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"Pause." Jessica growls, sending shivers down Jude's spine. "Now, go ahead." He regains energy and plasters on a smirk. With his left hand forming into a fist, he lands 12 strokes on Pilate's Adam's apple, and blood seeps into his shirt. Jude and Jessica lifts him off of the ground as Pilate's gazes are directed aimlessly up at the clouds. They both throw him into the dungeon, and chorus: "You're gone, forever." Maxwell Smith is a 17-year old young adult who attends BRUSHING UP High School in Texas. Mr and Mrs Smith Jones are his parent, and they are known rich couple. Jessica and Jude are the top lecturers in the high school Maxwell attends and they showed him what bully entails. Coupled with that is the bully and maltreatment shown to him at home by his parent. Mirabel, his classmate was fond of him and she consoled him as much as she could. Maxwell agreed but disagreed when he discovered that Jude and Jessica, his class teacher had killed his brother. He sought revenge but he couldn't until he was admitted into a college. During his years in high school, he encountered numerous bullies from both parent, teachers, and classmates. When he started going to college through the money he saved, he was faced by greater bullies. But he didn't give in, instead he retaliated and called himself a big boy. To revenge and or retaliate, he had to join a secret bloody cult group, and there the world switched. Instead of being bullied, he bullied. He concluded after being caught and jailed that he didn't learn to bully. He was bullied, and therefore instinctively knew how to bully.

Chapter 1 - HE DIED

"Deep down his throat." Miss Jessica commands. Jude gives more hit as blood seeps into the victim's shirt and hoodie.

"More hit." She says, grinning. Jude smirks as he gives more hit. This sticks the victim's oesophagus to the dagger. Miss Jessica plasters on a smirk, and winks at Jude. He lifts up the dead body, and they both go behind the school compound to bury it.

"Stop right there." A voice stops them from moving immediately and the dead body drops down on the ground. It is a policeman.

"If you take a step, I'll blow off your skulls." He commands in a harsh tone as he sideways marches to the dead body which is now smelling.

"Hands up." He says, and other policemen arrives immediately.

"Hands up?" She says, immediately but as quietly as possible.

"Hands up!" The policeman straps his fingers to the trigger. A minute to pull it and Miss Jessica goes near him.

"Look me in the face. Who do you think I am?" She smirks as she notices the policeman's fright. Others pull their trigger and fire the gun at Miss Jessica but she shoves away all the shot and sends them a sounding and blasting blow. One. For them all.

"Who do you think I am?" She yelps at the policeman near her who is on his knees now.

"We don't know you, ma'am!" He bows his head, and his gun drops on the ground. Miss Jessica sits on his head when he bowed, and she lets out sighs of relief.

"You have not answered my question. Who do you think I am?" She sits and lifts herself on and off of the man's skulls. The man groans and pleads for help but he gets a question as a response. Who is Miss Jessica?

"Maxwell's class Teacher." One of the men bowing in the left direction says.

"Oh, you know me?" She retorts, rising up from the man's head.

"And that's all you know about me?" She asks as she walks up to the others. Jude only sits on the ground and stabs the man the more as blood gushes out and the man vibrates.

"What do you want here?" She asks again.

"We heard the groans of someone who's being killed. So, we came here. I think you committed this crime." They say, each stating his own point.

"No one is being killed. Is that alright?" She says.

"Now, return to your class." She smirks. "And return those toy guns." She picks up one of the guns they men brought along with them. They lift their head and thank her as they go to their classes.

"Motherfucking idiots. I'll discipline them in class today. Do they think they can actually catch me in the red?" Miss Jessica says to Jude and Jude smirks.

"Go bury that man." She whispers and smirks. "We finally killed him."

"Yes, we did." Jude replies, smiling strongly.

"Keep the dagger in the safest treasury, madam." Jude tells Jessica and she nods. Jude wipes the blood from the dagger with his hands, and he gives the dagger to Jessica. Jessica accepts it from him, and slips it inside her front pocket.

"This body will keep smelling. Where do you think it's best to hide it?" Jude says, sticking out the man's lungs.

"Pack it inside that dungeon. It's safe there." Jessica retorts.

"At least, give him his last respect."

"No. He's dead. Gone forever. It's appropriate to use 'it' for him." Jessica replies. She squats, opposite to Jude, and sniffs the air stuck around them.

"He's really stinking." Jessica remarks, and clenches a fist. She lands it on his forehead and it cracks, bits dispersing at each angle.

"Pilate, you are gone." Jude guffaws as he frees pool of tears from his eyes.

"Yes, you are gone." Jessica Laughs croakily, and holds her stomach tight.

They finally carry up the man with both hands, and they throw him into the dungeon. He lands on the uneven ground with a loud thud, as blood from his nostrils smears on Jessica's earlobe.

"Shall we burn him?" Jude diverts her attention.

"No. Not yet." Jessica retorts. "Quick, let's go back to class."

Jessica and Jude creep into the hallway, and they enter their respective toilet room before they enter their classes again. Once they come out of the two toilet rooms, their hands are clean and free of stains of blood. Jude winks at her as he goes upwards the hall to lecture his students but Jessica smirks at him while she treks down the hall to give some notes to her students.

"Welcome back, mistress." Stanley, a thin student, says as Jessica storms into the class. Others look up at her as she enters forcefully so that they can't mutter one greeting.

"I hope you all are doing fine. Kindly submit your assignment on my table in my office." Jessica snubs their reactions to her acts, and tells them.

"Okay, ma'am!" They retort, smiling sheepishly. Whenever Jessica says this to her students, it's either they are not going to have that class or they are going to switch and talk about life and its experience only.

Maxwell places his head on his table, and dozes off. But before he does, he gives Mark his notebook where he did his assignment, to help him with the submission. Mark accepts the notebook from him, and packs it with his.

"Don't you do that. It's partiality." Juana, a pompous student, says with an high-pitched tone. Mark cuts her dead and moves out of class. Now, Jessica is swiping through the hairs on her head and she spaces out, leaning on one of the desks.

"Don't I do what?" Mark retorts, fixing a frown on his face.

"Return his book to him." She says, shutting her eyes. That is to say, before she opens it again, he must have carried out her instruction.

"I can not." Mark retorts, and moves out of the class. Juana increases her pace and soon catches up with him. She blocks his way and stares at him.

"Leave here!" Mark howls, and the class chatter. This brings Jessica back into the real world. She stares aimlessly at the nook and crannies of the class and shrugs.

"Let everyone submit his or her work to me." He says, satisfying Juana. No. Satisfying Maxwell instead. Because if Juana has her way, he will have to return Maxwell's book for him to go submit himself.

"We all have legs." Eric retorts, and walks out of the classroom. Mark hastens his footsteps and soon gets out of the classroom. Jessica tries to call him back but she only smiles. Not because the class is active or real cheerful but because she has killed who she has been planning to kill, for years.

Chapter 2 - Armed Robbers?

"Anyways, just make sure it all get set on my desk." She runs her hands through her hair, and the hair stands on one end. It disperses, and Jess now looks freaking untidy.

"No mercy." She soliloquizes and squints her eyes at Maxwell who isn't sleeping but meditating.

"I'm going to my office right now. Once I get there and I don't find any of your books, then you're done for." She says, really directing her words to Maxwell. She thinks he didn't do his assignment or he doesn't want to submit. As she says, the class students troop out of the class and march towards her office. All students leave the classroom except Maxwell. Jessica hisses as she exits the classroom as well, turning the doorknob with frowns plastered on her forehead.

"To hell with you!" She soliloquizes.

She goes to her office and on her first attempt to turn the doorknob, it gets puzzled. The students inside are also try


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