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Fated Mates: Love Over Everything

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Liara Haysbert's whole world revolved around her books and her family. She didn't want to find her mate just after turning eighteen because she wanted to become a doctor first. A part of her didn't wish to find her mate because she was scared that her mate would reject her. Because she used to struggle to speak in front of anyone, as she had been mocked her whole life because of her nerd nature. But life had another plan for her when out of the blue, her part crossed with her fated mate, a rogue. None of them wanted each other to know the problem that they might face in the future, but neither Liara could muster the courage to speak in front of him, nor did he talk with her. "Ple..please sto..stop following me." Liara whimpered, feeling scared, but immediately she realized something, "Oh!! I…I get it.. You can't s..stop yourself be..because of the mate bond. Let..lets reject each other, okay?" "I, Liara Haysbert, da..daughter of Brandon Haysbert rejects…." Immediately she realized that she didn't know his name. "Ple..please tell me yo..your name." She whispered. "Name?" He finally spoke for the first time in front of her. Liara grabbed her clothes tightly, hearing his voice. "I don't have a name, Liara. Everyone calls me by different names; you can choose one to reject me. The options are B*st*rd, Killer, *ssh*l*, Black, Red, Speed, d*ckh**d, Beast, heartless, leech, dog, etc. The list is too long." "You… you're joking, right? Your parent's mi..might have…." "The woman whom I could call mother died at the time of my birth, and that woman was r*p*d multiple times. So, I don't know who my father is." Liara's heart sank upon hearing this, and she soon realized what the hell she was going to do. She kept staring at him without blinking her eyes for a while before speaking. "Theodore." It meant 'a gift of god'. And he was indeed a gift by Moon Goddess; otherwise, they wouldn't have been 'FATED MATES.' * Book 4: Fated Mates: Love Over Everything (Ongoing) Book 1: Billionaire’s Ex-Wife & His Hidden Babies (Completed) Book 2: My Mate is a Witch (Completed) Book 3: The Rejected Luna: Daddy, Where is Mommy? (Completed) *** Follow me on social media. Search ‘sprachi12’

Chapter 1


Dear Readers,

Since English is not my first language, there will be tons of grammatical mistakes. Please continue reading this book only if you don't have any issues with that. Rest I can guarantee you that you won't get bored with the storyline.


A century before!!


It was around midnight, and all the members of the Silver Moon Pack were sleeping peacefully in their room after enjoying a lot after in Luna ceremony. Little did they know that their enemies, vampires, were waiting for this moment to attack them.

The leader of the vampire’s coven mind linked to all the vampires to get ready because they didn’t want to give any chance to let their enemies escape from there. Unlike werewolves, every vampires were blessed with unique powers, and one of them was masking the scent.

After masking the scent, they brutally killed the wolves on patrol without giving them any chance to inform them their Alpha was happening behind his back. Their lifeless bodies lay on the ground, and they entered the pack.

But the moment those warriors were killed, the Alpha of the pack sensed it because he felt the bond of Pack members was getting broken. He tried to mind-link those warriors on patrol, but he couldn’t. Immediately he opened the whole mind link and alerted the whole pack about the danger because that wasn’t possible that none of the warriors would be available when he tried to mind linked them.

Meanwhile, vampires silently cleaned all the pack members as much as they could. In the end, they had to fight one-to-one, but why not decrease the number of opponents when they were getting a chance to do so?

“What happened?” The Luna of the pack asked.

“I’m not sure, but just like I told everyone. We’re under attack for sure. Grab all the females and pups as much as you can and take them to the dungeon. Be quick.” he ordered, not before giving her a quick kiss, and jumped out of the window, shifting in his wolf form.

The Alpha of the pack howled loudly as a warning, and that was when he found them, Vampires. Soon, the war began, but this time, they were killing each other face to face. There was fire and blood everywhere. By observing the number of vampires, it was clear that this was a planned attack, and vampires were showing no mercy on females or pups, killing them mercilessly.

The Alpha of the pack had already sensed that he was losing the war.

‘Those who can escape the pack. Be quick because we won’t be able to hold them for long.’ He mind linked.

‘I would like to die with you rather than leave the battle filed like a coward.’ The Luna mind linked him. There was no way they could reach near dungeon because it was too late, vampires were everywhere, and even if they would have been tried, then they would have failed miserably because vampires' speed was a lot faster than werewolves in their human form.

All the remaining warriors and ranked wolves fought against the vampires, helping the weak pack members to run away from there. The Alpha asked his mate to leave the battlefield, but she didn’t leave. She just couldn’t.

She left. It was her duty to save the pack members as well. The vampire leader didn’t fail to notice one female werewolf among all the males fighting against his vampires. Observing her bigger size, he realized that she was Alpha blood for sure.

He mind-linked his vampires not to kill her sooner, not before he would have fun with the feisty she-wolf, and signaled them to attack the Alpha.

Luna howled loudly in pain when she watched all the vampires attacking her mate, leaving the other wolves. She ran toward them to save him but was thrown away forcefully by the vampire leader. That was when she smelled of the blood of her mate. She felt the pain so badly that she howled again because joining the pack. She promised not to leave anyone of them alive, even though she knew it was impossible for her because all the other wolves ran away when the Alpha died.

She angrily looked at the leader of the vampire and launched at him to kill him. The leader forbade everyone not to stop her because he wanted to kick her *ss on his own. He wanted to show her that a woman's place was under the man, not on the battlefield. The leader threw her away, grabbing her neck again, but she quickly stood up on her paw and attacked him.

After five minutes, he was impressed by her willpower because no matter how many punches she took and was bleeding badly, she was still trying to fight with him.

“Okay, now, I’m getting bored.” He said, and this time when she attacked, he attacked her back and bit her neck. Vampire’s blood was poisonous to werewolves, so, in the next second, the luna shifted back into her human form, whimpering and crying because of the pain and also because of the venom in her body.

“She’s beautiful, Boss.”

“Indeed, she is.” The leader spoke, watching her naked body lustfully. A smirk appeared on his face when he felt an erection between his pants. He started opening his clothes. Luna’s eyes widened when she realized what was going to happen next!!

She wanted to die with her mate on a battlefield like a warrior, but this was an utter insult to her. Why? Just because she was a woman.

She tried to fight with him but failed miserably because all her energy had been finished in the process of killing him; on top, the pain around her neck area was doing no help to her. She cried in pain when she felt something tear inside her with force.

“D*mn!! She was a virgin till a moment before.” He spoke, looking at his vampire mates. “Looks like poor Alpha couldn’t get to enjoy his first night with his luna.” And that was true. They were talking and trying to know each other before going forward.

She kept crying in pain, looking at the lifeless body of her mate but didn’t beg in front of those leeches to stop because she knew that they were not going to leave her. Once the leader was done with her, his minions f*ck*d her mercilessly.

“Boss, I was thinking of keeping her as our s*x slave until all of us enjoy at least once with her?” One of the vampires asked, indirectly telling him to remove his venom from her body or she would die.

“Do you all want that? The leader asked, to which everyone said YES in big excitement. After all, it wasn’t every day to have a feisty alpha female under them.

The leader removed some part of his venom from Luna's body so that she would survive a few weeks and was hoping that by then, all the vampires of his coven who surely get a taste of her.


A week had passed since then, and just like those vampires wanted, they didn't leave a chance to f*ck her until she used to fall unconscious. The moment she used to gain her consciousness, those who hadn't gotten a chance to have her. Even she had forgotten the count that in the past week how many vampires had touched her.

All she wanted to die than live a life like this, but it seemed like death had another plan.

"What the f*ck!!!", She heard the vampire on top of her hissing. "What's wrong with your stomach?" He asked her, but she wasn't in the condition to speak anything. The vampire felt staring at her stomach but didn't see anything, but he swore that he felt something moving inside it.




Thank you for reading :) A couple of chapters will be posted here until the new book gets signed.

Chapter 2

That vampire felt the same movement again when he started fucking her again. He couldn’t help but stop for a while to observe her carefully. He kept his hand on her stomach to sense something moving in her stomach again after a while. He didn’t stop a second there and quickly flew away from there in fear, wondering what was wrong with her.

Not once any other thought came across his mind at that moment. He just wanted to inform his Elder (leader) about it.

That Luna couldn’t understand the reason why he ran away from there without even wearing his clothes and also without locking the door.

She felt like this could be her chance to escape from there, but damn, her hands were tied with the silver chain. And there was no way she could break it. That didn’t stop her from trying once. She used all her strength to break the chain but failed.

‘Moon Goddess!! Help me,’ She mentally prayed. Without her wolf, she was just a human, and the fact that she had been tortured


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