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Sorry, I'm not Cinderella

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Should love come from sincerity, heart with a beat, or from beauty with status? Can the beauty of the soul win over the beauty of the body to capture a person's heart? Is the Prince for Cinderella like a fairy tale? I'm not Cinderella will give you the answer. Love is so simple! Don't put it on the scale of losing.

Chapter 1: Evening Party


The board with the message content caught the eye of Clara - the girl who was walking alone in the school corridor. It has been a month since entering the school, everything is still normal for Clara as usual, some only point the birthmark on her face if someone accidentally sees it. She had always tried to hide it with her long, silky hair. Clara was alone, not a single person wanted to make friends with an ugly person, not to mention she couldn't talk freely. She was nothing more than a mute, though she wasn't.

Everything was fine, there was only one thing that made her uncomfortable, which was the presence of the two sisters, Hana. Xenia spent a lot of money for them to attend this school, in the hope that the two daughters would find a prince.

"I bet she wouldn't dare go to the ball," Hana said to her sister standing next to her. "For sure."

Sarah looked at the person Hana was referring to walking towards her, a look of pity for Clara. Sarah did not answer, just kept quiet, then looked towards the gathered crowd, paying attention to the appearance of some famous boys in the school - the four boys, the school's hot boy.

Sarah and Hana walked over to the crowd to see the princes.

From the door came out four boys, the far right is the person with short black hair, pale skin named Liam, talented in painting. Next to Liam is a boy with blond hair, a face always smiling like a flower, whom Clara secretly admires, named Arlo, he is the son of the president of this university. Next to Arlo is another person with black hair, amber eyes, a cold look from inside and outside, the name Zane, the second young master of Thomas Corporation, who has the most fans in the group. The last one with red hair, named Roly, he is the second son of the Martin family. They are both the head of the student union of the school, this year's ball was organized by them.

All the girls shouted out the boys' names when they saw them, while the other boys were annoyed by their popularity and beauty. In addition to these four people, the student union has other equally famous members including Neil, Corbin... People often know these six guys with the title of Duke Yakiniku's set of records.

Clara doesn't like crowds, it makes her feel like she doesn't exist in this world, she's like an invisible person, existing invisible day in and day out, no one notices. The only thing she wants is to try her best to study well, to receive funding and a scholarship to study in the UK. She has only one goal, to get out of the country she lives in as quickly as possible, because it is said in the West that they don't care about looks but talent.

The crowd dispersed, allowing the four boys to make their way quickly to the conference room, where Neil and Corbin were waiting.

As soon as the door opened, someone immediately criticized the four boys.

"Finally you're here."

Corbin spoke up, greeting the latecomers, making him wait for a long time.

"Sorry, at the fan crowd."

Arlo laughed, scratching his head, while the other three pulled their seats into their seats.

"What is this meeting about?"

Zane spoke up, he seemed annoyed about something.

"Tomorrow night's prom look, of course."

The voice of a girl, with shiny blond hair, who had just entered answered him.

"Are you here, Orla?"

Dynamic young man Arlo greets the only girl on the board of directors, who is the secretary and spokesman of the association.

"What else is there to discuss, not already decided?"

Neil retorted angrily.

"Sorry, without your consent, you made your own decisions."

Orla softened her voice, trying to relieve the heat of the people who were upset about being overtaken.

That plan has not been approved by the president, Zane, and the vice president, Neil because both hate crowds.

Seeing the faces of both men, Arlo the mastermind had the audacity to speak up.

"Come on guys, I think Orla's idea is great, every year it's just a verbal welcome, it's a little different this year."

Arlo looked at the three remaining members, calling for help, Corbin coughed and said:

"Though I don't like the idea."

Orla frowned at the person who spoke. Swallowing Corbin continued: "But I agree with Arlo, we should change."

Orla looked at Liam - the guy with white skin laughed and replied: "I think the same as Corbin, moreover, it has been announced and can't be canceled."

Roly retains the right to remain silent. Looking at everyone in the room, the leader of the guild, Zane, said: "If you all agree, then go ahead, but don't expect me to join." He declared coldly.

The meeting ended, Zane quickly left, everyone looked at each other and shook their heads, everyone knew his personality, but that was nothing for Arlo, he would definitely bring him to the party.


Xenia's two beloved daughters have come home, and their stepmother welcomes them with joy. The two girls returned to their rooms, very natural to see the box placed on them, excited to open it, amazing! That is a set up a public page.

The two quickly ran to the living room, wearing a costume and a mask. The snow-white dress is for Hana, while Sarah is Aurora (the sleeping princess in the forest), the two hug Xenia, expressing their joy when she is shopping for costumes for the costume party. That image was accidentally seen by Clara, she had just entered the house.

"Looking at what? Hurry up to work."

Seeing her expression of covetousness, she shouted, her reproachful look made her disgusted.

Clara quietly went up to the attic, which was the warehouse, which was also her room.

She watched long after until Clara was out of sight that Xenia turned to look at her two daughters and murmured.

"My children are so beautiful, I'm sure the prince will notice at the party."

She proudly looked at her two beautiful daughters, of course in her eyes, but in the eyes of others, luck.

A while later.

Clara worked alone, while her two daughters went out to beautify, preparing to go to the party tomorrow. While engrossed in her work, Xenia approached and loudly probed:

"You want to go to the prom?"

Clara looked up at her while mopping the floor. A shake of the head means no.

"You also know that, but how can you go to such luxurious and noble places."

She scoffed and turned away, intending to enter her room, but stopped when she remembered something, it must have been a masquerade ball. So she'll wear a mask, she thought Clara didn't dare to think of letting go, but just to make sure she came back loudly threatening, the front room was fine too:

"There are guests at home tomorrow night, you have to stay at home, clean up, prepare food, let guests complain, watch out."

With that, she entered the room, slamming the door. Clara glanced behind her and continued to finish her work, she had no intention of going to that boring party, she thought.

Clara returned to her room, sat hugging her knees, she missed her mother again, as usual, she opened the photo album to see. A way for her to forget her sadness, looking at her mother through pictures. Her mother is so beautiful! Clara stared at a picture of her mother in evening gowns and masks, looking at her like that until she unconsciously fell asleep.

Clara slept soundly, she had a strange dream, in that dream, she wore a blue dress, with transparent glass shoes, and a mask that covered her entire face, revealing only her round eyes. linen. She wore a necklace, the only gift her mother left, apart from the pictures, Clara was at the ball And she danced with a son...

"Clara! Prepare dinner."

Clara woke up from her dream when she heard Xenia screaming loudly downstairs, and then she got up and went to the kitchen to make dinner for her and her two daughters.

"Oh, my two princesses!"

She exclaimed when she saw her two daughters who had just returned from the beauty salon for skincare, everyone had bright white skin thanks to a white bath. Clara pouted when she saw it.

Hana walked up to the room without forgetting to give her a contemptuous look, Clara didn't pay attention, unlike Hana, Sarah just looked at her in a normal way and went up to the room. But everyone is looking down on Clara in their hearts, already ugly and can't afford to refurbish.

Clara prepared dinner and entered her room. That night, she had another dream with the same content as the dream in the afternoon.

Chapter 2: Great dance night

Finally, when it was time for the party, Hana and Sarah were personally brought to the ball by Xenia, and when she left the house, she did not forget to look at Clara threateningly:

"You stay at home to prepare to receive guests."

Clara knew she said that on purpose because she was afraid that she would escape to the party. Tonight, she went to her friends' house to play cards until late at night. The two girls went to the party, so Clara would be free, just for tonight was enough.

Clara returned to her room and sat at the table reading her unfinished book. It's strange! why couldn't she concentrate today, sitting for less than five minutes, Clara yawned from sleep. Just like that, she collapsed on the table, having that dream again, this time with Xenia's sweet voice appearing:

"Clara! It's almost time, hurry up! Open the cupboard behind the curtain."

Clara was startled to open her eyes, she was bewildered by what she dreamed, looked at the swinging cu


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