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  • 9.7

Kate’s life turned upside down when her boyfriend found his fated mate, who turned out to be her twin sister. Her parents sent her to a school of supernaturals to get rid of her. She prayed to meet her mate, and the moon goddess answered her prayers, only for it to turn out to be the popular soon-to-be alpha king who bullied her and wanted nothing to do with her. At school, she was nothing but a slave, but she was not going to take that anymore; she lived her life being bullied. Enough was enough! She had to teach him a lesson; she had to teach everyone a lesson; she had to show them that she was not just a slave; she was their Luna queen, and as for her mate, it was easy because he couldn't resist her body; she knew how to get him to beg her; she knew how to get him to obey her every command. She was going to change the fate of all omegas; omegas were special wolves, not just slaves! ****** He was a playboy alpha; all he knew was to f*ck and never to be heard of again; omega’s were his s*x slaves; he was soon to be alpha king with a chosen mate (Willow). His life was perfect until he set his eyes on her—his fated mate, Kate. She was everything an alpha would want: pretty, perfect body, smart, but one problem: she was an omega—weak, but did that stop him, NO! He had to claim her, and to do that, he had to discover the secret that played in her golden eyes. He had to fight all the other alphas that wanted her—he had to fight his triplet cousins, who were as crazy about her as him. ****** What will happen when an alpha meets his fated mate, who turns out to be a mere slave—a slave with a broken past? Will he claim her and make her his Luna? Was she willing to give love a chance after her boyfriend betrayed her and chose her twin sister over her?

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  • Author: Aimee Lane
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 7.8K
  • 9.5

Jesse is a normal girl from a f*ck*d-up family. The only thing she wants is freedom. Casimir, the dark and ruthless Wolf King, reigns in the protected, underground dens of the wolf world. He holds the power to compel anyone--human, or wolf--to do as he commands. Now, he needs a new mate, because the previous two killed themselves. After watching Casimir steal the minds and wills of the other women who have been kidnapped along with Jesse as potential mates, she knows he is even more powerful than the urban legends she's heard. Fearing that if the Wolf King touches her with his power she'll lose herself forever, Jesse makes a decision: She offers to submit to Casimir's dominance, to make herself his slave, to bear his heir... and to live. (Which is more than any of his previous mates managed.) But in return, he must vow to never use that compulsion on her. Fascinated, both by her boldness, and by the surge in his power when she willingly offers herself, Casimir takes her as his newest mate. But Casimir isn't the only wolf who wants Jesse. While Jesse's will to resist Casimir is eroded by the sizzling chemistry between them, she's also drawn by the tender safety offered by a much less powerful wolf. A wolf that Casimir would kill if he had any clue the male cared for Jesse. As she navigates the brutal world of the wolves, Jesse may submit to Casimir in body, but she stays strong in her mind and heart. Will Casimir break Jesse just as he broke two mates before her? Or, will Jesse flee with another wolf and leave Casimir forever? Has the Wolf King finally met his match?

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  • 9.3

Daisy - Her parents sold her as a child to gain money, and locked into a life under contracts she finds herself sold from one owner to the next. Her final owner: Dean, uses her in a way none of her previous owners have, and his gambling addiction has the whole house of slaves moving from city to city. Their final stop is in the Devil's city, and there is where Daisy first meets Demitri Devil, and he learns that Dean is not the man that his brothers want in their city. However, Daisy isn't weak and isn't afraid to fight for what she wants. Demitri Devil - Meets Daisy at a brothel, where he pays extensive amounts to have her. Only once in the room, he isn't after s*x, instead, he asks her why she is doing it, telling her there surely is another way. He never goes there to buy women but to try to show them they can survive another way. Only he is stunned to find out Daisy makes no money from her time in those rooms. The second time he finds her there, she looks ready to drop and surprises his brothers when he arrives home with her for the night. Marcello Devil - He told Demitri he was crazy for bringing her home and buying her for the night to give her a break. Only he goes one further and he finds her in another business, he offers her a week away from Dean. Dean is all too pleased to take the money. Calix Devil - Seems to be the only one making his brothers realise they can't keep paying to keep Daisy for the weekend to get rest, but that goes wrong when they decide to buy her whole contract.