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Failed State

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The book begins when a simple citizen in a land divided by class boundaries involves himself in a matter that should not concern his class, this simple mistake affects the lives of every citizen of the failed government. This citizen is later attacked and from that attack he gets a gift that grants him the ability to create change that others can dream of. He decides to use that ability to try and destroy the class system and create a State where all are treated in accordance with their abilities and not where they were born.

Chapter 1: GENESIS

I don't remember much, I can't remember much, but I'm sure I wasn't too happy in the first place, before all this happened, before I got here. So...let me take you back, to how it all started.It was a chilly evening and I remember getting off the bus and taking the usual route home, the shortcut. It was dark even during the day and even darker past noon, but I took it everyday because it helped me save time. This evening was to be like other evening, walk through the shortcut with headphones on, ignoring the hazardous odour of ICE, weed and some other stuff. That's what you get when you live in the migrant side of the sector. I won't blame them, they took this stuff to help them forget about every horrible thing they got from the higher class on a daily basis, so all I had to do was walk by and not make eye contact. The migrant rule was very simple, if it's not about you, then it doesn't exist in other words;"Be blind".So like other evenings, I walked by, eyes to the road and then I made a life altering mistake, or maybe not, I looked up.He kept hitting her, and no one did anything, they didn't look like they were from around this parts; they had this Honorary Citizens auora, so why were they here. Although the migrant region was a dumping site for cadavers made by the elites, honorary citizens and citizens, I was not comfortable with stumbling upon corpses on a daily basis. The street dogs were the fattest and every few days we got a Colony Police unit raid the area in search for these bodies.As I stood fixated to the spot, wondering what I should or should not do, the fact that I had never seen an Elite or Honorary female before hit me, yet alone seeing one get hit. Everyone began to rush into their homes; lock their doors and windows and in a matter of seconds, it was just me, the one giving the beating, the one getting hit and two other middle age males but I could have sworn I saw a Colony patrol vehicle drive by and this assault was very visible so this made me question whether or not I saw rightly. Was it a gang affair or not? Anyways it irritated me and so I stepped in, with a fist. I greeted his right cheek with two punches and then the auora shifted;"Sh*t! What was I thinking?"As the man I had struck tried to rub life back to his cheeks, the other two rushed at me and the way I took them both down made me believe that they were just spoilt Elites who pick on those they feel are lesser than them. As they lay flat on their backs I put my headphones back on and walked away, oh yeah...the lady that was being hit ran away I guess, without a; "Thank you".~~~I got home safe. My apartment was on the second storey of a four storey building in migrant territory and yes, it's small and unfit for any individual to live in, but it was either here or the streets. I did the necessaries and didn't really reflect on how my day went, that night I didn't go to bed hungry as usual, had a nice dinner before retired to bed. This inner peace of defying the set standard , hovered around me and so I fell asleep with a smile on my face. Deep into the night I was forced out of bed by the smell of leaking gas, it covered the room, so much that I could almost see it, it choked me. Instincts switching into action, I rushed to the door of my dimly lit bed room, with the intention of getting to the kitchen and disconnect the cooker from the gas cylinder or tighten it to stop the leakage, but on getting to the door;Bam!!The feeling of metal as it met the back of my head with force, threw me down to a knee. I felt my skull burst open, I was confused and slightly dizzy, a little sleep mixed with what I was facing at the moment."Could this be a dream?" I thought."He didn't go down"."You should have hit him harder".Voices? But I'm home alone."Let's do this quick and get out of here". A shaky female voice requested.I recognized that voice, it was similar to the sounds the screams of the lady at the alley who was getting assaulted before I stepped in. "Let's just kill him and go. For the hounds". One ordered."For the hounds!" The others concord.So they came back for revenge, but how did they find me? Many questions rushed into my mind all at once, but I wasn't going to go down like this and so I got up, still dizzy.Bam!! Bam!! Bam!!They kept swinging this metal object and getting me every time, I used the timing for every hit and the directions they came from, to know where they were. Once I pinned their various locations, I began to swing my fists at them. Everything seemed dim but I kept hitting my targets, I kept swinging. I felt dominant but I was handicap and out numbered and so my domination was short lived, few more hits connect and I was down once more."I'm done with this, I'll end this". Once more, that female voice.I heard a gun c*ck, followed by pleading and yelling."Are you crazy, you'd kill us all!", Was the last thing I heard before...Bang!!~~"We're loosing him! We're loosing him!"."Get me a room on the fourth!"."He's going to have to go into surgery "."Have you informed the parents "."They say it was an explosion ".I was in and then out, mostly out and it was really noisy around me. I saw a light in the midst of darkness and then I opened my eyes."Oh my Lord!"Was among many other exclamations that greeted me."Stay calm sir, we'd get a little more tranq".That statement and then my survey of my surroundings, made me understand that I was on a hospital bed. I looked down at my lower body and I could see open flesh and organs, but I felt nothing."Where this mine?" I pondered."Am I hallucinating?" I asked myself.Everyone around stared at me in disbelief, there was this man at the door, trying so hard to get in. I recognized him from somewhere, but wasn't sure where."Terrorist! Terrorist!" He yelling at me.This allegation shifted a majority of the doctor's away, no one wanted anything to do with a terrorist. "Was he really talking to me?"He was suppressed, and once I was fully stiched up I noticed the handcuffs I had on, clamped to the bedframe. Few officers stepped in, they all acted cautiously and the man with the familiar face led the way. He called me by my name, I don't remember it, I didn't remember much and at the time I was still trying to understand how I got to where I was and what was going on. The officer with the familiar face explained it all to me and it began to ring a bell, I could tell he was lying, he knew I wasn't a terrorist but still tagged me one."When I'm done with you and your unit, no migrant will ever rise against Elites and Honoraries or even Citizens. Filthy swine!"To them I was a terrorist now and later that day, due to my quick ish recovery, they were going to start to make a name for themselves out of me. A medal of honor or two and a reason to wipe out a whole unit, somehow, deep down I knew I was going to slice his tongue out of his mouth and well, choke him with it. He had a reason for tossing this allegations at me and covering up the true criminals but I was not moved to give a reply. I wasn't even sure I could give any, I hadn't attempted to speak, just sat there quietly.~~~I dozed off momentarily, and each time I opened my eyes, there was this man dressed in white seated by me.Wack! Wack!Two hard slaps to my cheeks, one to the left and the other to the right cheek, jolting me into full consciousness."Oh good, you're awake, now we can talk". The man in white declared.What nerve, after giving me slaps?"I'm the good doctor, yes we just met, we are strangers to each other but what's even stranger is the condition you are in". He said."I've been looking for you, maybe not you exactly, but this condition you find yourself in".This one I wasn't expecting, what did he mean? What's going on?I had this feeling inside that I was about to find out and I suddenly had this sick smile on. Things were about to get very interesting.


I see this child running through what looks like a forest, not stopping, he seems scared, worried and tired, but he keeps running. He ran until he reached a wall and then the sound of growling, he was caught.I looked around, I was still trying to put together all the events that led to me being on this bed, I scanned my environment and the smell of death loomed over the room. We were about twenty in this room, some alive while others died right before their loved ones. This is all the life of a Migrant will amount to."Mummy wake daddy up!" The little girl ordered."What do you mean baby?" The woman asked the little girl as she walked into the ward.BeeeeeeeeeeeeeepThat sound, the ward was silent once more. Maybe they were all respecting the one who was just lost? I was trying to add up everything that was going on."No! William, William wake up!" The woman screamed.She cried, wailed, wept, her and her daughter, but n


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