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Her Sinful Desire

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Blurb After Lyra witnesses a murder on the night of her failed engagement party, she's taken under full custody and offered a witness protection service which means a new bodyguard. What Lyra hadn't expected was that her new bodyguard would be s*xy as sin and still be exceedingly dangerous. She has no idea how her life is about to change and how much trouble she would be in with her bodyguard and it's not just sensually… Dangers, trials, betrayals and revenge of the last comes creeping into their lives, birthing into a love that was forbidden. But would they end up together?

Chapter 1

CHAPTER ONE"Make sure your eyes are shut!" Lyra said as she covered her boyfriend's eyes and led him towards the entrance of the building. Today was their third year anniversary and Lyra had a whole lot of surprises in store for the day. "Lyra, you know you don't have to do any of this right? We could've just had a quiet evening dinner at your place or mine. You didn't have to go all out." Gerald, her boyfriend, expressed. Gerald's words stung a bit as Lyra had felt they should go big this year unlike the previous years where they just go to the park or some restaurant for dinner. She took it upon herself to create a thrilling experience for him this year. Lyra snorted, "Don't worry, by the time you see what I have in store for you then you'll be so happy we didn't go with that boring idea of yours." Gerald sighed. "Alright, if you say so." Lyra smiled in elation, excitedness surged in her veins as they approached the building and the valet opened the door for them and Lyra led Gerald into the hall. The lights were switched off and beneath the darkness was where one of the surprises laid still, all hiding behind the chairs and tables and waiting for the right moment. "SURPRISE!" The lights came back on as all the party guests came out from hiding and yelled in excitement at the celebrants. Lyra removed her hands from over his eyes and Gerald visibly flinched, being startled by seeing so many people in a room. His eyes widened as he scanned through the guests, his friends from work were here, his old college mates, his siblings, Lyra's close friends, her friends from work as well and some of their neighbours. There were at least twenty–five people in the room and Gerald was taken aback by the numbers. The venue was a party hall; it had a big banner with 'Happy Three Years Anniversary' slapped across it. Loved up pictures of Gerald and Lyra were all over the place; in any angle you would turn to, there was a picture of them plastered there. Gerald cringed, it was something he found quite uncomfortable. There was music, a DJ by the corner shuffling the playlist and then his eyes went back to the happy invited guests, who were now dancing to the music, socializing with each other and some other had the red party cups in their hands, drinking.Tables and chairs were set across the perimeter. A table was set aside at the edge of the room and it was stocked with gifts, they had bought gifts for them? He swung around to face Lyra, who had a big smile on her face but he was the opposite of that— an unsatisfied frown sat on his lips but he quickly wiped it off before it could register in Lyra's mind. He immediately replaced it with a feigned smile. "Lyra, this is—I feel this is a bit too much…" Gerald expressed in chagrin. Lyra's smile dampened down a bit, "What, why do you say so? I just wanted something great for our third year anniversary. Aren't you excited?" She questioned. Gerald hesitated to answer as he didn't know how to delicately deliver his words in a way that won't get her more upset than she already was. However, Lyra mistook Gerald's apathy for cold feet and figured that he was just reacting that way because he was taken unawares and brought into a room filled with people. A teasing smirk slied her lips, "Are you shy, Gerald?" He remained quiet and she nudged his side playfully but he still didn't budge. "Alright, I know what will put you in the mood." Her smirk morphed into a giddy smile as she reached for the back pocket of her jeans and began slowly drawing out something as she gradually got on her knees. Realization slapped Gerald square in the face as he instantly knew what Lyra was about to do. His brows furrowed in contempt as he absolutely hated what Kyra was about to do, it didn't settle down well with him. She prompted open the ring case, a beautiful silver ring sat in the holder and the party guests gasped in excitement when they saw Lyra on her knees, about proposing to Gerald! "Gerald, I'm not going to give you a whole sappy speech about why I love you and why I think you're the best thing to ever happen to me, I know you already know all of that. Our love is strong and mutual and the past three years with you have been the most exciting and thrilling ones of my entire life. I'm usually one to go for what I want and I want you, Gerald. So would you marry me?" Lyra popped the big question and the onlooking crowd was filled with 'oohs' and 'aahs', murmurs too as they all awaited the groom's answer— the expected, 'yes, I will marry you.' and then they would all cheer for joy at the newest engaged couples. But they waited moments and moments for Gerald to say something, but he wasn't speaking. He just stood there, with an expression no one could quite identify and stared down at Lyra. Gerald's silence was getting to Lyra now and her smile fizzled out. She started to slowly read the expression hidden in Gerald's green eyes and saw that there wasn't even a single hint of receptiveness to this proposal in there. A hard lump formed in her throat, "What is wrong Gerald? Aren't you…aren't you going to say something?" "Why didn't you consult me before making such a bold decision, Lyra?" The tanned–skinned male finally spoke, and it definitely wasn't what the guests had expected to hear. It definitely wasn't what Lyra was expecting to hear. The guests went quiet immediately; the room was so silent, you could almost hear the sound of Lyra's heart breaking at the seams."It was supposed to be a surprise, Gerald. There's no way I can tell you abou—""No Lyra. No, I can't get married to you. I have a girlfriend, okay and I'm so in love with her and that's who I want to marry, not you." Gerald divulged without any remourse and the heavy words struck Lyra deeply. It was like her whole world came to a depressing halt. But she masked her emotions and didn't let any of it slip unto her face. It took her a few moments to accept that she wasn't dreaming and Gerald was actually in front of her and spewing these hurtful words. She flicked a tear away from her eye and looked up at Gerald."Then why were you with me? I thought you loved me." He scoffed, "I was only with you to get intel on your company." He revealed and Lyra's jaw dropped in shock, her co–workers gasped from the crowd. Gerald was the managing director of a company that rivaled the one Lyra worked at. And everything was starting to make perfect sense now. "Happy third anniversary, Lyra." Gerald scornfully said with a wicked smirk on his lips, and then he turned and left the venue. Lyra got up on her feet and smiled sardonically as she watched the man she had loved walk away from her life forever. Her co–workers gave her unpalatable looks and murmuring and gossiping about her and her jeopardizing decision to date an enemy. Lyra shook her head, saying nothing and paying no mind to the back talk; she wore a brave face, despite being on the verge of hot tears. She had to go home immediately, there was no need to stay back anyways…On her way out of the venue, she grabbed one of the pictures of her and Gerald then smashed it on the ground."F*ck you, Gerald!"

Chapter 2

CHAPTER TWOLyra decided against going home—if she went home, she would cry her eyes out and she felt Gerald didn't deserve even the littlest bit of her tears. So she got into her car and drove all the way from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Her stop was at a pub downtown and she was going to have herself shit–faced drunk and drown her sorrows in alcohol. That's way better than crying over stupid Gerald. "Three shots of vodka." She sat on the barstool and said her order. The bar man turned around to face her with a welcoming smile, he was previously cleaning the glasses. Lyra noted the appeal in the barman, he was a handsome man and maybe a bit younger than her; probably twenty–two or twenty–three. He was good looking, too good looking to be a barman. "In a minute." He replied and went ahead to get her order. Lyra took out her phone that had been buzzing non-stop all through her drive here. They


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