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The Rejected Luna: Daddy, Where is Mommy?

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Calvin Logan Haysbert became a father over a night when someone dropped a newborn pup at his pack entrance stating the pup was the result of his casanova nature. His life turned upside down because of the pup's arrival, his daughter, to be exact. He got so busy raising his daughter alone as a single father that he didn’t get time to look for the mother of his daughter until she started questioning it. “Daddy, Where is Mommy?” * Book 3: The Rejected Luna: Daddy, Where is Mommy? Book 1: Billionaire’s Ex-Wife & His Hidden Babies (Completed) Book 2: My Mate is a Witch (Completed) *** Follow me on social media. Search ‘sprachi12’

Chapter 1

A woman in a baby pink summer dress was enjoying the party that her mate threw for revealing the gender of their newborn pup.

“Alright! Alright!” Nathan Gayle stopped the party, showing his hand. “I think it’s time to reveal the gender of the pup,” he added, on which everyone cheered and howled in happiness.

Grabbing a black balloon that was kept in the corner of the room, he walked toward his mate, Ethlyn Smith Gayle, with a big smile on his face.

At the same time, other people hooted, and Ethlyn’s sister gave her a needle with which she was going to burst the balloon, and the color filled inside it would reveal the gender.

“So, what do you think? Its pink inside or blue?” Ethlyn's mother asked the crowd.





“It’s a girl, for sure.”

“No, it’s a boy!! The future Alpha of the pack for sure!!”

All the guests guessed the gender of the baby, judging the size of Ethlyn’s baby bump and her mood swings in the past two months.

“Ready, love?” Nathan asked with a smile, to which Ethlyn nodded happily. “This is our future.”

“I know.” Ethlyn agreed and burst the balloon with a needle and looked down at the color that was inside it, but she furrowed her eyebrow, finding a lot of papering cutting.

Everyone stopped cheering and hooting, seeing this.

Was this a new way of revealing a gender? Instead of color, boy or girl would be written on the paper cutting? Everyone wondered.

Ethlyn bent down and picked a piece of paper to read what was written on that, and her eyes widened when she read ‘Cheat.’ She picked up another paper and read, ‘Betrayer,’ ‘Hate you,’ ‘Sl*t’, ‘Wh*r*’, etc.

“What… what is all this, Nathan?” Ethlyn said in confusion.

Because of air, those paper slips flew to other people as well, even if they got confused reading it.

“Really, Ethlyn? You don’t know.” Immediately the tone of Nathan changed, and he didn’t sound pleased but looked very p*ss*d.

“I don’t understand.” She said, hoping this to be some kind of prank. “What are you talking about?”

“Wow!! I wonder how can you lie so smoothly?” Nathan clapped, observing the actions of Ethlyn. “Let me call the pack doctor to reveal your real face in front of all our close relatives and friends,” he added with disgust as if she had done some low-level or cheap crime.

“Luna Ethlyn!!” The pack doctor bowed his head in front of her, but Ethlyn felt anger laced in his tone, not understanding the reason behind it. She had been born and raised in the same pack, so she knew everyone in the pack, including the pack doctor, but she never did in her whole life; he talked to her like that. “The pup in your womb doesn’t belong to Alpha Nathan.”

“WHAT?” Ethlyn questioned in shock, and even the expression of the other person was similar to hers.

“Yes, Luna Ethlyn. I have run various tests of Alpha Nathan, and the truth is that he is sterile.” Everyone gasped at the discovery of this news.

“That’s… that’s impossible,” Ethlyn said, denying this. How could this be possible? She was pregnant by his pup then. How the hell was it possible that Nathan could be sterile?

“I knew you would say something like that, Ethlyn. After all, you weren’t expecting me to find your betrayal, were you?” Nathan questioned.

“No. Nath…”

“Shut up!” He growled at her. “Your mother is the head nurse of the pack hospital. So, let’s ask about the same thing with her,” he added, to which Ethlyn looked at her mother, hopefully, who was glaring at her. Now, she could understand why her mother’s behavior changed all of a sudden over the past few weeks.

“Mom?” She looked at her, still expecting this to be such a kind of lie.

“This is the truth, Ethlyn.” Ethlyn’s mother feels ashamed of the fact that her daughter did this.

“Why didn’t you tell me about it?” Ethlyn’s father asked her mother while Ethlyn felt like someone stole the ground under her feet. She wasn’t ready to believe what was happening there.

It looked like a bad dream to her from where she wanted to wake up as soon as possible.

“Natha…” Ethlyn tried to touch her mate, but he jerked her away.

“Don’t touch me, you wh*r*!!”

“Mind your tone, Alpha Nathan.” Ethlyn’s father growled at his Alpha being, the former Beta of the pack. Tears started rolling out of Ethlyn’s eyes, hearing that particular word from her mate’s mouth.

“And mind your voice, Christian.” Nathan roared back at him, calling Ethlyn’s father by name, shocking everyone. “You’re talking to your Alpha.”

“I won’t give a d*mn to anyone if he or she will insult my daughter.” Ethlyn’s father growled.

“I am insulting her?” Nathan questioned him. “If showing the mirror is term as an insult, then trust me, your daughter has done something really embarrassing.”

“Ask her, with whom did she sleep, and who pup is she was carrying?” Nathan asked.

“It’s yours, Na…” Ethlyns’ words were cut in between when Nathan slapped at angrily, making her fall on the ground.

“Aahhh!!” She cried when she felt extreme pain in her stomach.

“How dare you?” Christian, Ethlyn’s father, attacked his Alpha the moment he saw his daughter in pain. He lost it.

“Chris, No!! Daddy… Noo!! Dadd…” Ethlyn, her mother, and her sister screamed in horror. Ethlyn’s father shifted into his midnight black and grey wolf and attacked Nathan without giving him a chance to fight back. Christian would have killed him for sure, but Nathan’s security members wouldn’t have interrupted in between.

The wolfsbane was injected into Christan to calm his wolf down, and the moment he shifted into human form, butt-naked, Nathan ordered. “Take him to the cell and tie his hands and legs with silver chain.”

“Nathan, please!! Don’t do this to my dad.” Ethlyn begged, holding his feet as she was still on the ground because of pain.

Nathan pushed her away with his legs.

“I, Nathan Gayle, Alpha of Wind Winder Pack, reject you, Ethlyn Smith, as my mate and Luna to this pack.” He announced, looking at her in disgust.

“Nathan, there is some misunderstanding, for sure. Please don’t take this decision in haste.” Ethlyn tried to convince her mate c*m her best friend; they had been together since childhood, despite their age difference of four years, and then got marked two months back after the news of her pregnancy. She was about to say more, but then she saw the Beta of the pack dragging the unconscious body of her father in front of her with a silver cuff on her father’s wrist.

“Accept the rejection and leave, Ethlyn, before Nathan would do something really bad with you or with your pup.” Nathan’s mother said in concern. The former Luna had always considered her as her daughter, but she had never thought that Ethlyn could stoop so low.

“Mom, please trust me!! It’s….”

“Stop it, Ethlyn. Stop your lie. I always knew Nathan was sterile. I hid this information with you, Nathan, and your family, so that I didn’t want you to reject Nathan. But at the same time, I didn’t expect you to start naming someone’s pup as Nathan’s because there is no way this pup could be of Nathan.” Nathan’s mother yelled at Ethlyn this time.

“Moon Goddess, if Nathan’s father would have been alive, then he would have died of shame by seeing your shameless act.” She added with disgust.

“I, Ethlyn Smith, daughter of former Beta Christian Smith of Wind Winder Pack, accept the rejection of Alpha Nathan Gayle,” Ethlyn said, wiping her tears, and all of a sudden, she was hit by a strong wave of pain, breaking her heart into pieces. Her wolf cried in pain, but at the same time, she knew she had to stay strong for her pups.

She looked at everyone and realized that everyone was either hating her at that moment or feeling disgust for her. She didn’t have to go very far. Her own mother and sister were looking at her in that way. The only person who could have stood by her side was now in the cell.

“You and the father of your pup can leave my pack right now, right here,” Nathan ordered, not even looking at her.

‘Father of your pup.’ That word repeated in her mind. Little did anyone know, she knew nothing about the father of her pup if he wasn’t Nathan. She didn’t remember sharing any night other than with Nathan.

“What happened? Why do you so lost?” Ethlyn’s mother asked. “Who is the father of your pup?” She asked again.

‘Cinder?’ Ethlyn asked her wolf.

‘I don’t remember cheating on our mate. The only night I was out was the night when I was in heat.’ Cinder replied, recalling all her nights. ‘But before that, we were with our mate. So, there’s no way our way he can leave us in that state, can he?’ She asked.

Ethlyn looked at her ex-mate suspiciously, wondering if he was behind all this.

Or the people she was surrounded with?

“Who’s the father of your pup, Ethlyn?” Her younger sister, Reva, asked, to which Ethlyn chuckled at her situation. She herself didn’t know the answer to this question.

“Why does it matter to you both now?” Ethlyn questioned, especially her mother, who didn’t care to confront about the same the moment she had figured it out the pup inside her wasn’t Nathan’s. She stood up on her feet, wiping all her tears. She wanted to tell her that she didn’t know the father of her pup, but at the same time, she knew she would be tagged with many names like sl*t, wh*r*, prostitute, and god knows what more; after all, she would have slept with how many men because of which she didn’t know the name of her pup’s father.

“I can’t believe you. After doing this shameful act, you have no sign of regret or guilt in your tone.” Ethlyn’s mother scolded on which Reva and tried to calm her down.

“Who could have Ethlyn could something like this?” Nathan’s mother said, shaking her head. “Anyways, packs your things and leave.”

“Pack her things? What’s here that she has earned?” Nathan mocked and looked at the ring on her finger and then the pendant on her neck. “Even all things belong to mine. Give back to me.”

Ethlyn’s jaw clenched, and she was still having a hard time believing all this was happening to her even though she didn’t do anything wrong. She broke the pendant that she was wearing and then took off her ring and threw it at Nathan’s face.

“Everything that is happening to me is because of you, Nathan.” She blamed, surprising him.

“I can’t believe you. You got pregnant with someone’s else pup, and you’re blaming me? Huh” Nathan shook his head in disbelief, and grabbing her arms, he started dragging her out of the pack house.

“Nathan!! Careful, son! She’s pregnant.” Nathan's mother screamed.

“Nathan! You don’t have to throw her out of the pack.” Ethlyn’s mother ran behind him.

“Alpha Nathan!! Leave my sister. Alpha…” Reva cried with teary eyes.

While Ethlyn had surely covered her stomach with her hand to keep her pup safe, she was feeling numb because of a lot of things happening to her at the same time. She kept looking at the people around her to see someone smiling at all this, just like in movies and series, but she couldn’t find anyone with a smirk on their lips.

Though Nathan was angry, when he pushed Ethlyn out of the pack border, he kept in his mind that she was pregnant, maybe not his, but someone else for sure.

“Go near the father of your pup and if he is from our pack, name me, and I will kick him out as well.” He said angrily.

“Alpha Nathan…” Reva, Ethyln’s sister, tried to speak when Nathan growled at her.

“If you have any problem, pup, then you can join your sister.” He ordered, scaring Reva, who was just sixteen years old. “And you want to attack me, then you will find yourself in the cell beside your father,” he added, on which Reva shut her mouth. She wanted to attack her Alpha just like her father, but she didn’t have her wolf, and she didn’t stand a chance against him at this age.

“Nathan, she is pregnant. So…!!” Nathan’s mother tried to interfere but was cut in between.

“I don’t give a d*mn about it. It’s not your grandchild so stop it.” Nathan said. “I’m sure that this sl*t wouldn’t have even thought so much before sleeping with someone else.”

“ENOUGH,” Ethlyn growled at him.

“Wow! I wonder how you can carry such an attitude even after everything happened in the last half an hour? Leave, and never show your face to me and anywhere near my pack.” Nathan said before leaving from there. “I, Nathan Gayle, Alpha of Wind Winder Pack, banished Ethlyn Smith from the pack.” He announced immediately that Ethlyn felt all the connection that she had with the pack break in a second.

With this, he started leaving from there, not before adding, “Mrs. Smith, Reva, are you coming with me or not?”

Ethlyn’s mother left there. She was blinded with anger so much that she didn’t know even though where and how Ethyln would survive.

Or maybe she thought that she would go to the father of the pup now while Reva stayed there looking between the packhouse and her sister, who looked broken and lost.

“Leave, Reva!! Don’t put yourself in trouble because of me.” Ethlyn said and started leaving from there. She couldn’t shift because of pregnancy, so wherever she had to go, she had to walk. Reva watched her leave and ran away from there to reach her home as soon as possible.

She saw her mother stressed, sitting on the couch, leaving her in that state; she ran toward her room. Grabbing her bag, she packed the necessary things in it and all the jewelry that Christan had gifted her at this age and ago her saving. Packing everything, she ran back out of her room.

“Where are you going?” Her mother asked.

“You know it very well.”

“Reva!! Reva!!” Her mother kept crying loudly, but Reva flew away from there.

The warriors of the pack border blocked her way. “It’s Alpha Nathan ‘s order that….”

“Please!! Please!! Give this bag to her for everything that dad did for the pack.” Reva requested. “Please!!”

One of the warriors took that bag from her and delivered it to Ethlyn, who didn’t have gone far away from there.

“Shame on you, Ethlyn!!” The warrior said before giving the bag to her. Ethlyn wanted to hit him with the same bag, but she gulped the saliva of anger at that moment.

‘When your time is not right, everything is against you.’ She heard it somewhere and today is that day of her life. And the cherry on the top, the weather started changing, signaling the heavy rainfall.

And the rainfall in the forest used to continue for days sometimes.

“I swear that I will return someday!! I surely will.” She said, looking at the previous pack and the first drop of rain fell on her face, signaling her to find a shelter for both her and her pup, but she knew that there was nothing around here.

She kept walking in the rain for hours. She was worried for her pup as the sun started setting in the west, and in the present situation, she couldn’t save her pup from Rouge by shifting.


‘D*mn, there are two rouges nearby.’ Cinder sensed.

‘F*ck!!’ She cursed and started walking quickly. All of a sudden, she slipped because of the slippery ground, and she fell down before she would have controlled herself.

“Aaahhhh!!!” She cried in pain when her stomach hit the ground again, and this didn’t stop; she started rolling like a ball on the slope of the mountain. “Aaahhhhhhh!!! Aaaaahhhhh!!” Her cry echoed in the whole valley. She kept crying and screaming until she fell down from the mountain and her voice died after a loud scream.



Chapter 2

Five years later!!


“Am I late, Zordon?” Calvin asked his beta, Zordan Collin, who smiled and nodded his head. “Damn it! When will I learn to reach timely on my date?” He cursed and was ready for the punishment that the love of his life would give.

He had forgotten her birthday first. That was why he promised a dinner date, and then he forgot about the date as well. He couldn’t imagine how pissed she would be.

He signaled Zordan to leave when they reached the lawn where he was supposed to have candlelight dinner with her.

“She is pissed,” Nelina warned who was standing outside the lawn.

“I know.”

“All the best.” Saying this, she left to give them privacy.

He slowly walked toward the lawn and saw her tapping her red bellies on the floor with her hand wrapped around her chest. Her blue eyes were narrowed, throwing daggers from her eyes. Calvin quickly held his ears when he realized that all the candles had already been burned, and it lo


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