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Within The Cave – Originals

Within The Cave – Originals

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Everything changes when Rayne along with her family relocated to Murrysville. Starting in a senior high school, Rayne discovers something odd in the bad boy, named Nicklaus. Her inquisitions lead her to knowing a secret and she was forced to forget. Not for long though, as soon as the memories start coming back, Nicklaus knew she's different from the human girls he's met and blocked their memories. And now, he has to protect her from his wild world and she's to learn new things about the hybrids. In the same journey, she is to discover new supernatural creatures, whom she always have thought were nothing but a fragment of her own imagination. There exists Vampires, Werewolves, Benders, Dragon Riders and Witches and Wizards.


So, guys, this is a rough draft, so there might be some annoying chapters. I just want you guys to enjoy this book as I did, while writing it, even when it can be a little bit annoying but also captivating. In case if some of you, my readers, have read my book, The Untamed and At The Crossroad, then, you should read this, as well. Thank you in advance.

Many years ago, peace and harmony reigned in the supernatural world. Nature's rules were followed and was guarded by the witches and wizards.

As time flew by, bringing forth centuries and decades, a prophecy was seen by the elders of the guardians. The prophecy inscribed down that a time will come when the rules of nature would be tampered and offended. Different species of the supernaturals will breed amongst one another bringing forth the existence of the hybrids- creatures that were detested by nature. They were believed to be an abomination. Among them, would an hybrid be birthed- the mightiest and strongest of them all.

All the young witches and wizards tried their best to stop the breeding from occurring and to maintain the rules but failed. Gradually, the numbers of the guardians started to decrease, thus making the species go into astray as they started to breed amongst each other.

Hybrids of all sorts and kinds were birthed. The prophecy, at last came into existence by their ignorance.

Until, one was born, the last descendants of the guardians- a witch.

By the time she was born, the prophecy had occurred. The monstrous hybrid had been brought to life.

The witch- last descendants of the guardians travelled past leagues of lands and months of time before she found the monster.

But, something happened. He was her mate. The witch knew that no matter what, the hybrid needed to be destroyed and tamed along with the other hybrids. And, since she wouldn't be able to live with a mate-less life, she would need to kill herself, after fulfilling her mission.

Spells were dropped and with the last of her strength, she was able to weaken the hybrids and his mercenaries, then she tamed them within the supernatural realm. After this, she sent the non-hybrids to the mortal realm and cast a spell to hid her powers into an antique golden ring... Within The Cave. A mysterious cave guarded by a beast- an hybrid created by the witch, herself to protect the ring.

One thing, the witch does not realize is that once her powers land onto someone else's possession, the aura of her mate shall be awaken, marking the possessed. Be it, the person is of light or dark.

Chapter 1

chapter one.

As the music start to play, I turn off the screen of my phone and lean against the car door whose window is rolled up. Letting my eyes wander the street, I look at the blurry trees and houses which seems even blurrier due to the effect of the heavy rains, dropping down with simultaneously rumbling thunders.

My hands helps smooth my dress that stopped around my knees as the car drives past to our new house.

Dad's sitting on the driver's seat. His hands, fixed firmly against the steering wheel, colouring his knuckles white. His index fingers taps the wheel, consistently while he and mom exchange chats, who's sitting on the passenger seat beside him.

After a while of sinking into the melody of the soft tune I'm hearing from the ear bud, I feel myself pull forward by a sudden change in gravity.

I open my eyes and leaned forward to notice that dad's face is tilted to the back seat where I am. Quickly, I remove the ear bu


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