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Tempting the Billionaire and his heir

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BLURB Alexa Martin did not think that she would fall head over heels for her employer, popular billionaire, Anthony Brown and his good-looking son, Nolan Brown when she came under the disguise to work as a maid. The plan was to go into their multimillion mansion and help her lowlife boyfriend and his gang rob the place but fate had other plans. Anthony Brown is the most eligible billionaire bachelor in the country while his spoilt but extremely handsome son, Nolan Brown would rather focus on his music career than follow his father's footsteps and take over the construction company. Anthony gets a nanny to watch over his son as punishment but Alexa ends up coming into their lives and everything as they know it, changes. What does a love triangle involving father and son look like? Will Alexa push through with the robbery plan which had brought her to the house? Or will she be blinded by love? What happens when they find out her real motive? And who wins her heart in the end?

Chapter 1


I had just arrived home when I heard the creaking sound of the door. I quickly turn around to catch my stubborn son trying to sneak in.

"And where the hell do you think you are going?!" I roared. He has been gone for days with no words of his whereabouts nor was he answering his phone and now he is back and behaving like nothing happened.

"My room of course, where else?" Nolan said nonchalantly which pisses me off more than anything, I hate when he behaves like this, like he has no care in the world.

"Great! Double great! You disappear for days and when you return you behave this way" I said exasperatedly, I was tired and frustrated at work already then this, to top his careless attitude and way of life.

"Did you see my calls?" I questioned.

"I did. And when someone doesn't answer your calls it means they don't want to talk to you which was embarrassing Dad, you kept on calling, you couldn't even get the hint" he said trying to walk past me and grabbed him by the shirt, pulling him close to me.

"I am still talking and you are going to listen to me" I managed to get out through clenched teeth.

"And I am done talking," Nolan replied, glaring at me.

"I see what you are turning out to be and that is why I came up with this decision, I am hiring a Nanny and a bodyguard for you" I said and he scoffed.

"You wish" he said and burst out into laughter.

"Is there any sign of jokes written on my face?" My statement seemed to have sounded real in his ears and got paused from his rancorous laughter.

"You can't do this to me!" He yelled, with how he was glaring at me one would assume his eyeballs were about to fall off its sockets.

"I can and I have, so get your sh*t together because if you keep on pulling more stunts so would I" I warned.

"That is the f*ck*ng problem with you, you always want to control everyone's life, no matter what you do, I would never bend to your wills!" He yelled and I laughed.

"I only have to control you because as each day goes by you are becoming more of an *ss" I fired, glaring at him, I always have to clean the ness he leaves around just to not get our name tainted, the minutes I am done cleaning one of his mess, he moves to another.

"Oh stop with the flatter father, I am only becoming you after all the apple doesn't fall far from its tree" he kept on glaring at me, perhaps he thinks that would piss me off.

"This isn't the behavior of the future heir to the Brown Construction Inc. get your shits together because I wouldn't be around to clean them after you all the time" I said as calmly as I could when I know how p*ss*d at his behavior I am.

"I already told you I have no interest in your successor, I have no interest in the company, you can't tell me what to do and I never asked you to clean after me. Why don't you let the media and the people see the kind of person that you are. A controlling freak!".

"And getting a bodyguard and a f*ck*ng Nanny wouldn't stop me and you know that" he smirked and I returned the gesture.

"I guess blocking your credit cards would" I said then walked out of the living room.

The bang in the living room which was a sign of his anger met my ears but I paid no mind to it.


"Babe, what was it you said you wanted to tell me?" I asked but Cody kept on peppering kisses on my neck and going down south.

"This is serious okay, stop it" I tried to push him away and at last I succeeded.

"I plan to break into the Brown's mansion" he said and I stared at him like he had developed two heads.

"I don't understand, is that what you want to tell me?" I questioned to be sure he wasn't playing one of his pranks on me but the serious expression on his face told me he was dead beat serious about what he had just said.

"No, Cody, that is a bad idea" I warned but he only smiled at me.

"It will only be a bad idea when we don't have a plan, I have a plan, not yet set though but once it is everything will sail well" he said and I shook my head.

"No, I don't want us to do this, I have a bad feeling about this" I cautioned but like the stubborn head that he is he wasn't listening.

"Come on babe, stop being a party pooper, in this case a robbery pooper, everything is going to turn out great and we would be f*ck*ng rich!" He exclaimed, joining his hands together like a little kid who has just been given a candy.

"Fine whatever, just don't get us caught" I sighed as I gave up the argument.

"I love you babe," he said and placed a kiss on my lips which brought a smile to my face.

"I love you too"

Cody and I have been dating for three years now, well I am an orphan and Cody is like the only family that I have. I guess I just have to believe him when he said everything was going to work out fine.

"What plans do you have?" I called out when I remembered he hadn't told me any of his plans yet.

"None yet, I just need to find a way to infiltrate the Brown's mansion. I mean if I can get in then robbing them wouldn't be difficult" he said and I nodded.

"I guess you will just have to work on one then" I sighed and rested back on the pillows.

"And that is where you come in, my love" he said and I quickly sat upright.

"What do you mean?" I asked in confusion.

Chapter 2


Ever since Cody told me what his plans were, my mind keeps on going over the places. I mean I think his idea is crazy but what he added to it was crazier.


"Babe, come look at this!" Cody's urgent call snapped me out of my thoughts and I quickly moved to the direction I heard him calling me from.

"What is it?" I asked as I walked towards him.

"The Brown's are in need of workers. There is a vacancy up for some positions, this is what I have been waiting for" he yelled excitedly.

"So, you're going to apply?" I asked with an arched brow

"No, I can't possibly apply to be a Nanny or do any job in the Brown's mansion, it's too risky" he said and I rolled my eyes.

"Then what?" I asked.

"You. You would apply for the position of a Nanny and then provide the necessary information to us, you will be our eyes in there


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