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Your Savage Son-in-law Is Back!

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Synopsis: Young master Dominic Thales was once a respected figure in his family’s wealthy empire but he fell into a coma after a mysterious accident that left him incapacitated for three years. During his coma, his newly wedded wife Brielle, who was six months pregnant at the time of the accident, received unwavering support from Dominic’s family. However, tragedy struck the Thales group, sending their fortunes into doom. With the financial crisis, Brielle was forcefully separated from her husband and her newly borns were taken under by her family. Seven long years later, Dominic awakens, but he is no longer the revered young master. His beloved wife is gone, and his kids are under a different name. Determined to reclaim his family, wealth, and the love he lost, Dominic fights back at his in-laws.

Chapter 1

Chapter One – Coma. The feeling of being betrayed by your own.With fallen shoulders, Dominic Thales walked out of the hospital. He boarded a cab heading to his family house, the Thales Mansion, his eyes glued outside the window watching how places changed since he last went out.The taxi stopped and the driver asked to be paid. He paid, even though stunned how taxi rides had increased since the last time he took one, which was ten years ago going on a jolly ride with friends. He turned immediately to the mansion, the Thales Mansion, which he’d call home, but his legs froze immediately when he found himself before a hotel.What's happening? Where was his home? There was no way what happened to the Thales group wouldn’t affect his home!“Excuse me?” he ran to a security, panting heavily. Could it be what he thought? “Isn’t this the Thales Mansion? Where’s everybody?”By everybody, he meant servants and butlers who were loyal to Thales, he wasn’t expecting his grandparents anymore. The security laughed. “Did you come back from a time travel? Or you hit your head somewhere?” Dominic began panting heavily. Time-travel? Had everything changed that much? Had his family home been a hotel for a while already? “Tell me what’s going on. I am…”“Newbie! What're you doing with the lunatic!” a tall man yelled at the security and stomped over.The security ignored Dominic and went back to his post. Dominic wondered for a moment if he was the one being referred to as lunatic? “Is this the Thales Mansion? Who did this to it? Tell me everything…” but Dominic was pulled by the collar. The huge man yelled. “Get lost, there are no crumbs for you here. I’m done doing favors for you homeless folks.”Crumbs? Dominic felt insulted. He never asked for crumbs from anybody but then he was tossed to the ground. The force he fell with sent pain to his sick body which hadn’t recovered from all he was suffering. “What is wrong with you!” he shouted back. “How dare you touch me! Do you know who I…” he trailed off. Who was he again? Hasn’t his empire been trampled upon? A kick was sent to his stomach and he felt like throwing up.“Who you are? Okay then, who are you? Nothing more than a filthy beggar!” the huge man ranted. It was no use. Dominic knew that much. He wasn’t as powerful as he used to be so he’d better clear the scene as soon as he could.His physical appearance didn’t resemblance that of before. No one would believe he was the Young Master Thales anymore. Nor even a common rich man at that. He scurried away from the man while wondering who’d dare sell his family house. Does it mean he had no home? Where's the money paid for buying the house? There was nothing in the bank account, nothing left. The company’s building was under lock and key and there was no one he could call. For that split moment, he felt alone in the whole world. Where was his wife? Where was Brielle?His mind went back to four years ago at the hospital, while he was laid there, helpless.“This rude infidel isn’t worthy of your wait! Why are you breaking your mother’s heart, Brielle!” Those were the words of Lady Lillian to her daughter, Brielle. The body of Brielle’s husband, Young master Dominic Thales laid besides them. He had an accident four months ago and fell into a coma. Brielle clenched her fists and pointed at her mother. “My husband isn't an infidel! Watch your mouth!” she pointed at her mother.Her father leapt from where he sat and scolded immediately. “Brielle, how dare you point at your mother because of this trash? You were told to only marry and get pregnant for him. Don’t fall in love with him!” “I never agreed, father!” Brielle barked.Her mother yanked her arm, turning her face to hers. “Those kids you carry, do you want a selfish conceited man to be their father?”“But you sent me out for marriage to that selfish conceited man! Now, I love him and I realized he isn’t that!” Brielle replied. She received a thunderous slap on her face from her father, shutting her up. “That’s enough, Brielle. You won’t shame the Allen’s family than you’ve already. Your marriage to the Thales was a formality for you to be an in-law and get the benefits of it. That’s all.” Master Allen cautioned, pulling his daughter away. His wife followed with a sorry look.Brielle couldn’t move her lips, she was dragged away by her family. In the ward, the body of Dominic Thales went cold. He heard everything his wife and in-laws said about him. He was trapped in his own body and consciousness. He couldn’t break free but his emotions were still intact. Why did his mother-in-law hate him so much? He had helped their company become one of the leading fashion industry in the country and worldwide. She used to be nice to him before but her true colors were showing now he’d been in coma for fours years. Had they really set him up with their daughter?He remembered seeing Brielle at his best friend’s party and falling in love, unlike his usual playboy self. Was their marriage was just a formality to her family? Dominic felt very confused. And that was when everything went down hill. His little cousin telling him that his grandmother committed suicide. It was enough for him to wish to remain in the coma than live in a world where his beloved grandmother wasn't in. His father had committed suicide as well then, leaving the scar on Dominic.And then, he was told how his little cousin would be sent to an orphanage as they was no one to take care of him. It wouldn't be the worst decision his grandfather would be taking against his orphaned grandson.And then yet another news that prompted him to break out of his coma."The news said Thales group lost 85% of our worth in a failed business. With you still here, it’s safe to say we’re doomed.”Dominic could hear the broken voice of his little cousin saying those news."Ah, and so it wouldn't be only bad news you get, Aunty Brielle gave birth to twin boys. They have your eyes." Lucas added.Those were the last words he ever said to Dominic before his sudden disappearance.Dominic looked to the sky still standing outside the building. "Where would I start from?"

Chapter 2

Chapter Two: A car drove past with blinding speed, catching Dominic’s attention. He stood up to watch where it was headed. A protest was ongoing.The car drove stopped besides the open place where the protesters were. “Pay your workers, Allen Group! Pay your workers!” the protesters raised placards. It was a peaceful protest, no one attacked any one. Until, the driver of the car stepped out and there was a cold air in the environment. It was a master Allen, leader of the Allen group.The protesters didn’t speak under his intense glare.“Arrest them! Beat them up!” master Allen commanded and the officers dived at the protesters and began attacking them.Dominic hid behind a bill board watching this. The situation turned to a fight and more policemen were called.Dominic left the scene before it escalated. “The Allen group keep on making enemies for themselves.” He mumbled under his breath.He had to do what he can to rise back to the top. It wa


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