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Highschool Crush

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BLURB: Celine had a crush on the bad guy in high school who returned her love by bullying her. On the day of his graduation, Rowland invited her to his party which she gladly accepted to go. On that day, she professed her love to him but unknowingly, he recorded everything that happened between them. He told her he would never love her instead he would share the recording video with the world. Celine felt deceived and decided not to return to school since she won't be able to stand the humiliation. Two days later, she received a call from Ernest, Rowland's elder brother who told her to marry him or he would leak the video he had obtained from his brother. Will Celine accept to marry her crush brother? Who would she choose at the end of the day after the dilemma Celine found herself in?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1“Come here you wench,” her father said as he entered her room but she knew what was about to happen so she ran to hide.Unfortunately running away didn’t save her from his grip because he got to her and landed a slap to her face which caused her to yelp out in pain.“What did I ever do to you?” was her question but he gave her no response. Her mother had gone on one of the business trips she always went on and as usual, he was in her room to take advantage of her as he usually did.At eleven,1 what was she going to do? Where was she going to go? The questions which pondered in her mind.Celine had a rough upbringing after she was put into foster care. Like other children, she thought she would get the love and care she had always wanted from her parents but that was far from the case.Her foster father took advantage of her and when she complained to her foster mother Esther, she was beaten and accused of seducing him, wanting to be his second wife or mistress to him.She wished life was fortunate for her. She wished her parents didn't leave her so early, maybe she would have enjoyed being a proper child. Celine was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Black in their fourth year of marriage. Both parents got married out of genuine love that they developed for each other from high school to college. Mr Andre Black studied Engineering and Mrs Judith Black studied hotel management but that did not stop them from sticking together. They were stuck together like a pot and its lid. They both came out of school with flying colours and of course, got good jobs. They got married to each after waiting for too long. They promised themselves to have a lot of fun at least for the first six months before they try to conceive. One year passed and they found out that there was a problem. Judith had stopped taking her family-planning medications but she wasn't conceiving. She became worried as well as her husband. So, they agreed to see a family doctor. The doctor examined both of them and carried out a series of tests but the results made it clear that the duo were in very good condition. He advised them not to be hard on themselves and assured them that with time they'll have their baby. Andre was relieved with the results and believed that they were going to have a child. But the case was different with Judith, she could not bring herself to understand why individuals whose reproductive system was healthy, had issues conceiving a child. She ran to God being a woman brought up in a solid Christian home and began to worship more, she prayed and attended church. She was encouraged by the fellowship she had with the brethren in the church and she advised her husband to come with her. Well, he did on some occasions but he never hesitated to pray with her whenever she wanted to. She did not get a child instantly but she held onto the word of God, she believed that there was an appointed time to her expectation and her expectation could not be cut off. She held onto the word that said children are the heritage of the people in Christ and after three more years of waiting she bore a beautiful baby girl. She and her husband were so excited. They were so happy that they had someone who would call them "Mummy " and "Daddy". Of course, they had waited for that moment. They treasured and cared so much for her and above all they never forgot to nurture her in the way of the lord. They took her to one of the best schools and the lady was gorgeously brilliant. She loved schooling and always looked forward to going to school. She was a very smart girl and her parents were always receiving gifts and praise for her sake. Well, it happened one day that her parents travelled on a trip and we were involved in a plane crash but didn't survive. She came home to Social workers who took her away without telling her what happened because she was only ten. She thought to herself that her parents ran away from her but couldn't understand why. Accidentally after two years, she found out the truth in a newspaper. Life happened and she found herself in her foster Parent's house.“You know you can’t hide for too long and if you tell your auntie she’s not going to believe you. You know that so, open up now! I want to be able to penetrate every nook and cranny of yours,” her foster father, Timothy said to her without any shame or remorse.“I am supposed to be your daughter,” Celine cried out as she went to the strip.“Keyword supposed and because you aren’t, now open wide,” he said and when he was about to climb on top of her, her best friend had come into the room without Timothy knowing but Celine had seen her move outside and returned holding a broken bottle. She got to the bed and began to stab Timothy who winced in pain, begging Eleanor to stop. Eleanor stopped when she was sure she had done enough damage to him. She pulled Celine up and dragged her as they both ran away from the house. Timothy was found the next day by his wife in a pool of his blood. He told his wife that it was Celine and her friend Eleanor who were behind his wrath. He lied that they had refused to eat their food and attacked him while he forced them to eat.An investigation was opened but the girls weren't found since they had managed to steal some of Timothy's money and boarded a train to another town in disguise.|Ten years later|“Celine come on hurry up, do we have to do this all the time with you being the cause of our lateness?” Eleanor whined as she stood by the door waiting for her friend who took delight in making them late for class regularly. They survived on their own and had done petty jobs to write examinations to get them into high school. They came out with flying colours and were given scholarships to study in one of the popular schools named Western high school.“I am on my way please don’t be mad at me honey, I'm sorry,” Celine answered as she joined Eleanor by the door.“Seems someone wants to impress the bad boy at school today. You cleaned up good sister,” Eleanor complimented her friend.“Of course, I just wish Roland would notice me today because I'm dressing a lot extra than I normally do, you know right?” She said to Eleanor who nodded her head.Celine had a crush on the one guy who bullied her and made her life miserable at school. Eleanor couldn't understand why her best friend would fall in love with a bully and tried to steer her but Celine wasn't ready to listen to her.“I have my first period with Mrs Philips. Gosh… that woman bores the life out of me," Eleanor complained.“This is the only course we don’t do together, how am I going to cope without you?” Celine pouted.“Just look on the bright side. You have your bully crush with you so you both can have some time together before I finish the first period,” Eleanor teased and they both laughed earning their way out of the room.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2Celine twitched on her chair like a wiggling snake as she felt the need to use the toilet. She sprang up from her chair and began to run her way down to her school restroom. On getting there, she released all the content in her and heavy a successful sigh. Just when she stepped out of the restroom, she felt herself being pulled wearily by a hand. Turning around, ready to curse on whosoever had pulled, her face met with her worst nightmare. She cringed in fear as the grip on her hands tightened. "Good day, princess," her handsome crush greeted her, having a devious smirk on his face. "I didn't cross your way on purpose, Raymond please hear_" she was cut shut when a heavy slap ran across her face. She lost balance, but his grip prevented her from falling."I told you ever say my name with your filthy mouth!" He sneered angrily and forcibly released his grip on her as his strong fist hit passed her. This time, she staggere


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