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When Witches Cooperate

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"Mentally deranged. Loutish. Surly." Ruth, Macy's Witch Mother qualifies her. "Those are the best adjectives to describe you. Most especially since your Dad has been murdered." "I'm not laying my head in your house tonight if I don't murder the Alpha that killed my father." Macy yells at her mother in return. "Once you disobey me, you know what is next? In our witchcraft operation, there's nothing like mercy. We don't know who is who." Ruth retorts. "Kill me. That's the worst you can do." "No." Ruth replies, almost immediately. "I'll detach me and others from you. And that is more dangerous. Remember, when witches don't cooperate, things go haywire." "Then I'll take up another power." Macy retorts. "Not until you drop this." Macy stands to her feet and utters her final word. "I'll find who would cooperate with me and bet it with me, we would cooperate than you would do, and it's a must for you to fear our comeback." "When Witches don't cooperate." Ruth utters in a low tone. "And when iron hits iron, the sharp one wins the blunt one." Macy says and goes into the bush in view of killing her father's murderer, giving her witch self the control of her body.

Chapter 1 - A Witch's Mission

"Who are you to barge into my pack house and steal these from me?" Alpha Crimson's voice booms as he pins Macy against the wall.

"What did I steal?" Macy feigns innocence, as her gaze drifts to the foodstuff in the basket.

"Oh... these?" She mutters, her voice strained from the Alpha's grip on her throat.

"Now, go to the field and get on your knees." Crimson orders, releasing her neck but remaining imposingly in front of her. "I'm coming to behead you."

"Sir?" Macy rubs her eyes, feigning confusion. "I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that, Mister."

"I'll release your head from your neck. Seems you're carrying quite a burden." Alpha Crimson warns Macy. "You can't escape. This pack house is fortified with powers beyond wolves' or vampires', thanks to the witches and wizards."

Macy stifles a chuckle, masking her true nature as a witch. She apologizes instead, attempting to defuse the tension.

"Okay. But, can I serve you instead of facing death?" She pleads.

"I prefer the latter. I need some blood for the weekly ritual, and a rogue's blood will suffice." Crimson retorts.

"I'm not a rogue." Macy protests, as her quick denial annoys Alpha Crimson. As he scrutinizes her closely, doubts creep into his mind, wondering about her true identity and intentions. Despite being a powerful Alpha, he senses something amiss with Macy's calm demeanor in the face of death.

"What are you?" Alpha Crimson questions, his tone filled with suspicion.

"Can we sit and talk?" Macy suggests, attempting to diffuse the tension.

"A rogue is forbidden to sit with an Alpha." Crimson asserts.

"I already told you I'm not a rogue. Damn." Macy retorts, her frustration evident as her witch spirit begins to manifest.

Alpha Crimson summons a stool for himself with a flick of his hand. "I'm the one permitted to sit. You can stand, squat, or lean against the wall."

"What if I draw my own stool?" Macy challenges, her defiance clear.

"You can't move or summon anything without my permission." Crimson replies, his shock evident at her boldness.

Macy closes her eyes briefly, then with a flick of her hands, she directs a stool towards herself. Alpha Crimson, taken aback, moves to flee, but Macy swiftly pulls him back and sends him crashing to the ground.

"Alpha Crimson of the Lion Wolves Pack Team, you've said it that you wish to kill me and thereby with my power as a..." Macy's voice trails off, a hint of menace in her tone.

"Your power as a...?" Crimson prompts, rising to his feet. "I've sensed you're a witch. But your power can't match mine."

"Who said so?" Macy challenges, and a chill fills the room, making Crimson uneasy.

Macy's eyes lock onto Crimson's, as her witch takes control. Blood begins to ooze from her eyes, drip from her nostrils, and pool around her lips, as her witch spirit consumes it hungrily. She throws her head back, drawing on additional power from her wolf side.

The atmosphere becomes increasingly eerie as Macy's dual nature asserts itself, leaving Alpha Crimson feeling vulnerable and outmatched.

"A bi-human being." Crimson mutters, his disbelief evident as Macy's transformation continues to unfold before him.

"Don't even think of escaping or trying to link with anyone." Macy warns in her witch form, her voice laced with menace. "I'll kill you personally if you do."

Without hesitation, Alpha Crimson turns to flee, but Macy, in her heightened state, swiftly catches up to him and sends him crashing to the ground. The nearby warriors, sensing the tension, scatter in fear, rushing to alert the Betas of the sudden chaos.

"A witch. Confirmed!" Bob shouts as he collides with one of the Betas. "Come on, she's attacking the Alpha."

With a knowing chuckle, one of the Betas calmly makes their way towards the scene, ready to intervene in the brewing conflict.

"Alpha Crimson can't be defeated so easily. He's a wizard himself." Bob declares, motioning for the other Betas to join him. "Let's go check on him. He may need our assistance."

As they approach Macy, who is viciously tearing into Crimson's flesh, the Betas grow increasingly hesitant. Blake, the bravest among them, takes a step forward and cautiously taps Macy on the shoulder. Macy jerks back, her bloodied lips and white eyes filled with the deep crimson of wolf blood, while Crimson lies stuttering and shivering on the ground.

The Betas exchange uneasy glances, realizing the gravity of the situation and the strong opponent they now face.

"Ah!" Blake bellows, inciting his wolf to its fullest potential. "They've finally got Crimson!"

As the other Betas hear his call, their wolves surge forth, taking control immediately. With heads thrown back and fur bristling, they howl and growl, ready to pounce on Macy and end her reign of terror.

Meanwhile, Macy's clothes become drenched as a viscous red substance fills them—the blood gushing from Crimson's wounds. Blake signals the other Betas to hold back as he cautiously approaches Macy, assessing her abilities as a witch. As he squats behind her, he attempts to remove an encryption from the back of her neck, but Macy swiftly senses his presence and leaps upon him.

Without hesitation, the six enraged wolves launch themselves at Macy, delivering powerful blows in an attempt to subdue her. However, Macy's witch powers prove resilient, and she retaliates fiercely. With a mighty yell, she propels herself into the air, dragging Crimson alongside her.

Despite the tall, sturdy walls of the pack house, Macy manages to reach the top with Crimson in tow. She savagely attacks him, preventing his wolf from healing him with her powerful witchcraft. Finally, she mercilessly gouges out his eyes, causing him to shudder and tremble in agony.

As Macy chuckles evilly and consumes Crimson's eyes, she shifts back into her human form mid-jump, landing gracefully on the ground below. The Betas look on in horror and awe, realizing the extent of Macy's power and the grim fate that has befallen their Alpha.

"Who are you, and what brings you here?" She inquires, rolling her eyes at the Betas who stand impatiently, awaiting her approach.

"We could ask you the same." Blake retorts. "Thanks to the moon goddess and my comrades, you could've ended me too."

"Clear a path if you wish to avoid the fate of your Alpha, the serial killer." Macy states boldly.

"If you seek entry into our pack house, use the gate and no further." Blake orders, positioning himself in front of his Betas.

"I'd advise you to forget about your Alpha." Macy declares, though she stands a few feet away.

"We'll never forget him!" Marshall, one of the Betas, retorts defiantly. Macy stares him down, then swiftly delivers a blow to his forehead with her fist. Marshall crumples to the ground, and gasps in pain.

"Your Alpha, Alpha Crimson, now resides with us in our realm. I didn't come here for food. I came to settle a score—I've taken his life in retaliation for my father's death. I don't need to rule you as an Alpha because I murdered your Alpha. The successful revenge is sufficient for me." Macy explains calmly, her tone resolute.

"But why couldn't a wizard attack a witch?" One of them whispers to another, audible to Macy's keen ears.

"Because you lack cooperation. These powers require collaboration to manifest." She informs them before heading towards the gate, ready to move on to her next mission.

Chapter 2 - The Hazards Of Compromise

"Mum, I've told you several times, I can't have a werewolf as a mate. I was born a witch and I'll make sure I retain my power." Macy asserts to her mother, Ruth.

"What about those Betas that now know you're a Witch?" Ruth counters, her hands folded across her chest. "Do you think cooperation will always help?"

"Ma'am, don't make me annoyed." Macy warns, shutting her eyes and opening them creepily. "A new witch has more power than an old witch. Once you make me annoyed, I'll gouge out your two eyes."

"True." Ruth acknowledges, releasing her hands and stepping closer to Macy in the dark room they occupy. "But we will take our hands off you and let's see how you'll continue to flourish."

"Ma'am, come on." Macy chuckles. "I escaped the pack house unscathed; I can do and undo even without your cooperation."



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