decided to find a job due to so many failures. Finally, she got a job to work as a maid, a job she found too low for her degree. Nevertheless, she decided to give it a try only to be caught around the web of the handsome Michael Bills, the billionaire son. Michael Bills is a brutal Billionaire, arrogant and a great flirt. Nicknamed 'The Ladies Man' He is able to get any woman of his choices but what happens when he gets to meet Irene, a young maid brought into the mansion, an affair that leads to so many secrets unfolding.

Chapter 1

Michael Bills, a handsome, successful, smart, and well-built man in his early thirties is known to be the CEO of Cyberdyne company, a very successful company in New York City.

Micheal's intelligence and elegant trait made him so flawless, a smart man who can eat his cake and still have it at any given period or difficulty. As a result of this, Micheal stood firm in the crowd of potential businessmen like himself, so daring and a man who won't take No for an answer. The Cyberdyne Company which is known to be a family business has grown to be very powerful under Micheal's control. Institutions like motels, entertainment industries, recreational places, and overall business firms were built under this company hereby making billions of dollars yearly.

No doubt, Micheal seems to have it all, his appearance is one of a kind, his hair as dark as night, firm well built body, sharp blue eyes, and lips as red as blood. With these extraordinary attributes, he is said to be more attractive than most ladies living in New York City, an appearance that gave him the nickname 'The Ladies Man.

Regardless of this nickname of his, everyone knows that Micheal is dating a young elegant, and very gorgeous lady, Bella Dickson. A well-known model who has won countless beauty pageants, an excellent match for a man like Micheal.

They are known to be the best celebrity couple in the city and on no occasion involves Micheal you won't see Bella tagging along.

But not regarding the publicity of his relationship, Micheal is known to be a hard player. His womanizing trait is one of a kind and no night passes by without him having a new girl in bed with him.

His arrogant behavior seems to attract more ladies who flock around him like bees surrounding a hive. Social media keeps posting news about him both rumors that ain't true and there is no place he goes to without attracting the attention of the press, indeed, he has the world wrapped around his fingers.

The sound of feet kissed the well-polished floor of the Company. It's a bright Monday morning and the majority of the workers were seen working their hearts out.

The entrance door opened and a young woman walked into the large building with a little girl beside her. Her presence attracted some of the workers who glanced at her wondering what business this lady might have that required her to bring in a child into the company.

"Good day," A blunt voice let out at the receptionist who stared at the strange lady with confused eyes.

"How can I help you, ma'am?" The blonde receptionist gave her a friendly smile, glanced at the little child next to the woman, and gazed back at the woman.

"I am here to see your boss" A straightforward response was heard.

Taken aback by the woman's request, Linda stared at her wondering who she was and why she wanted to see her boss so urgently.

"Do you have any appointment with him?" Linda implored politely.

"No I don't, but I must see him at once!".

Confused by the woman's utterance, Linda glanced at the computer in front of her and looked back at the woman, " I am sorry Ma'am, you need to have an appointment with my boss before I can let you in".

Chloe stared at the blonde in front of her, her sharp hazel eyes not letting go of the receptionist who had a tense look on her face. No way will she leave here without getting to meet Micheal.

"I won't leave until I see him" she asserted sternly to Linda who seemed very confused.

"Alright, I will see what I can do. '' Linda picked up her phone and quickly dialed the number of Micheal's secretary.

"Good day John, there is a lady that wants to see the boss right now, please inquire if I should let her in or not".

John sat staring at the laptop in front of him, his eyebrows furrowed in deep confusion, " A lady?".

"Yes, a lady, and she is here with a child".

Surprised at Linda's words, John stood up, being Micheal's secretary isn't an easy job. He knows his boss to be a flirt, a prince charming playboy but right now, John doesn't want to associate himself with Micheal's issues, he is just his secretary, nothing else.

"Alright, I will call you back" he noted and walked towards Micheal's office with sweaty palms.

"Do come in '' John heard Micheal's voice booming from inside as soon as he knocked. With his fingers wrapped around the doorknob, he twisted it and got in, his eyes fixed on Micheal who didn't even care to look up at John, his gaze fixed on the laptop screen in front of him.

"What is the matter?" Micheal asked in a busy tone.

"Sir, a lady is here to see you". John broke the news, his eyes fixed on Micheal, and luckily for John, his words drew his boss' attention.

Micheal stared at John with narrowed but confused eyes, different thoughts ran through his mind because he knows that he isn't expecting any of his chicks today.

"A lady?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Yes sir". John replied nodding in affirmation, his sharp gaze not leaving his boss.

"Did I make an appointment with her?" Micheal inquired not hiding his curious tone. The faces of his hot chicks swirl around his head but still, he had great difficulty asserting.

"No sir, your next meeting is by noon with Mr. Charles of Dem Company".

Micheal sat still not knowing what else to say, this is very surprising that this lady insisted on seeing him with so much confidence.

"Alright, do let her in" he gestured and watched John leave with great inquisitiveness that overwhelmed him, a great state of confusion as he wondered who this lady might be.

Chapter 2

Micheal's Pov

I sat patiently waiting for whom this lady might be. Bella is out of the country and won't be back in a week.

The whole situation felt so strange, I glanced at the laptop screen in front of me as I waited curiously.

A knock on the door brought me back into reality.

"Do come in" I gestured calmly and watched the door which slightly opened revealing John who walked in accompanied by a brunette behind him.

I narrowed my gaze at the woman who shared right back at me with displeased eyes. I have never seen her face before and I wonder who she might be. Gently, my eyes left her face and rested on the gown she wore. It looked quite shabby and out of taste. This woman isn't a woman in my class so her presence here made me even more confused.

"Sir, here she is," John introduced.

"You can leave now" I spoke to John who nodded.

"I will call you when I need you"


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