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Caught Between The Twin Ceo

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BLURB Sydney was a stripper trying to survive when she has a one night stand with one of the White twins and dumps her drink on the other one while thinking they're the same person.  She receives an interview proposal to one of the biggest companies in town. What happens when she finds out she is stuck between two twins and her job is at stake when the find out about her past job as a stripper and prostitute. She meets Jaxton and Paxton the twins and Co- CEOs of the whites company and finds out that Playboy Jaxton knows her secret. Would she dance to his tunes in order to cover her secret from paxton or allow love to take its full course? Happy reading.

Chapter 1

Sydney POV

They say that the calmest waters birth the most tretarous storms. We live life blindly and never seem to realize when our worlds will be flipped on their axis and everything changes.

But like every good fantasy, it started with passion. I had passion for dancing but not in the manner I was doing it.

I didn’t like being touched when dancing, it was something I detested.

The music washed through me as I kept swinging my body to the beat of it. I ran my hand over my sides feeling every dip and curve as I allowed myself to get lost in the rhythm.

I chose one of the friendly faces in the audience and locked my eyes with him. I did it every night to have someone to focus my attention on.

He was a fine specimen, I could see from the dimmed light that he had brown hair with green eyes, and with the intensity of his gaze I had to admit I felt a warmth come over my body.

He was looking at me like he couldn’t keep his eyes off me.

“Look here, pretty lady,” I heard Jim, a regular voice I hated, say and I cursed myself internally. Everyone knew he was a pervert.

I hated the sound of his voice, he was always here, it made me angry but I couldn’t do anything but listen to voices that I had to grow accustomed to.

“I was blown away by your performance,” The manager said to me immediately after I left the stage.

I was tired too to have any chit chat.

I could have conversations with him because he was cool and he had been friendly to her since I started dancing here.

“Thanks, Sir” I would have said his name but I didn’t think we had gotten to the stage where we are on a first-name basis.

“Somebody here wants to meet you,” He said and left me standing there.

I didn’t want to see anybody, just wanted my pay so I could go home and start looking for offers.

“Can I sit with you” The brown-haired man from earlier was here talking to me.

I didn’t want to talk to him or was he here because I had been looking at him throughout the performance.

“I was already leaving, look for somewhere to sit” I didn’t like encouraging the customers that were in the club.

I wasn’t going to be here forever, there was no need to make acquaintances with them.

“I asked your manager if it was okay to talk to you about spending the night with me” He was looking at me.

He was blunt and I like that in a man but I wasn’t feeling him and my feet hurt.

I needed to be home if I would be able to dance tomorrow.

“I am not the only stripper here, go away and get you another person that would want to spend the night with you” I wasn’t interested in spending the night with anyone but just myself.

He didn’t look like she was going to win the battle of chasing him away.

“You need to leave me alone Mister” I didn’t want to be attached to anybody.

I was still here because I needed my money.

“Can I stay here with you till you want to leave?” he asked politely

I didn’t have anything to lose, he wanted to stay here, and I didn’t have any issues with that.

I couldn’t look at him because I might want to look at his handsome face but I wasn’t ready to make him aware of that.

“What do you want to do while waiting,” he asked.

I looked at him, I had this mischievous idea that I had always wanted to share with a stranger, and he was giving me an open invitation to do what I wanted to do.

I would gladly put the idea into the plan.

“I would like to play a game, A game that would involve you and drinking a lot of drink, I hope you can hold your liquor well,” I asked looking at him with an encouraging smile on my face.

I wasn’t that nice but I would be if he agreed to do this with me.

He looked at me like he might be interested in what I was saying but he was still unsure of how the game was going to be looking like.

“I can hold my liquor, Thank you very much,” he said after the thoughts I could see on his face dispelled.

Going home was looking like a faraway plan now because of how he kept on drinking because he chose not to answer the question.

I could do this for more hours.

“Sorry to interrupt, this is your pay for the night,” The manager told me, I was concentrating on him that I didn’t know the stage performances for the night were over.

This was my cue to go home, there was a part of me that wanted to rush home immediately so I could keep sending emails to companies I saw in the newspaper.

But I wanted to be here because he might look like an angel but I wanted to just be seen with a man who I wouldn’t be ordinarily seen with.

I was just enjoying his laughter and how his eyes twitched when he takes another shot, I didn’t want him taking tequila but he decided that he could hold his liquor,who was I to object to what he wanted.

He was standing up.

I looked at him, he was struggling, it looked like he was about to fall off his chair, I couldn’t help myself when I started laughing.

“I told you could hold your liquor”

“I didn’t know you were going to ask me to keep pumping it”

We both started laughing and I reached out to hold him and help him up.

And in that moment as I stared into his eyes I saw a spark, one that told me that the night had just begun and it was one I would definitely not forget.

Chapter 2

Sydney POV

“I need to go,” He said still trying to get hold of himself.

I couldn’t allow him to go anywhere without my help, he might be all macho about not needing help but from the look of it, I had to take him to where he was going.

It was 2 am, and if anything were to happen to him, it would be her fault because she kept on asking him questions that he would be comfortable answering.

“I am so sorry I allowed this go too far,” I told him

I might have had a lot of fun playing the game but I didn’t think of the repercussions.

“I would take you anywhere you would be willing to go,” I told him.

He looked at me and started laughing, which only worried me more as I stared at his unfocused eyes.

“Then take me to my hotel room, That's where I want to be now,” He said and allowed himself to relax on my arms

“My GPS will give you the directions to the hotel,” He said and relaxed in the car.

I had never been in this type of c


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