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When Witches Cooperate

When Witches Cooperate

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"Mentally deranged. Loutish. Surly." Ruth, Macy's Witch Mother qualifies her. "Those are the best adjectives to describe you. Most especially since your Dad has been murdered." "I'm not laying my head in your house tonight if I don't murder the Alpha that killed my father." Macy yells at her mother in return. "Once you disobey me, you know what is next? In our witchcraft operation, there's nothing like mercy. We don't know who is who." Ruth retorts. "Kill me. That's the worst you can do." "No." Ruth replies, almost immediately. "I'll detach me and others from you. And that is more dangerous. Remember, when witches don't cooperate, things go haywire." "Then I'll take up another power." Macy retorts. "Not until you drop this." Macy stands to her feet and utters her final word. "I'll find who would cooperate with me and bet it with me, we would cooperate than you would do, and it's a must for you to fear our comeback." "When Witches don't cooperate." Ruth utters in a low tone. "And when iron hits iron, the sharp one wins the blunt one." Macy says and goes into the bush in view of killing her father's murderer, giving her witch self the control of her body.

Chapter 1 - She Had To Kill The Alpha

"Tell me, who the hell are you?" Alpha Crimson pins Macy to the wall as he yells at her on top of his voice. "Who are you to barge into my pack house and steal these from me?"

"What did I steal?" Macy asks as though she isn't aware. Alpha Crimson's gaze points at the foodstuff packed in a local basket and her gazes follow suit. "Oh...these?" She muffles under her breath owing to the seizure in her throat from the Alpha's hot arm choking her neck.

"Now. Go to the field and on your knees." Crimson finally frees her neck but he remains standing in front of her. "I'm coming right there to behead you."

"Sir?" Macy rubs her eyes and takes her right palm to her ear. "It seems i didn't hear what you said, Mister."

"I'll release your head off of your neck. Seems you're carrying too much burden. You know what? You can't escape. This pack house has been built strongly with marine powers, not just wolves' or vampires' powers but powers of the witches and wizards, you mere rogue."

Macy chuckles within her, trying not to proceed it to her outward lips because if she does, she would be suspected. She's a total witch, given birth to by a Wizard and Werewolf mixed breed father and a Complete witch mother. She sighs and apologizes instead.

"Okay. But, can I do some work for you instead of you terminating my dear life?" She asks.

"I chose that option. I prefer killing you. After all, I need some blood for the weekly ritual and it has to be a rogue's blood."

"I'm not a rogue." Macy replies almost immediately and it starts to get creepy. As Alpha Crimson looks at her chin and lips closely, he starts to have a rethink and imagination of what she could be. He had been smelling rats when she wasn't shocked to know about her death even after knowing that he is a great Alpha ruling over givei hundred warriors and six strong Betas.

"Then, what are you?" He asks, questioningly.

"Can we sit and talk?" Macy retorts.

"A rogue is forbidden to sit with an Alpha."

"It's obvious your ears are out of sync. I told you that I'm not a rogue. Damn." Macy fumes and her eyes start to shake in their sockets, her witch spirit is thrusting out bit by bit.

Alpha Crimson draws a stool near him merely by twisting his hands.

"You should have pulled two for both of us."Macy objects.

"I'm the one permitted to sit. You can stand, squat or lean your back on the wall." He replies, and sits on the stool.

"And what if I draw mine?" She asks and scoffs.

"You can't move here and go over there for any stool without my permission." Crimson retorts with a low tone owing to the shock from her brevity.

Macy shuts her eyes and opens them immediately as she stares at the stool and directs it towards her direction with her hands. Alpha Crimson jerks up from where he's sitting once he notices it and starts to run towards the door but Macy draws him back and dumps him to the ground.

"Alpha Crimson of the Lion Wolves Pack Team, you've said it that you wish to kill me and thereby with my power as a..." Macy says and stops abruptly.

"Your power as a...?" Crimson asks and rises to his feet. "I have been perceiving that you're a witch. That's why you could do this. Well, your power can't match mine."

"Who said so?" Macy asks and Crimson starts to feel the spooky air blow at him as the room starts to feel inconvenient for him.

Macy's eyes stare straight at Crimson's as she doesn't even tell her witch 'no' this time around. She passed her to take control of her body as her witch self starts to ooze blood out of the eyes, drip blood from the nostrils down to the lips and avergaely at the jaw since the lips and tongues stop it from getting there. In other words, her witch spirit licks the blood trailing right from her eye sockets. Tongues. She has three tongues; two are fangs and one is the normal human tongue. She throws her head backwards to get additional power to her witch power, that's to say, her wolf takes control as well.

"Bi-human being." Crimson remarks as she remains statuesque, unsure if he's in Dreamland or real life. He takes few steps back and his hands touch the air in lieu of touching the doorknob to jerk it open and escape.

"Don't escape. Don't mind link. If you do any of these two, I'll kill you personally." Macy says while in her witch form as her wolf is still grunting to take control. Without taking two for three, Alpha Crimson reverses his steps and jerks the door open as the door knob slides and breaks from its hold, falling to the ground with the door since it's outrightly connected with it.

Macy in her witch power, within nanoseconds, catches up with Crimson and she sends him to the ground. The few warriors training in the field near them, flee as though they're being pursued as they run towards the Betas' residence to alert them of the untold war occuring at the moment.

"A Witch. Confirmed!" Bob yells as he bumps into one of the Betas. "Come on, she's attacking the Alpha."

One of the Betas chuckles and walks slowly towards the scene

"Alpha Crimson can't be defeated just like that. He himself is a wizard." He says as he beckons to his other Betas. "Come on. Let's go check him by the way. He might need some assistance." As they get near Macy who is tearing Crimson's flesh apart, they get more scared and hesitant to take a step forward. Blake, the bravest Beta, moves forward and taps Macy on her shoulders. Macy jerks back at him with her bloodstained lips and white eyes soaked in deep wolf blood while he sees Crimson stuttering and shivering on the ground.

"Ah!!" He yells and provokes his wolf to the fullest. "They finally got Crimson!!" As other Betas hear this, their wolves take control immediately. With their heads thrown back and as hairs film over their body extending even unto their faces and both horizontal and vertical skin, they howl and growl according to each wolf's size as they snarl and bend their backs in view of jumping over to Macy to terminate her. Macy's clothes start to get real wet as a semisolid fills it to the brim and the semisolid looks like red. What's that? Blood gushing out of Crimson's system. Blake raises a hand to other five Betas to hold on while he still remains in his human form. He carefully checks out the type of witch Macy is and as he squats behind her to taper off a removable encryption from the back of her neck, Macy switches to him and jumps on top of him. Without further hesitation, the six wolves dart angrily towards Macy, giving her the several wolf punches. Since they perceive that didn't work on her as a witch, they drag her off of Blake and she responds to that. She yells on top of her voice as she flies away in air but not without dragging Crimson alongside. The walls of the pack house is quite tall and strong but she gets there with Crimson crunched in her hands. She drops him in the fence and continues to attack him. Crimson is a wizard, actually but since he doesn't have signal, then he can't retaliate - he has to suffer the losses. His wolf tries to heal him but Macy stops him from doing that with her witch power. Finally, after the Betas are now gathered and looking up at the witch and their Alpha, Macy takes her claws into Crimson's eyes and she successfully gouge them out. Crimson vibrates and shivers but he doesn't succeed in escaping. Macy chuckles evilly as she swallows the eyes and jumps down. Midway jumping down, she shifts back to her human self.

"Who are you, and what are you doing here?" She asks those Betas standing anf furiously waiting for her to approach.

"We should be asking you that." Blake replies. "Thanks to the moon goddess and my fellow partners, you could have killed me as well."

"Make way for me if you don't want to be done to as it has been done to your serial killer Alpha." Macy states.

"You want to enter into our pack house? Just use the gate and don't come in any further." Blake orders, standing in front of his Betas now.

"I would rather you forgot about your Alpha." Macy tells them though few feet away.

"We wouldn't, ever!" Marshall, one of the Betas, retort. Macy stares and zooms his face, then with the fiddling of one of her fists, she knocks on his forehead from where she is, and Marshall falls to the ground, exhaling sharp pain.

"Your Alpha, Alpha Crimson has joined our group now in the spirit realm. I didn't come here to steal any food. I only came to kill him, and I've retaliated. 50-50. He killed my father and I've killed him."

"But why can't a wizard attack a witch?" One of them mutters to another but Macy clearly hears.

"Because you don't have cooperation. For these powers to work out, you need cooperation." She notifies them and makes towards the gate to exit the pack house and move to the next mission given to her to carry out.

Chapter 2 - Cooperate, Or Murder And Cooperate.

"Mum, I've told you several times, I can't have a werewolf as a mate. I was born a witch and I'll make sure I retain my power." Macy barks at her mother, Ruth.

"What about those Betas that now know you're a Witch?" Ruth retorts, her hands folded across her chest. "Do you think cooperation will always help?"

"Ma'am, don't make me annoyed." Macy shuts her eyes and opens it creepily. "A new witch has more power than an old witch has. Once you make me annoyed, I'll gouge out your two eyes."

"True." Ruth replies, releasing her hands and walking towards Macy in the dark room where they both are. "But we will take our hands off you and let's see how you'll continue to flourish."

"Ma'am, come on." Macy chuckles. "I escaped the pack house unscathed; I can do and undo even without your cooperation."

"I'm contactin


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