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Beauty and the Dragon Descendant

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MATURED CONTENT (18+) This book contains alot of steamy contents and erotic scenes. It doesn't get boring, it only gets hotter. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "I... I... I just can't stand touches from guys, they're usually very irritating and it leaves me restless" Alexia confessed and he smirked. "There's an exemption though," he said and she creased her brows. "You're not restless anytime I touch you," he said and her heartbeat increased instantly. "Your heart always seems to race. Like this" he said and trailed two fingers down her neck to her heart as he felt her pulse. Her chest rose and fell heavily as her mind went blank. The only thing she could see right now was Fernando, the only voice in her head now was his whispers. His fingers left her chest and went to her waist as he pulled her close and captured her lips in a hot kiss. ALEXIA BANKS is the most intelligent and most beautiful girl in Royal high and also the craziest when it comes to defending victims of bully in the school. Her life soon takes an unexpected turn when she catches the eyes of the members of the popular team known for their voice and their alluring charm in Royal High school, the F5. Will she be able to break free from their clutches or find herself tangled into a web of love, lies and deceit?

Chapter 1


Three cars made their way into the school compound consecutively making the students scream immediately.

Fernando and Fortune came out of the White Ferrari SF90 looking hot and dashing as ever.

Freddie and Finley came out of the Black Ferrari 296 GTB looking nothing less than hot and dashing.

While Franco came out of the red Ferrari 812 looking hot and cute.

They were all wearing the same designer shirt since they don't ever wear the school shirt, Freddie and Franco were putting on armless tops while Fernando, Fortune, and Finley were wearing longer sleeves

Franco's crescent tattoo was visible on his arm and it added a lot of fire to his hotness, while Fernando had a butterfly tattoo at the back of his neck and

Fortune had a rose tattoo right before his ribs, it can only be visible when he's shirtless. They all dyed their hair pink, which made them look cute and irresistible.

Fernando raked his fingers through his hair sexily, making some girls faint immediately, while some were dripping wet

**Gosh! My future husband

**Fernando's dimples!!

**One night with Fernando is all I ask!

**Those lips!

**F*ck me, Freddie!

**Franco is mine alone!

**Gosh, Fortune's smile!

**I need a five minutes kiss with Finley!

**Notice me, please!!

The girls ranted on and on as they made their way into the Lecture room LR, but just before they could go in, the noise doubled making the five of them stop momentarily, and just as expected, Alexia came out of her white Lamborghini Aventador.

She was rocking all white except her hair which was silvery blond. Her white crop top exposed her cute navel ring and her mini white skirt that was out of the world.

One would think she had a company that made clothes and just gave them to her before letting the world knows. She's usually always the first to put on new designs.

Guy's mouth watered as she wore her shades and flipped her hair sexily before heading to the LR.

Her *ss kept bouncing and moving in rhythm making guys go crazy.

**F*ck, I'm getting a hard-on!

**I'm surely gonna get her on my bed!

**Gosh, I'm jealous!

**If I had half of her curves!!!

**Gawd, her waist!

**I'll marry you, Alexia!!

**Wish I could trail my finger over that navel ring!

Students kept screaming and she had this smirk that'll make a guy wanna kiss her hard on her lips.

"Love at first sight" Finley muttered as he stared hard at Alexia.

"I know right?" Franco replied licking his lips seductively.

"I'll f*ck that girl no matter what," Freddie said with a smile and Fernando smirked before heading inside the LR.

Fortune went in after him without saying anything. It's obvious that he just kept his comment to himself.


Alexia was seated beside Fortune, Alyssa beside Freddie right in front of Alexia's desk, Franco beside Fernando, Finley beside Miguel, Lila with Sydney, and so on.

"Good morning!" Alexia greeted Fortune. She's kinda fond of him, he's the only person she can talk to as a friend.

"Good morning" he replied nonchalantly and she creased her brows, but it stopped when he smiled.

"If you hadn't smiled I'd have thought something was wrong," Alexia said and he smiled wider.

"How can something be ever wrong with me? I'm Fortune you know?" he said proudly and she laughed.

"That's more like you" She added and Alyssa choose that moment to come inside the Lecture room.

She came in with Lila and Sydney beside her. Alexia eyed them immediately.

"Can she ever dress like a human for once?" Fortune muttered loud enough for her to hear.

"What the hell did you just say?" Alyssa questioned as she moved towards him.

"I said can you ever dress like a human for once?" Fortune stood and repeated the sentence.

"What!!!!" she half yelled.

"What?, you wanna hit me, commonly bring it on and you think I'm gonna sit back and do nothing? Your brain must be out for vacation" Fortune said and she scoffed.

"Not like you're gonna hit a lady" She smirked and he laughed.

"You consider yourself a lady??? Oh c'mon you shouldn't be among the list of those called ladies, no lady in her real sense will come from her house looking like a piece of trash"

"What I'm saying is, I won't hesitate to give you the beaten your brain needs if you cross the line," Fortune said glaring hard at her.

"Ohhhhh, wow that was deep" the students murmured.......


Before we continue the book we should know about our F5, the greatest badboys in Royal high and Alyssa, the only rival of Alexia Banks in Royal high.

Fernando Grayson is the leader of "The F5" He has the sweetest voice among the members of the team and he can play both Piano and Guitar.

He is the greatest playboy known in Royal High. The same applies to the other five members except for Fortune.

His parents own The Largest and most popular Oil companies, and two glassware companies overseas, they also own two companies that deal with the refining of gold, silvers, and diamond. They are Zillionaires.

Fernando also owns 50% of all the income that comes in from the five companies owned by his parents.

Fortune Theodore is the second member of the team and the closest to Fernando. He kind of opens up to him and relies on him more than other members of the team.

He is the third-best singer among them and also the craziest. It's always hard to believe that he's more reserved than the other four.

His parents own The top two richest and most popular Hospitals overseas and he owns 95% of the profit from their third Hospital.

Finley Roberts is the third member of the team, the best guitarist, and the master thinker on the team.

He brings more opinions than others on the team.

His parents own the Two best Wine producing companies overseas and he owns One wine producing company overseas. It was gifted to him on his 18th birthday.

Freddie Farrel is the fourth member of the team, he's the best pianist and the easiest among the five guys. His parents own the three Largest and most popular Gameloft companies overseas.

The last member of the group and the second-best singer after Fernando in the team. Franco Liam.

His mother owns the top #1 and #3 Largest and most popular Fashion Institutes overseas and his father owns the best and most popular Car producing company overseas.

That's why no one argues about them being the richest guys in Royal High.


There's also the second most beautiful girl in Royal High. The most arrogant girl ever known. Her parents own the school and it made her feel too big to obey any instructions given out by the admins. She is Alyssa Norman.

She has two friends, birds of the same feathers. Sydney and Lila.


**Authors note**Dear readers, this is your girl Lilyanna. Please #gift# and encourage your girl. Share your opinions with me through comment and help me get views by sharing. And tell me your best part of the book. Much love.


Chapter 2


"Ouch, that was deep" the students murmured....

**Wow! Fortune is the real deal!

**I know right

**Marry me Fortune!

**My crush!!

**He's so mean though he said the truth

**Disgrace to ladyhood!!

The students kept murmuring. Alyssa felt like ripping Fortune into two different halves right now, her body shook with anger.

"I know, you always wanted to fuck me but I won't let you, you won't even see the color of my pant, I promise," she said shamelessly and he laughed with disgust.

"The color of your pant right now is blue so what's there to see, when you're wearing just a piece of skimpy net that leaves nothing to one's imagination" Fortune added and the whole class laughed except Lila and Sydney who were trying their best to hide the laughter.

"I mean, learn from Alexia, she's a typical and good example of Ladyhood" Fortune con


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