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Alpha Xander's Stubborn Mate

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When Karla Eden wakes up as a supporting lead in a mafia drama, she doesn’t complain as she enjoyed thrills of life that comes with college. As the mafia drama began fading to fantasy, she tries to maneuver out of it while keeping herself as the supporting lead. However, she ends up being stuck as the female lead of a rather quirky romance with Xander, a popular boy she detests. There are also scary discoveries of a world that shouldn’t exist. How did she end up here? ~~~ Xander Hazard, the Alpha of the Blood and Skull Pack, had his world turned over when his nemesis turned out to be the sister of his newly found mate. Not to add that his mate was a stubborn human girl who had no idea about werewolves despite living with a cursed spirit wolf. Now, he had to prove to his mate that he was the good guy, werewolves existed, and she was his mate. But it wouldn’t be easy.

Chapter 1

Chapter One – Moving Out

Karla's POV

I locked the door but tried opening it again to be sure it was really locked. I did that to be sure my ancestors weren’t playing lock sounds in my ears, I've done terrible things so that could be a way of punishing me.

Using the mirror of the window, I adjusted my dark brown hair to a bun. Her hand still had some oil from my cream so I rubbed it on my brows to make my brown eyes pop.

My eyes went up at the rooms lining ahead and I sighed. “Bye.” I flew downstairs despite the heavy backpack I had. I stopped to lock the front door then continued to the car.

Dad honked the moment he saw me, I rolled my eyes. Was it a warning honk or a welcome honk? Or just him flexing his new car?

I got into the car and buried my head on my best friend, Alexis’, chest. We were at the back seat and the only ones in the car, except dad. I burst into a fake cry. “We are living our house behind. All the memories. Why!!”

Moving out wasn’t very hard for me so it was all for drama. I was an adventurous person, and since I couldn’t travel often, I looked forward to moving out.

And they happened to come around every year much that I had trouble remembering the third house I ever lived in. First and second were far memories already.

Alexis nodded to my drama but said nothing. She was an introverted girl who talked less but talks a lot in her good days. We communicated telepathically and she used many facial expressions.

I saw she was concentrated on her phone so I stopped my act and watched the skits with her. Dad started the car and we set forth towards Calando.

Alexis and I just got accepted to the only university there so we moving out was destined to happen.

A frown rested on dad’s eyebrow as he looked at me from the side’s view. “This is the last time we'd be seeing each other for a while and you two rather watch TikTok?”

Alexis and I frowned.

Alexis was a year older than me but we were in the same level but studying different courses. “Well, can you hold a good conversation, sir?” She asked my dad sassily. He huffed and it made me laugh.

Alexis always acted like my mom, to my dad too, as her mother was my dad’s senior back then.

Since Alexis was now an orphan, she lived with us instead of living alone. I was more than happy when she said she’d be moving with me to my new university.

“I'm just saying, I'd be living for work like before so we won't meet often. And this time, when I get home, you two wouldn't be there.” my dad went on.

If he was going to miss us, he should just come clean and say it. “Then you should visit frequently, right?” Alexis said again, making my dad drop the conversation.

Honestly, I'd miss the little banter between my dad and she but I knew something more exciting was waiting for me at my university in Calando.

Alexis and I spent some time laughing at comedies. My dad would sometimes ask what happened and we’d show him a clip.

I didn’t know how Alexis found those skits cos I never saw any. She said it was from her internet friends but all my internet friends had bad humor.

“Hey girls, listen to this!” Dad called our attention again. Alexis dragged her eyes to him and shot him a glare.

My dad played a voice note from his phone and I stifled in a laughter tempting to come out to hear the voice properly.

“Every peasants coming to Calando due to it’s fertile grounds and serene environments should prepare to be killed by the killer wolves. Wolves kill at Calando. People get killed at Calando. If you don’t want to be killed by a killer wolf, stay in your peasant neighborhood.”

The audio stopped. I noticed the young man who spoke on the audio placed a mocking emphasis on every ‘kill’ word.

“It’s just some high schooler threatening people not to come to his town.” I shrugged. Alexis nodded in agreement.

“Whatever. But they are really wolves at Calando. Be careful at school and at home.” Dad placed back his phone.

I rolled my eyes again. It was a habit I had to show displeasure or defiance or my usual rebellion. Who was this kid telling the world, in such threatening and disrespectful manner, to stay away from Calando. Did he own the place?

“Spoilt brat.” Alexis muttered under her breath. I sent a smile to her, exactly what I had thought, though I had ‘rotten b*st*rd' in mind.

After an hour's drive, we arrived at our place in Calando. I jumped out and slammed the car’s door then dashed away just in time before dad threw his cap at me.

“Wanna break my car?” he shouted. Standing before us was a small house, looked more like a cozy cottage and needed some work here and there.

It has been built with white cedar wood and has some red wooden decorations. Small, octagon windows have been added to the house in an asymmetric way.

The second floor was smaller than the first, which allowed for several balconies on the sides of the house. This floor has roughly the same style as the floor below.

The roof was low, triangular and layered and is covered with black roof tiles. Two small chimneys sat at the side of the house. There were no windows on the roof. It looked small with a messy porch. Autumn wouldn’t be nice here with the line of trees besides the house.

“I’d sweep. Help unpack.” was Alexis command to me as she marched forward. I made a salute stance as I went back to dad to help him unpack.

It was easy for me to lift three bags on my shoulders in one go. Alexis always said I grew up well. She was still preoccupied with her parents’ death, now babysitting me (and my dad) to grow up well herself.

She was eighteen, while I was an age and half lower. I wished she’d be happier.

“And for the grand opening….” Dad grinned as he unlocked the door to the house. It made sounds that showed it’d be needing greasing.

“Welcome to the Eden's home…” Dad trailed off as a foul smell hit his nose. Alexis face squeezed as it hit hers too. Seeing them, I quickly covered my nose to protect myself but it filtered in.

“What is that? A dead animal?” I went backwards towards the car as did Alexis.

Dad gave us done looks as we looked on him to save us from the smell. He walked inside, holding my favorite umbrella as weapon.

“Dad, please, drop my umbrella…” I swallowed the rest when the smell made it’s way into my mouth.

“Girls, it’s nothing really. Well, nothing dangerous now.” Dad assured from inside.

“It’s dead?” I asked, coming closer.

“Yes, a dead wolf, in the middle of our sitting room with a sign.” I met dad bent towards a gory dead animal.

“Leave Calando, peasants.” I heard Alexis say.


She pointed to the sign and shrugged.

My eyes darkened as I saw the foul handwriting on a white board. I remembered the audio. The audacity of these people.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two – University

Karla's POV

There were three rooms in the house. I slammed my body unto the door on my left and it burst open revealing a blue themed room.

Speak of designing interiors but the bed sheets, window planes and curtains, chairs and desk, including half the painting inside were blue. I loved it.

“There you are. The other room is yours.” Alexis sighed as she fell on the bare bed.

I shook my head, confused, “I want to stay here. I came here first.”

When she said nothing but breathless sighs, which was due to trying to sweep off every dead leaf from the porch, I ran to take a peek at the other rooms.

One had a dull brown theme, it surely was for dad. I frowned and left.

The other was pretty with pink and white theme. It looked so innocent, peaceful and well,… girly.

I ran back to Alexis, “So you picked that cheesy theme for me. Why? You could have just asked me.”

I then remembered that d


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