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The Hacker King

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In a distant future, human society is dominated by the advancements of technology. In this highly digitized world, hackers have become one of the most influential entities. Our protagonist is a young hacker whose past is filled with regret, melancholy, and shame. Once an ordinary programmer, he was framed and imprisoned as part of a conspiracy. During his time behind bars, he honed his skills and forged his determination. Finally, he regains his freedom. However, instead of choosing a mundane life, he resolves to seek revenge against those who have wronged him, utilizing his technical prowess. He embarks on a thrilling journey of vengeance, exposing their crimes through hacking techniques and ensuring they face the consequences they deserve. His abilities surpass imagination; he can traverse the boundaries of the network, crack the most intricate codes, and infiltrate the most fortified systems. His actions create waves in the global hacker community, earning him the title of the "Ultimate Hacker." Yet, he is not content with personal revenge. Witnessing the injustices and violence prevalent in this technology-dominated world, he decides to become a symbol of justice, using his skills to protect the oppressed and exploited. He becomes the king of hackers, freely roaming the vast expanse of cyberspace, his name becoming a legend on people's lips. Through his technology, he gives voice to the weak, exposes the hideous forces lurking in the darkness, and engages in a breathtaking struggle against them. This is a tale of revenge, freedom, and justice. It follows the journey of a young hacker who rises from the ashes, transforming his regrets, melancholy, and shame into power. He becomes the true deity of the digital realm, safeguarding the freedom and fairness of the network with his expertise and wisdom.

Chapter 1

In a five-star hotel in Seattle, USA, a young man in his late twenties or early thirties, dressed in pajamas, secretly watched the rapidly flowing data on the screen.

"Master is truly a master. This so-called firewall of the North American Air Defense Command is nothing but rubbish." As the data stream had already stealthily infiltrated the internal network of the North American Air Defense Command, Zhang Yang couldn't help but marvel. His master was truly powerful. Once this demonstration of the Red Domain technology was over, the master would teach him the hacking knowledge of the Blue Domain.

Zhang Yang's computer skills were taught by his teacher, Thanatos, whom he had encountered on this network. Back then, Thanatos recognized his hacking talent and imparted hacking skills to him. As Thanatos had anticipated, Zhang Yang had become a renowned figure in the hacking world. In terms of the Red Domain, he had reached the level of a top expert. As for the Blue Domain, no one had seen Zhang Yang's capabilities, but everyone believed he was also a master in that realm.

This time, Zhang Yang was cooperating with his master in a technical exercise, entering the United States mainland and accessing the American cables from within a five-star hotel. He was assisting his master in opening the data channel of the North American Air Defense Command, truly experiencing the pinnacle battles of the Red Domain.

Seeing that his master had already breached the North American Air Defense Command, Zhang Yang's heart burned with excitement. It was the North American Air Defense Command, after all! It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that if he could obtain the highest privileges of the North American Air Defense Command, he could command the deployment of tens of thousands of military aircraft and more than a dozen aircraft carrier battlegroups stationed by the United States worldwide.

Oh... the data download... didn't the master say it was just a demonstration of Red Domain infiltration...

Zhang Yang was about to contact his master when suddenly his computer's firewall started alarming. Zhang Yang was startled. He hadn't done anything. Who would be so bored as to invade his computer? Just as Zhang Yang was puzzled, countless sirens sounded from outside the window.

Zhang Yang was taken aback. He walked to the window and glanced outside. A giant searchlight beamed directly through his window, while several helicopters circled outside. A man's voice came through a loudspeaker. Zhang Yang's English was good, and he instantly understood the man's words: "...Listen, we are the FBI. You are suspected of infiltrating the North American Air Defense Command, betraying American national secrets..."

Upon hearing this man's words, Zhang Yang was completely bewildered. The North American Air Defense Command? Wasn't it his master who was infiltrating? I was just guarding the data channel. They shouldn't find me!

Suddenly, Zhang Yang's face turned pale. He realized in an instant that he had been nothing more than bait, a decoy. No wonder Thanatos never taught him any techniques related to the Blue Domain.

With a loud bang, just as the police from the FBI violently burst open the hotel room door, Zhang Yang felt a sharp pain surging through his body. His brain immediately felt dizzy, and in that moment of dizziness, Zhang Yang lowered his head to look at his chest. A massive hole was oozing blood incessantly.

Thinking about his illustrious reputation in the hacking world, as well as the logged-in ID "L" on his computer, Zhang Yang could imagine the uproar in the global hacking community after the FBI took him down. And his mentor, Thanatos, had never appeared in the public eye! From the official evidence provided by the United States to the deductions made by the hacking community, everyone would conclude that he, the number one in the hacking world, had played with fire!!

Blood gushed from his chest, and then Zhang Yang's mind went blank...

Chapter 2

Yang, with a strange expression, gazed at the imposing gate of S University before him. Lowering his head, he looked at his suitcase and the backpack on his back, unsure of how to describe his emotions.

"Hahaha..." Suddenly, Yang recalled something and burst into laughter, as if he were a lunatic. People passing by looked at him strangely, as if observing a madman.

"Hey, buddy, are you okay?" A casual voice came from the side as someone walked over, patting Yang's forehead. "You just got into S University, why so excited?"

"I'm fine, thank you," Yang said with a smile.

"Come on, I'll take you to register; you seem lost." The guy seemed quite familiar.

Glancing at him, Yang found it amusing. The guy's attire was similar to his own, obviously also a new student at S University. Yet, did Yang, who could be considered a "new student" after six


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