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My Ruthless Ex-Husband

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"I hate women like you! Yes, I will marry you, but you will live in hell! I'll make sure you will never be happy!" He roared while his eyes glared at her. She clenched her fist holding the pregnancy certificate. She doesn't have a choice but to cling to him... He is the only one who can save her and her family from a huge debt. "Thank you... As long as you will acknowledge the child in my womb, I won't ask for anything more..." Tracey will choose to cling to the unknown man than to become a miserable prostitute because of the Mafia who is chasing her father.

Chapter 1

Tracy pulled out her phone and quickly wrote her husband a note. "Congratulations on years together... Get home quickly. I've got a treat for you that you're sure to like..."

After sending this message, Tracy put down her phone and went back to the kitchen to keep cooking. Her skin is glowing. Before, he didn't care about the news.

"I'll help you, ma'am," said the helper.

Tracy laughed and shook her head. "There's no need. I'd like to cook for him so you can go back to work."

The helper gets jealous of Tracy. "You're too kind, ma'am." I'm sure Sir will be happy tonight.

Tracy smiled, but she didn't say anything. Do she and Sean really love each other? Tracy makes a funny face at herself because she knows it's all an act.

When Sean got home at seven o'clock at night, the maid was eager to leave.

Tracy has just set the table. As she cooked dinner, she felt the warm breath on her neck and then a finger on her chin. Tracy turned to say something, but before she could, Sean pecked her lips in a passionate and curious way.

Tracy was surprised for a second and tried to push him away, but Sean put his arms around her waist, grabbed her chin with his long fingers, and his dark eyes got a little narrower. Then a word came out that didn't have any feeling to it. "You asked me directly to come back. Isn't this all it's for?"

Tracy said in a low voice: "No, it's not. Today is our third wedding anniversary, and I have a gift for you."

Sean let go of her, fixed his shirt, and said softly, "The gift isn't needed. Your surprises have always surprised me, but never made me happy."

Tracy pursed her lips and didn't say anything back. Instead, she turned and went about her business.

Soon, they start to eat...

Sean sat on the other side of Tracy, and Tracy poured him a glass of red wine. She picked up her glass and said, "To celebrate our third wedding anniversary, cheers."

The lights were shining on the man's good looks. Sean Pattinson's hard jawline is cold and deep, the bridge of his nose is straight, and his thin lips are slightly upturned, which makes it look like he's not happy with the party. Tracy smiled because she didn't think he would answer. Sean picked up the glass of wine and tilted his head back to drink it.

She then poured a second cup, and when she was done with the first, she poured a third. After a few drinks, Tracy was finally drunk. She laid on the table and stared at the guy who had never cared about her. "Today is our anniversary, Sean... "Could you please smile a little bit?"

"What is it exactly that you want me to do?" "Do you want me to drive you crazy or go to this very boring anniversary with you?" Sean replied.

"How could that be boring?" Tracy says something.

Sean smiled as if he had just heard a funny joke, and then he muttered. "Will you then let me go the whole way?"

Tracy shook the cup with the last bit of liquid in it, and the relaxing light made her eyes water a little. "It should be able to... No. "

Sean didn't want to talk to her, so he went up to his room. In a fit of anger, he took off his tie and jacket and opened his shirt. As he did, two small, soft hands wrapped around his back, and the smell of wine followed.

"Don't worry about it. My gift has not been delivered..." Tracy whispers in a seductive way.

Sean turned around, put his hands in his pockets, and just stood there looking at Tracy.

Tracy's cheeks were red, and a pair of innocent eyes looked at him, which made people stop what they were doing. Even though Sean didn't want to admit it, he felt a deep knot in his throat. The woman in front of him was beautiful, though. She can make any man fall in love with her.

If she hadn't put him there in the first place, he wouldn't have been in the way. Then he notices how hot her lips are... Sean quickly lifted Tracy's chin, pushed his lips together, and pulled her away from him as Tracy's small hands got into his shirt.

Tracy could feel how hot Sean's kiss was, but she didn't give in. Tracy had the same strong reaction to the kiss. Tracy was so excited about Sean that she didn't notice that he had already put her on the bed.

Sean held Tracy's arm with both hands and said, "You said you didn't want to, didn't you?"

"Don't you know that what women say and what they think are two different things?" Tracy asked.

Sean laughed, dipped his head, and gave her another kiss.

Tracy was more careful tonight. She bit his lip with her teeth as the smell of old blood filled their noses. Who will win the kiss? Who will have the upper hand?

Tracy ruined the surprise she had planned for Sean just as he was about to get the condom from the side table. "Sean Pattinson, let's get a divorce."

The guy who had been following her stopped. "About what do you want to talk?"

Even though Tracy knew he understood what she said, she said it again. "Let's go get a divorce."

As soon as Sean stood up, his excitement went away. "How much do you want to make?" She had always been this way. Sean got used to the steady stream of ways people used to ask for money when they didn't have any.

"Not one single cent." Tracy wrote a separation deal and put it under her pillow. "... see? If there's nothing wrong with it, you can sign it."

Sean's face showed that he was sad and serious. "Tracy, you should know when to quit." "I don't have time to play this boring trick on you," he said in an angry tone.

"Didn't I say I'd surprise you this evening?" "I think that everyone should get my gift."

Sean gave her a blank look and felt that her smile was a little shaky for some reason.

Tracy was happy. "Sean, I hope your breakup goes well."

A few seconds later, Sean's thin lips moved up, and he asked what was going on. "Are you sure you're serious?"

Tracy bobbed her head. "What? This is a happy moment... I'm sure you like it."

"Fine! Don't even try to feel bad!" Sean stopped talking quickly and slammed the door shut.

Tracy turned her head away from the divorce paper she was holding and looked down. Sean wasn't even interested enough to look at it.

That night, Tracy put everything in her bag. Before she became Mrs. Sean Pattinson, she just put her things away.

Sean bought clothes, shoes, bags, and jewellery, but Tracy left everything behind. She doesn't want to do it.

After she left, Tracy still picked up the divorce paper that was on the cold coffee table.

As Tracy walked by the dining room, she took a quick look at the table. The dishes in front of Sean were spotless, and he hadn't moved at all.

As expected, nobody wants to celebrate this wedding anniversary. It's filled with divorce birthdays, which is a good thing.

"Sean must be in a hurry to tell his girlfriend that he is finally free..." Tracy felt at ease as she sat in the cab and looked out the window at the countryside going by.

She is getting ready to go back to her poor neighbourhood after three years of pretending to be Mrs. Pattinson. Tracy smiles in a mean way.

Chapter 2

Glenda is a loyal friend who grew up with Tracy. When she heard about Tracy's split, she yelled at Sean for 10 minutes and said, "That crazy jerk didn't give you a dime? He is having fun every night-" "... That's wrong. Over the last three years, I've stolen a lot of money from him, so it's fine if he doesn't want me back. This is Tracy's reason.

"You can't think that way about it. You are married to your wife. You now have his money. Your money stays your money! Also, he still calls you names every day. "What's wrong with spending his money?" Genda yelled.

"Can you change the way you say that?" Tracy was shocked and said so.

Glenda began to feel better. "I'm sorry, but you know that my mouth doesn't have a zipper."

"I proposed divorce today." The crazy person asked me how much money I need. He didn't even look at the divorce papers. It was


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