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My Sweet Seduction

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“Margaux is a gorgeous and confident girl, who had a beloved fiance, Lester. However, no one expected Lester would run away from their wedding. Maybe he was just in traffic or maybe his car broke down on the road. No one knows the reason. Lester was just disappeared in this way. Having no time to change her bridal dress, Margaux got into the car and tried to find her groom back. But her car was blocked by a handsome guy, Lawrence. Lawrence was eager to have an important meeting. But he was attracted by this crying beauty. All the on-lookers thought Lawrence was the runaway groom so they persuaded Lawrence to go back and get married to Margaux. Well, Lawrence shrugged and grinned, "Miss Runaway Bride, don't cry, I'm much better than your ex-fiance."

Chapter 1

I FOLDED MY palms inside the bridal car. The nervousness in my chest did not disappear while waiting. I stared intently at the people inside the church who seemed to be in a commotion. Later, my mother Letizia approached the limousine I ride. Anxiety was visible on her face.

“Hija!” she calls between the knocks on the car window.

I slowly rolled down the window for her. “Mother, what’s going on?”

She seemed restless and looked around first. That’s where I got nervous. I straightened up and spoke again. “Mom!”

“Hija, Lester is not here yet. He must be here early. He is only an hour late,” she said.

“Maybe he was stuck in traffic, or his car had broken down on the side of the road. I will try to call him,” I said quickly and nervously fished the phone inside my clutch bag. But Lester’s phone was turned off.

I don’t want to think he will do it, but one thing entered my mind: he will not come!

I dropped my phone and immediately got out of the car. I don’t care if people in the church look at me. I immediately approached Lester’s mom and hugged her tightly.

“Mom, I can’t contact Lester,” I said between my rapid breathing.

She grabbed my two hands. “Hija, we can’t contact his cellphone,” she said as I shook my head down.

“He can’t do this to us, Maricar. He can’t embarrass us here!” said Don Simon, Lester’s dad.

My chest throbbed even harder. Then I left the church crying.

“No. This is just a dream,” I whispered. I closed my eyes tightly and pinched my arm. I feel like heaven and earth have fallen on me. Tears welled up in my eyes. “You said you love me? Where are you?” I said sadly.

Cindy, my best friend, approached me. She hugged me tightly and cried as I did. “Margaux, calm down. Maybe Lester was just late,” she said while stroking my back.

I quickly turned around. I wiped away my tears, then held out my palm to her. “Where’s your key?”

“Where are you going? Just wait a little more. Maybe he will come,” she insisted.

“Give me your key!” I shouted. She sighed before speaking again. “In your condition now, you definitely can’t drive properly. I will drive for you.”

“Just give me your f*cking car key!” I shouted emphatically.

Cindy seemed shocked at what I said and bit her lip. She finally reached for her key while the sorrow was in her eyes.

I heard my dad call me. “Margaux!”

I just glanced at Dad before I ran towards Cindy’s car. I saw their attempt to chase, but I pulled the car away. I don’t even know where I’m going.

“I’m so sorry, Mom and Dad,” I whispered.

I wiped away the tears that kept on falling. I know I disappointed them this time. If I could just turn back time, I would not want to embarrass them in front of so many people.

“F*ck you! B*stard!” I shouted.

I was ready. I really wanted to start a family with him, but what he just did? What have I done wrong in our relationship?

Very painful. Not just because my family was embarrassed in front of many people but because he made me look stupid.

I have no idea why he did this to me. I can say that our relationship has been smooth in the three years we’ve been together. He often makes an effort himself because I am too busy at work. He also asked us to get married because he said he would present me at the altar. F*cking b*stard!

I honked loudly at the one who suddenly overtakes me.

“F*ck you! You godd*mn b*stard!” I was shocked when the car suddenly stopped in front of me.

“Stupid!” I blurted out before braking.

I quickly got out of the car. I’m wearing a gown, but to hell, I care! I knocked on the car’s window.

“Hey, whoever you are, get out of there! You don’t own this road, and you have no right to suddenly stop in the middle of the road after you overtake!” I shouted with rage.

I got away from the car door when it was suddenly opened and pulled out a man wearing sunglasses. He was breathtaking in his white polo shirt and dark pants. But I was suddenly startled by the horns of the cars behind us.

“Get married, so they don’t chase you on the road!” the driver shouted and smiling at us.

Even the passengers in the jeep laughed and some trembled with excitement.

Are they serious? They thought this man left me at our wedding, and I was chasing him. Someone really left me but not this b*stard!

I stared at the spectators and confronted the man who had slammed into his car door.

“Mr. Whatever, who do you think you are for stopping in the middle of the road?! What if I don’t step on the brake right away?!” I want to express my resentment even though I know I am also to blame for what happened.

But he did not answer.

Antipathetic man! I let out a sigh of relief and narrowed my eyes at him. “Are you deaf or something?”

“I do not see anything wrong with what I did. You are the one who is at fault for cursing me,” he said while crossing his arms.

“Excuse me? So I’m still to blame?”

I heard him curse while clenching his jaw. He also swallowed a few times. When I gazed up at him, I was taken aback, especially when he took a step closer.

“You’re the reason why I’m late, Miss Runaway Bride,” he whispered.

I swallowed hard. What did he just say?

My two cheeks warmed. “You rudely stopped in the middle of the road! Also, I’m not a runaway bride!”

He sneezed before speaking. “It looks like your car has no damage. Unless . . . you want me to pay you, right?!” He smirked.

I was about to answer when a traffic enforcer approached us.

“Ah, I beg your pardon. Is there a problem here?” asked the man in uniform and issued his ticket to us.

“No, nothing. We just have small talk,” the man in sunglasses confidently answered. His hands were now inside his pants pockets.

“Then maybe you can step aside because you are already interfering with the flow of traffic,” the enforcer said impatiently. I even saw him looking at me.

“Okay. I have a meeting to attend to, so I better be going,” said the antipathetic man before tapping the enforcer on the shoulder. He turned his gaze at me before he shrugged his shoulders. “As for you, Miss, you might be late for your wedding. What a waste of your gown and makeup if you just run away!” He was still laughing as he got into his car.

I winced at what he said.

The antipathetic man pulled over his car and even pulled his hand out the window to wave.

“F*ck you, b*stard!” I shouted. I could do nothing but go back into my car. “You also have a day with me, you arrogant man!”

Chapter 2

I WENT STRAIGHT home to the condo and poured out the pain and resentment at what had happened in the church. I took off my gown. My smile was bitter when I threw it in the trash can.

I went into the bathroom and let the water from the shower flow into my body. At the same time, abundant tears flowed. I was like that for an hour before I thought of getting dressed.

I slowly lay down on the bed, thinking about what had happened at church, causing tears to fall again down my cheeks. I could feel nothing but the pain in my heart.

I woke up to hear Cindy and Mommy knocking outside. They begged me to open the door. Until the noise outside disappears. Maybe they were tired, or maybe they chose to give me time to be alone.


I WOKE UP because of the sunlight hitting my face. I just fell asleep with the window of my room open.

I got up and prepared myself to go to the office today, though I already file a leave for the wedding, which did not happen


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