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Somewhere In Mexico

  • Genre: YA/Teen
  • Author: Flow
  • Chapters: 16
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 179
  • 7.5
  • 💬 1


All efforts made to see that Emma and Aiden, two siblings, get along with each other are futile. Marcus, a promising young lad who would do anything to make his parents proud of him accidentally gets entangled with drug dealers. His fate is undecided as it is left in the hands of his young siblings, Emma and Aiden to rescue him from the den of these blood sucking criminals before it is late. Can they find him before he is taken to Mexico? Find out what happens when Marcus is finally trafficked to Mexico to work with the biggest drug cartel in Mexico.

Chapter 1

"No mum! Due to the heavy traffic, I couldn't make it to Donald's place for the lessons. Just decided to head back home, besides I'm very tired", Marcus said hurrying to his room.

" No! Toasted bread again? I hate toasted bread", was his comment as he stepped into the kitchen.

Emma was in her room making a drawing of her best Disney princess 'Barbie'. Aiden was also painting his Disney hero 'Ben 10'.

"Emma! Emma! Emma! Oh no. I'm very sure this girl is just making one of her useless drawings of Barbie again. What a jobless fellow. Even her younger brother. I don't know what in God's name is wrong with these kids!"

Their Mom, Mrs Kinney was so upset, having no one to help her out in the kitchen. Her phone rang on the balcony and she ran off to answer it. By the time she got back, the toasted bread had gotten burnt. She screamed and yelled, calling on the kids to come help her make another meal.

Maybe noodles.

Marcus was so happy about the new development and he willingly helped out with the noodles

"Mum, I can't have noodles tonight. I'll just have some pizza and ice cream", Emma grumbled moving to the freezer to get the bowl of ice cream.

Aiden saw this and said, "Mum please can I get like three dollars to buy some gummy bears and doughnuts down the street or is there some at home?"

" Hey! You little things should stop this nonsense and come give some help in making the noodles before your dad gets back", Mrs Kinney retorted sharply.

Emma sniffed and turned to Aiden,

"You fool! Look what you've caused now. You keep doing whatever I do. *ss hole!"

Steven got really angry, "Don't call me an *ss hole, you dumb *ss. Silly girl".

They both got into a very heated exchange of words and in a split second, Emma held Aiden by the collar and swung him to the dishwasher by the door. The bang made Mrs Kinney look back and what she saw really threw her off balance. The dishwasher had gotten broken and all the dishes in it fell out and broke too. Mrs Kinney and Marcus quickly took out two whips and spanked the hell out of the two naughty children. Due to that, everyone went to bed without having dinner.

"Mum please can I have some pizza?" Emma asked later at night.

"No!" Was Mrs Kinney's response.

Aiden got really hungry so he snuck into the kitchen at 1:20am and really enjoyed himself. If only Emma hadn't walked in, he would've been free but Emma came into the kitchen and caught him with pizza soiled all over his face and fingers.

"Please Emma, don't tell mum. I'll do anything you want me to do but don't tell anybody. Please", Aiden begged.

Emma smiled and said, "I won't tell anyone only if you give me all the money in your piggy bank".

" No, that's so cruel. I have like seventeen dollars in there. And I'm saving every dime to purchase some comics. Please don't do this to me", Aiden was almost in years.

"Well", she thought for a while, "I need the money to get some make-up kit", Emma added, smiling mischievously at Aiden.

They began quarreling again, "Aiden, just give me all your savings and I'll keep your dirty secret".

" No. I won't, you greedy, extravagant girl", Aiden returned.

" Oh! I'm extravagant now, yeah? Well, you can keep your money to yourself. Mum!..."

Shh! I'll give you the money please", Aiden cried.

By the time they were done talking, the lights came on and guess who it was…. Mum!

The two little bugs scurried away for their lives but they still got caught.

"Come here naughty things. What the hell are you doing in my kitchen this late huh?"

Emma stuttered, "Uhmm…. I, no, we came to have a cup of water. Yes, you know Barbie said that water helps improve one's looks and she also….."

" Shut up! Crazy girl. You can never make a speech without having to mention Barbie. What is even wrong with you? Now answer me Aiden and mind you, I don't want to hear anything about one of your stupid cartoons, okay? Now talk"

Aiden had to tell the truth, "Mum I came to have some pizza, I was really hungry okay? And I needed to eat something. Look, don't tell you're gonna punish me cause I know my rights".

Mrs Kinney gasped at the two children, "Now leave my kitchen. Emma from today, I won't do your laundry and same goes for you Aiden".

Emma grabbed Aiden by his belt and dragged him to her room.

" You this mannerless boy, why did you have to speak to mum in such a manner? Now I have to do my laundry myself. Little imp".

" Wow… Emma, your room is cool..… Wait, did you just call me mannerless? At your age, you're scared of doing your own laundry".

" Okay. I can see that you want to start another fight so just leave my room. Gosh! You stink! Get out!" Emma yelled, pushing Aiden out.

* * *

Marcus was in his class reading a novel when a young, rough looking guy tapped him on his shoulder, "Marcus, you wanna join us over there?" He said pointing at a group of boys talking and laughing.

"No, thank you. I'm kinda busy right now".

The boy left.

Marcus was way too serious with his studies and had a really soft heart.

His friends mocked him about that,

"Hey! Why don't you join the girls over there and gossip", and they laughed.

This usually made him upset. He got up and walked to the refectory to get some snacks. On his way, he saw Emma and Aiden and as always, they were fighting over something

"Emma, Mum gave me ten dollars and asked that you have eight dollars, so I need my balance", Aiden yelled tugging at Emma's bag.

"No, I won't give you a dime. I'm your elder sister and I have to take the larger share so go screw yourself!" She retorted.

Marcus quickly came between the two before they started ripping each other apart, "What's going on? Can't you two stay without having to fight?"

They both started talking at the same time.

" Mum said I should take ten dollars and give Emma eight, now she doesn't want to give me my balance", Aiden explained.

" Emma, is that true?" Marcus asked, staring at Emma.

" Well, I don't know if he's lying or not but why would Mum ask him to take a better part of the money. I'm the older one after all", she replied and gave Aiden a scornful look.

Marcus brought out his wallet and gave Aiden two dollars. With that, they both had ten dollars to themselves and everyone walked off happy and satisfied.

* * *

"Yeah! Kick the ball. This way Jake. Good one Robin", Aiden yelled as he watched his friends play soccer. He had snuck out of his room to his friend's house on the next street. His Mum had grounded him and Emma and they were to remain indoors till they both learnt to stay together without fighting. Well, this didn't bother Emma much cause she was so busy surfing the web for you know what.

She barely even did anything else other than just use her cell phone all day long.

Well, unfortunately for her, or do we say them both, Mr Kinney was home from work quite early and he walked into her room. It was as though he had just walked into a Disney studio.

"Is this what you've actually turned your room into? Is this a joke or something? Even your phone cover is Barbie. What is actually wrong with you huh?"

Emma just lay there, biting her fingernails as she watched her dad yell.

"Seriously dad? You just walked into my room without even a knock or something? What if I was undressing? And besides, I don't even know why Mum had to ground us" She rolled her eyes, picked up her phone and went on with what she was doing.

Mr Kinney, knowing she was right, walked out of her room and shut the door behind him. He went to Aiden's room but he wasn't there. He just shook his head and went to his room to get some rest after the day's work.

He worked as a budget analyst in a company while his wife was a business woman who owned her own grocery store.

By past 2, Aiden snuck back home but he was caught by Emma.

"Wow! Smart little brother. I hope you had so much fun. Well, I just need to tell Mum that her baby didn't keep to her orders", she said smiling.

" No Emma, don't tell Mum ple… Hold on a sec. Is that my phone in your hand? What're you doing with it? Now give it back", Aiden said, dragging his phone.

" If you take back your phone, I'll tell Mum and Dad what you did", Emma threatened.

" I don't care. Just let me have my phone back", and he dragged the phone out of her hand, " Wow! You have a boyfriend at 13. Mum would love to hear this".

Emma was scared. She didn't know what to do and of course, she wasn't going to beg Aiden. Her pride wouldn't let her do that. They just got into their usual squabble and the noise brought their parents and Marcus running down the stairs.

"Aha! Aiden, where're you coming from looking that way?" Mrs Kinney asked, tapping the table lightly. She was getting tired of the kids' constant fights.

"I've been indoors all day long. Yes, in my room", he replied, avoiding eye contact with her.

"Young man," it was their dad, "I've been to your room and you weren't there, so where're you coming from?"

Marcus went for the phone in Aiden's hand and he was shocked at what he saw, "Emma you have a boyfriend at 13? You're kidding me, right?"

For a second, everyone forgot about Aiden and all eyes were on Emma. She stood there staring at the ground and fondling her dress. She felt like sinking into the ground.

At this point, Mr Kinney had had the height of it all. He grabbed the both of them and took them to the garage where they were locked up for two days.

They were only allowed out for a shower and then returned back to the garage for the rest of the day. No cell phones, no games.

* * *

"I guess you're happy that we've been locked in here now. You never keep your mouth shut", Emma said and kicked at Aiden's leg.

Aiden ignored her and kept on with what he was doing but Emma wouldn't let him be. She continued making scornful remarks at Aiden and when he couldn't take it anymore, he just let everything out. Well, he shouldn't have because it just ended up in a fight and of course, Emma had the upper hand because of her age.

Chapter 2

Finally, two days had gone by and the children were released. Emma headed straight to her room and she was bedazzled by the sight. Everything in her room had been changed and all her paintings and portraits had been gotten rid of by her parents.

"Mum! Is this actually my room? I didn't leave my room this way. This isn't fair", Emma cried.

Aiden too was trying to understand what was actually going on. He was almost in years.

Mr and Mrs Kinney were in their room listening to their kids' wailings but didn't make a move.

"Their addiction has to stop. They can't go on like this. They ain't kids anymore for chrissakes. I think they should even take a break off from social media. That'd help them a lot", and with that Mr Kinney made his way to Emma's room and snatched away her phone. Same with Aiden.

* * *

Marcus was up in his room studying and he soon got bored. He changed his T-shirt and put


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