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Demon Queen, I want your love

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"I love you, do you understand?" Lucian Desmond. "I will share you pain and grow old with you. I have hurt you in the past, and now is the future, I want to love you now. And you can do nothing about that," She clenched her fists and bit her lips. "But I am a demoness," Roseline Douglas. "That makes no difference Roseline. I will take it away. Walk a hundred miles for you. I don't want to loose you. Roseline Douglas was brought up from a poor background, and betrayed by her childhood classmate, cursing the young boy, Lucian Desmond, in the end. And the two finally meets again, meeting themselves in a complicated situation, where they had to fall in love, change and try to exchange their destinies.

Chapter 1 detention

2008, 10:58 AM 

It was a busy day in Marygrove. The winds was howling silently on the streets. A car was passing on the silent road with no noise except the tires of a small moving car.

In this car, there is an happy family of three. The grandfather, the mother and the kid. 

Roseline, a girl of 13, was busy staring at the beautiful landscape. Her beautiful plumpy lips were clamped together, her pink rosy cheeks which suits her name so much blushed as the beautiful area kept giving her goosebumps.

But unfortunately her goosebumps wasn't just for the area, it was for the idea of she going to school. Those eyes which would stare at her today...

"Ugh!!!" She had to groan.

"Roseline, you happy to go to school?" Her mother asked with a smile.

"I am not mom, you should have left me alone at home. You still went ahead to rent this car all cause of me again," she snorted 

"Common rose, school is fun," her grandpa said, as a smile was stuck on his face.

"But not for me, grandpa, they all all bullies at school. All they does is to bully me, so how's school fun then?" She questioned and her mom sighed.  

Her daughter has always been complaining about this school of hers. She wished she could just take her away from the school, but what can she do only to struggle endlessly making sure her small family never lacks. Even without a husband. 

*at school* 

"Goodbye Roseline, behave yourself well okay?" 

"Yes mom," she muttered and waved at them. 

She walked into the school, then into her class only to meet the teacher teaching as usual. She is so late and so in trouble today, 

The teacher, Miss Miller gasped seeing her walking slowly to class. 

"Roseline Douglas, why are you late to class again?" She questioned, folding her arms under the busty area of her chest. Roseline couldn't care less as she found no excuse to tell her teacher.

"I can't speak for myself Miss Miller. I am just late," she said bluntly, and the whole class burst out in laughter, mocking her.

"After class, detention!" 

"Yes Miss Miller," she replied.

At least, detention was for her. Hope she doesn't meet bullies in detention. 

All eyes were on the girl who walked to her seat. She sat down with her head lowered.


Roseline walked into Miss Miller office to see her seated with a frown on her face. A boy was also with her, as he lowered his head. Seems he was getting scolded about something bad he did. Hope he isn't a bully.

"Miss Miller?" She called. 

"Sit!" Miss Miller commands without sparing her a glance.

Roseline went to take her seat beside the boy who avoided her. At least he was also in detention.

"Coming late to class, (turns to the boy) hanging around the school?" 

"I was only receiving a call Miss Miller" the boy spoke for himself..

"Oh, why don't you go explain to the principal that you were just taking a quickie, that's all you did, before I caught you red handed!"

The boy rolled his eyes at the teacher, thinking she overreacts a lot.

"Lucian and Roseline, come with me," 

She stood up and took us to a room beside hers. A surprising room. 

"Mrs Claudia left over room?" They both exclaimed, with their eyes widened.

The room had been left over for ages. It was rumored that this office was once the principal office controlled by Mrs Claudia, the woman with evil intention, who had left the school with police escorts. Since then, this place had been locked up. 

She opened the padlock and led them in. 

"But it would take days to clean this place up," Roseline complained, looking everywhere, feeling irritated.

"That's why you have an assistant. I want this place all done before Monday, got that?!" 

"But tomorrow is Saturday," 

"Yeah. Just today, tomorrow and Sunday. You both are lucky, no one would be able to disturb you while on detention. Just remember, before Monday or you both are really in serious trouble," 

She points her finger to them, glaring at the two.

"And Lucian, don't you dare do something useless!" She points at his face. He made an eye roll. The teacher walked away leaving the both of them for themselves.

Roseline walked out to grab the gloves, dusters and broom. She walked into the room to clean it up, thinking he would come with.

Lazy *ss Lucian picked up a chair, dusts it and took his seat like a pampered child he is.

"Sorry? What are you doing?" She questioned with one of her brows raised in question.

"Who do you think I am? I don't do minor jobs," Oh she had forgotten that, as they were bullies everywhere in the school, same way there are also rich pampered brats, who thinks they are on top of the world and example of such is this brat over here.

"You are not to do minor job. This isn't minor job. It is detention." 

"So?" He questioned.

"So?! (scoffs) would you get your lazy *ss off there and do your work, cause I don't think I would touch anything if you don't stand up, maybe we will both get into trouble!" she threatened, pointing right at his face.

"Are you threatening me?" 

"If you count that as a threaten, that would be a no. I am only reminding you of the trouble you could cause by just sitting down there doing nothing." She snapped angrily at him.

He clenched his fist and finally stood up his feet to clean the d*mn room. He took the dusters, the broom and a mask. He remembered she wasn't wearing a mask. "That stupid girl," he cursed. He took another mask for the girl who was busy cleaning the window. 

"Stupid girl, she forgot her mask," he curses against.

He turned around to call her only to see a goddess standing by the windows. The sun which reflects to her face making her look like a sun goddess. He never knew she had a set of blue eyes. It was beyond beautiful. It was magical. Her lips parted a little making her look like a little princess in distress. A little princess cleaning the window. It mbbj wonderful.

With no shame, he walked towards Roseline, staring at her face with interest. Roseline looked at him angrily. Why is he staring at her like that?

"Why are you staring at me like that?" she questioned.

"You are beautiful," he in a comment shamelessly.

"Excuse me?" She raised her brows.

"You know, I feel like kissing you right now, cause you are really attractive. You are beautiful," he said with a smile, as the girl scoffed at him. What is he saying now? What had his parents taught him? To have girls off to himself? He is nothing but a young spoilt brat! How old is he? Eleven? Saying kisses.


"I think I am attracted to you," he pout his lips cutely, and immediately, the girl walked away from him and suddenly ran out of the room to Miss Miller's once only to see it locked. She was disappointed. Gosh, she just wanted to report the boy who doesn't know how to filter his mouth. He is trying to take advantage of her.

She walked back to the room only to see him smiling mischievously. What Phycho have I met In detention? She thought to herself. The minute Lucian saw her coming alone. His smiles suddenly turned to a smirk.

"What?!! No Miss Miller?" He teased with a surprising look on his face. 

"Please quit saying things that would make me so uncomfortable," she pleaded with him

"HOW can Lucian Desmond make you uncomfortable?" he questioned, stressing the 'how?' like he was on top of the world.

"Never heard of the name,"she replied.

He smiled at her, then the two resumed with their work even with the way Roseline was uncomfortable. She could see him staring at her anywhere she goes. 

Chapter 2 working with him

"Roseline threw her bag to the couch lazily, then took off her shoes almost immediately. She was exhausted and upset. She met someone she wasn't supposed to meet today and now she is totally upset.

Her mom walked in with her grandpa who who was busy reading the daily newspaper while walking in.

"Roseline, you seem late today. What happened?" She questioned, giving the paranoid girl a cup to tea. Roseline quickly gulped it all, then made a soft sigh.

"I am on detention." She broke the news as her mother gasped loudly, hearing it.

"Oh my. I am so sorry rose,"

"Common mom, no one died," she snorted.

"Yeah Kara, no one died, so what are you saying again Rose, you were given a punishment by whom?"

"Miss Marley,"

"Oh, that sassy teacher of yours. Like who does she thinks she is,"

"She is my teacher grandpa,"

"Okay, okay, so you


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