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"City of Sin: The Mysterious Mission of the High School Spy

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Top agent in the world, betrays organization, gets killed, but magically possesses a high school boy. From now on, this ordinary student called Zhang Hai is no longer ordinary, not only the campus of the flowing undercurrent, but also shuttle in the crime of the city, then it is accidental to worship into the beautiful peach blossom door, hiding the campus, undercover gangs, assassination and security, revenge for the previous life. Step by step, the ring is tight, tense, dangerous, emotional is sentimental,

Chapter 1

.001 A rainstorm is coming

The town of Silver Bay. 80 km from Zhonghai City. At 4 p.m.

It was dark as the night, as if the air was filled with ink, and the wind roared in from the flat north, carrying sand and dust and filling the streets of this tourist town.

"Snap! Zhao Xiaomao's right eyelid jumped as the rain fell on the front windshield of the taxi. He took a puff of smoke and looked around anxiously. Zhao Xiaomao is a taxi driver from Zhonghai City. Today, he sent a few guests to Silver Bay to play, originally thought that it would not be a problem to bring a few guests back by the way, who knows that there are very few tourists today.

"Forget it, hurry back to China Sea can do some more business." Zhao Xiaomao popped his cigarette out of the window and prepared to drive back empty.

At that moment three men suddenly rushed forward through the rain, led by a very young woman in a tight blouse and short black skirt, with a figure so fine that no one could resist looking at it.The slender fingernail scraped the back of Zhao Xiaomao's neck as he withdrew his hand.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes." Zhao Xiaomao only felt that her nails were like a blade that could kill, and the chill that could not stop surging down her spine hastened to step on the accelerator.

Whatever, as long as you don't rob me, Zhao Xiaomao thought.

"Boom! Click!" A loud noise exploded overhead. The rain began to fall, a rain long in the making, a sign of the end of this hot summer, without a preface to the beginning, the beginning was violent, like a wave of whips mercilessly pounding everything.

'Wait, wait! A middle-aged woman's face suddenly appeared in the front window of the car, beating hard against the window.

"It's full! Zhao Xiaomao stopped the car, the middle-aged woman had taken the opportunity to open the door and drill in, the woman also took two girls.

"Full, how can I sit here?" Zhao Xiaomao some depressed, to go to China Sea why not come early, now 6 people how to squeeze?

"What can not sit, are out, everyone crowded well, outside so heavy rain, make do, make do." The middle-aged woman sat down and pulled the little girl of seven or eight years old, let her stand between her legs, and shouted loudly to the door of the car, "Boss, don't stand in the rain, get into the back seat, please uncle help, squeeze."

The rear door immediately opened, a very beautiful and lovely little girl standing outside the car, the rain mercilessly hit her weak body ti, but looking at the door of the woman with awe, let her some fear, dare not squeeze on.

"Hurry up! Useless things!" The middle-aged woman swore and closed the front door.Let her in, Scorpio." The man who has been jing God in the middle of the back seat spoke, and Zhao Xiaomao laughed in his heart - flower shoes, this powerful woman's name is also so strange, how not to call broken xie.

The woman who called the scorpion was immediately alert to the weak man, "You don't play tricks!" The Scorpion shrank and motioned for the almost wet girl standing outside to come in. The girl yaoyao stepped into the back seat.

The girl about 16 or 17 years old, came in the moment, the weak man's eyes suddenly opened, and quickly narrowed up, he saw the girl's uniform xiong mouth school emblem written - "China Sea Silver Bay Middle School."How can I sit here? It's crowded!" Flower scorpion very unhappy from the rearview mirror looked at Zhao Xiaomao, Zhao Xiaomao swallowed two mouths but looked at her was tightly squeezed out of the xiong mouth.

"Boss, talk to your uncle and sit on the middle uncle's lap." The middle-aged woman saw at a glance that the man in the middle was easier to talk to.

"Oh," he said. Sixteen or seven-year-old girls lowered their heads and felt embarrassed, and girls sat on the legs of a big man.

Zhao Xiaomao has stepped on the accelerator, in the rearview mirror, the mouth of the man near the door suddenly appeared a little bad smile, so that his heart can not help but "click" a little.

Chapter 2

.002 Crazy Taxi

"Boom! Click!" The rain poured out the fury of a summer's accumulation and the fog and fog in front of the car crackled against the glass. The body of the car tossed like a ship sailing in the open sea

The middle-aged woman in the passenger seat has fallen asleep "purr purr" snores evenly, rhythmically standing between her legs and her little girl is also brought to sleep by her voice.

A couple of men sitting on either side. The woman now also narrowed her eyes with a sleepy expression, although their expressions were hazy, their hands were still very nervous and they held their fists. If there was a sound in the carriage, the woman would open her eyes warily and her eyes would be electric.

The languid man in the middle of the room looks like a man who knows he's on his last legs and he doesn't want to fight and he can't fight because he's already taken the little blue pill that Division uses to str


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