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Scheron Hayes

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"I don't care that you're my mate. I will never... and I repeat, I will never be yours, Hunter." she grits her teeth, making Hunter smirk. "Is that a challenge? We'll just have to see about that, sweetheart," he says, fighting his wolf for dominance as he feels the sparks surge through his body caused by the light touch of her skin on his. The mating bond call was itching at his skin. "You'll be mine sooner or later, and when that happens, you'll be moaning my name out with those sweet juicy lips of yours," he says, running his lips over hers in a feather-like motion. He had to have her, he needed to have her, but before he could claim her, he first had to win her heart. Hunter Black is used to having any woman he wants at his disposal. Being the alpha of his pack has its perks after all. He can have any girl he wants at any time of day. At least… that's what she's heard. Abigail Montero was used to being the reject. She was rejected by her family, her pack, and her friends. After being sold by her own father for a box of whiskey she thinks all is lost until she is saved by the notorious rogue King. Bound to find him one day to thank him for saving her life, she sets off on an adventure to seek him, but ends up finding her long-lost crush, Hunter Black. Except his reputation is disheartening. She hates men like him, players, and womanizers who think they can get any girl he wants. Will she give in to the mating bond, or make his life a living hell?

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[18+] Sleeping with my best friend was something that shouldn’t have happened. We made a promise to each other when we were young, but it was long forgotten, at least by him, but not by me. I didn’t forget that he was my prince charming. He dated girls, which I didn’t mind because I was still underage. We slept in the same bed until this date, but we have never crossed the line. The problem started when his fiancée failed to appear for their wedding, and I had to play the role of his bride for the day just to save his face. That was the date everything changed. We had the steamiest night, and he told me it shouldn’t have happened because he was dating my best friend, Candice. That struck me dead in the gut. I should have known that our promises were long forgotten. He took my innocence and told me it shouldn’t have happened. That hurts, but nothing hurts more than learning you’re pregnant with your best friend’s child and you can’t tell him because he is in love with your friend. “Hi! My name is Lola.” He grinned. “My name is Dante.” “May I join you in a game?” “How old are you?” I gave him a puppy-dog expression. “You’re so adorable when you do that,” he observed. “I am nine years old.” “Well. I’m a sixteen-year-old, do you wish to play with your older brother?” I gave a nod. Just like that, I started playing with a 16-year-old. I was his little sister and he was my big brother. We grew up to be best friends. Everything was shared. We continue to share a bed to this day.

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“You think you can tame an old daddy like me?” Mr. Domenico Lombardi’s stone-like voice makes me nervous, but I’m not backing down; I know what I want. “Yes,” I added a nod to confirm it but cursed internally at my luck. I’ve never had a boyfriend, and here I am trying to tame a man old enough to be my father. It is said that the apple does not fall far from the tree. I guess I am truly Kate’s daughter. I had an internal laugh at my stupidity. He scoffed, and I responded by nodding once more while watching the darkening of the silvery gray pupils in his eyes. How come? I brush it off as his cold eyes wash over me. Domenico Lombardi’s presence makes me squirm. When I’m around him, I get the impression that I’m being judged and ignored at every turn. “How old are you?” “18” “How old is your father?” “38,” I replied truthfully. “Well, I’m 37 years old.” He stared at me; his eyes darkened again, and I became terrified. I fiddle with my nails, clipping them together as I lean back on my heels to help relieve some of the anxiety he’s causing me. “You see, I’m like a father to you, or maybe a grandfather or a great-great-grandfather. How many boyfriends have you had in your life?” “None.” He chuckled as I responded. “You see, I’ve lost count of how many ladies I’ve f*ck*d, thousands or millions, over the centuries. You are just a little girl to me with nothing to offer; now, get lost!” “My panties made you hard!” “You think so?” “Yes,” I responded confidently. “Well, I wasn’t hard; I just have a donkey-like c*ck.”


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