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His Surrogate Wife

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Blurb Katie would do anything to save her mother’s life even if it meant being a surrogate to New York’s most dangerous business man and keeping it a secret. But things spiral out of control when she makes a mistake of disobeying one of the rules of the contract. The problem is, she's not the only person disobeying the rules. Except Katie and Jacob has no idea how this singular act would ruin the rest of their lives and forever keep them on the run. Would they ever find their happily ever after or is their story doomed even before they begin their journey?

Chapter 1

Chapter One

“Dr. River will see you now,” a nurse informed twenty-one year old Katie who had been eagerly waiting. She sprang up from the waiting seat and trailed after the nurse to the doctor’s office.

To all outward appearances, she looked cool, composed and reserved, but she knew she was taut with nerves. She prayed silently that it would all work out.

The nurse reached a particular door and knocked. A feminine voice asked that the person knocking should come in. The nurse clicked the door open and asked Katie to go in

She didn't follow Katie in. Dr. River had a file in hand, and her eyes darted across its content.

"May I sit?” Katie said lowly and Dr. River looked up at her, with a big smile on her face.

“Forgive my manners Katie. You may sit,” she gestured at the desk chair. She looked as though she was in her forties. Katie sat down and waited for Dr. River to say something else. She was a combination of friendly and professional, her face was welcoming to all patient who comes into her office for treatment. Which was what made Katie relax a bit, amidst her nervousness.

Dr. River put the file away, leaned forward and placed her clasped her hands on her desk.

“I know you're anxious Katie. You’re wondering what my phone call was all about,” Dr. River said smiling. It was the truth. Katie returned the smile and kept giving Dr. River her ears. She had called Katie last night to inform her that there was a way she could afford her mother's medical bills. She had also asked Katie to come to her office today. She wanted to explain what she meant. And Katie was grateful. Any chance to keep her mother’s life was worth taking.

“I have a patient who’s desperately in need of a child. Apparently, she can't conceive,” Dr. Rivers said. And Katie’s deep-brown eyes stared deeply into her blue eyes. How did that have anything to do with raising money for her mother's surgery, she wondered softly her hands gently folded on her laps.

“Actually, she’s interested in trying surrogacy,” Dr. River continued. Her words alarmed Katie.

"What do you think of surrogacy?” Dr. River asked.

Katie drew in breath. She understood now what Dr. Rivers phone call really meant.

"Surrogacy?" Her eyes widened. Dr River affirmed with a nod, Katie slumped deeper into the chair.

Was she really willing to go that far to save her mom?

“You’re young and beautiful Katie. A perfect fit for what my patient wants. She's ready to pay handsomely.” She announced.

Katie remained silent, as thoughts waddled round her brain. She had never considered the idea of having someone else's child. She has always envisioned herself being disvirgined by her husband on her wedding night, not for some random man who just wanted a kid.

“Look Katie, this will finally equip you financially to pay for your mother's kidney transplant. If I were you I would jump on it immediately.”

Dr. River mentioned what the client was willing to pay. And Katie's look took a stunned turn. With that kind of money, she could pay for her mother's kidney transplant and still have some remaining.

“What do you say? This opportunity is just one yes away.” Dr River asked, after Katie stayed silent for a while.

Katie thought about her mother's pitiable and painful condition. She was all the poor woman had left. Katie’s father was long dead. Plus, she was fresh out of college and was yet to secure a well-paying job.

The past few weeks has just been one disappoinment or the other.. She was frustrated and confused, her mother was lying helplessly on the hospital bed and she has to save her, even if it meant going against her beliefs.

“I agree,” She blurted out, her voice sounding a bit forced. If carrying another woman's child would help her save her mother, then she would do it.


Jacob felt his cell phone vibrate in his jacket. He was doing his usual early morning jog. He stopped for a moment and slipped his hand into his pocket. He slid out the phone. Beads of perspiration lined his forehead and neck. Casting a glance at the phone screen, he tapped the answer button. It was his lawyer.

“Garvey” he called, his deep voice resonating through the speakers as he wiped off some of the sweat on his forehead.

"It's ready Jake.”

“What's ready?” He was trying to catch his breath.

“Your divorce papers.”

"Oh, " Jake said. "Send it to me via Email. As soon as it gets to me, I’ll take another look before giving it to Winnie.”

“Okay. I’ll do that right away.”



At midday, Jake put on a gray tuxedo and headed out in one of his luxury cars. The envelope containing the divorce paper lay on the passenger’s seat as he wheeled through the traffic. After today, it was all done, he won't be held a shackle to a loveless marriage.

He had already gone through the document and didn't think of any changes that needed to be made. He was on his way to his grandfather’s house. To tell the old man that he wanted to divorce Winnie. As soon as he reached the old man's house, he keyed the car off and stepped out.

Jacob in his usual strut, sauntered to the front door and clicked the doorbell. A maid showed up and operated the door to the magnificent interior of the house. He ignored her courtesy and walked in, taking confident strides,. His impatience grew with every step he took.

His shoes made a clicking sound on the marble as he walked. He made his way to the old man's study, the envelope tightly clutched in his hand. His briefcase in his other hand. His grandfather was flipping through a newspaper as he walked in. The old man's well-structured face lit up in excitement as he sighted Jacob. A warm smile warmed Jacob’s thin pink lips. He tucked stubborn strands of his dark spiky hair behind his ears.

“I was just about to call you,” the old man said, his voice shaky. As was common with aging, he looked frail. But Jacob knew that the old man still had a firm body and strong willed.

“Okay,” Jacob muttered and sat down. There was a stock pile of papers on the old man's desk.

"I have made a decision which is the best. And it's necessary you know. I am yet to tell your brother, Elliot."

"Step brother." He gritted his teeths. Elliot was not his brother, he was just an offspring of his father's escapees.

“Thats up to you. Anyways I have amended my will,”

Jacob narrowed his eyes down at the old man, wondering what on earth needs changing in the will.

"You’ll be entitled to inherit my property if you and Winnie remain married and have a child.” He blurted out.

Jacob tried to utter something but instead, ended up stuttering something meaningless. His bones froze as dread crept up his chest, anger welled up in him.

"What? Are you aware you are talking about my life here?" Jacob inquired refusing to believe he was about to be controlled and subdued get again.

"You should know by now, your life isn't fully yours. It is dedicated to the growth of the Lineage."

"I don't care about your d*mn Lineage! You forced me into marriage with Winnie and now you are using childbirth to tie me down to your stupid will? " Heck, he cursed. "What if I disagree?"

"Then you should forget about your companies and fame you have. It's up to you"

Jacob’s sea-green eyes peered angrily into his grandfather’s eyes. His purpose of coming here was surely altered, and there was a bigger problem here.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Jacob sighed, running his hands through his hair in frustration. In the process, dropping the divorce letters on his laps.

“What document is that?” Tom Donalds asked his grandson, Jacob’s grandfather gestured at the envelope in his hands, eyeing it warrily and wondering what the content might be.

Jacob averted his gaze to the envelope clutched exposed on his thighs and immediately took them in his hands, stuffing the envelope in his briefcase.

He could no longer tell his grandfather about his intention to divorce Winnie.

“It's nothing,” he said.

"Well, what do you say?"

"I'll take my leave, if you would excuse me." he replied instead, he honestly did not want to come to admit that he was helpess and had no will to reject.

“Are you off to work?”

"No, I’m off to see Winnie.”

Tom’s green eyes turned surprise. "Well, she's in the house. She came around earlier today


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