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When Witches Cooperate

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"Mentally deranged. Loutish. Surly." Ruth, Macy's Witch Mother qualifies her. "Those are the best adjectives to describe you. Most especially since your Dad has been murdered." "I'm not laying my head in your house tonight if I don't murder the Alpha that killed my father." Macy yells at her mother in return. "Once you disobey me, you know what is next? In our witchcraft operation, there's nothing like mercy. We don't know who is who." Ruth retorts. "Kill me. That's the worst you can do." "No." Ruth replies, almost immediately. "I'll detach me and others from you. And that is more dangerous. Remember, when witches don't cooperate, things go haywire." "Then I'll take up another power." Macy retorts. "Not until you drop this." Macy stands to her feet and utters her final word. "I'll find who would cooperate with me and bet it with me, we would cooperate than you would do, and it's a must for you to fear our comeback." "When Witches don't cooperate." Ruth utters in a low tone. "And when iron hits iron, the sharp one wins the blunt one." Macy says and goes into the bush in view of killing her father's murderer, giving her witch self the control of her body.

Chapter 1 - Blood Debt Repaid

"Who the hell are you?" Alpha Crimson thunders, pinning Macy to the wall with a fierce grip, "who do you think you are, barging into my pack house and stealing from me?"

Macy feigns innocence, "What did I steal?"

Her eyes follow Alpha Crimson's gaze to the foodstuff packed in a local basket.

"Oh...those?" She mutters, her voice strained due to the pressure on her throat. Alpha Crimson's arm relaxes, freeing her neck, but he remains towering over her.

"Get to the field and kneel. I'll be right there to deal with you." His voice is laced with menace, hinting at a gruesome fate.

"Sir?" Macy rubs her eyes, cupping her hand around her ear, "I didn't quite catch that, Mister."

Alpha Crimson sneers, "I'll remove your head from your shoulders; it seems you're carrying too much of a burden. You think you can escape? This pack house is fortified with the combined powers of witches, wizards, wolves, and vampires. You're no match, mere rogue."

Macy stifles a chuckle, careful not to reveal her true nature. As a witch born to a wizard and werewolf father and a powerful witch mother, she knows she must keep her identity hidden. Instead, she offers a humble apology, "okay, I understand. But might I offer an alternative? Could I perform a task for you in exchange for sparing my life?"

"I prefer the first option - killing you. I need a rogue's blood for the weekly ritual, and yours will do just fine." Alpha Crimson sneers, but Macy's swift response sends a shiver down his spine, "I'm not a rogue."

Her eyes lock onto his, and he senses an unsettling intensity. As he examines her chin and lips, he begins to reconsider his initial assumptions. Her lack of fear, despite knowing his formidable status as Alpha, has piqued his curiosity.

"Then, what are you?" He asks, his tone laced with intrigue.

Macy's response is calm, yet laced with a hint of defiance, "can we sit and talk?"

Alpha Crimson raises an eyebrow, aware that rogues are forbidden from sitting with Alphas, "you're not a rogue, I recall," he says, his eyes narrowing.

Macy's patience wears thin, and her eyes begin to flash with a fierce inner light, her witch spirit struggling to break free, "damn it, listen! I told you I'm not a rogue!"

Alpha Crimson, sensing the air thicken with tension, summons a stool with a mere hand gesture, his eyes never leaving Macy's face.

"You should have pulled two stools, one for each of us," Macy says, her voice laced with a hint of annoyance.

Alpha Crimson smirks, "I'm the one who's permitted to sit. You can stand, squat, or lean against the wall." He takes a seat on the stool, his eyes never leaving hers.

Macy's gaze narrows, "And what if I summon my own?" She asks, her tone dripping with sarcasm.

Crimson's expression darkens, "You can't move a muscle without my permission."

But Macy's eyes flash with defiance as she shuts them, focuses her energy, and summons the stool to her side with a flick of her wrist. Alpha Crimson leaps up, startled, and attempts to flee, but Macy's powers prove too strong. She draws him back and slams him to the ground.

"Alpha Crimson of the Dark Ember Pack, you've declared your intention to kill me. Well, with my power as a..." Macy's voice trails off, leaving Crimson curious.

"Your power as a...?" He asks, rising to his feet, his eyes locked onto hers, "I've suspected you're a witch, and that's how you've managed this. But your power can't match mine."

Macy's smile is enigmatic, "Who says so?" And with that, the room begins to feel oppressive, the air thickening with an eerie energy that makes Crimson's skin crawl.

Macy's gaze pierces through Crimson's as she surrenders to her witch's power, no longer restraining it. Her eyes bleed, nostrils drip blood, and her jawline is stained with a crimson trail. Her witch spirit's three tongues - two fangs and one human tongue - lick the blood flowing from her eye sockets. As she tilts her head back, her wolf takes control, amplifying her powers.

Crimson's eyes widen in terror, "Bi-human being..." He mutters, frozen in place, unsure if he's dreaming or awake. He takes a few steps back, his hands grasping at the air as if trying to open the door, but hesitates, fearing Macy's warning.

"Don't escape. Don't mind link. If you do either, I'll kill you personally." Macy's witch growls, her wolf still struggling to take full control. Defying her warning, Alpha Crimson turns and sprints for the door, yanking it open with such force that the doorknob breaks off, falling to the ground along with the door.

In a split second, Macy's witch catches up to Crimson, sending him crashing to the ground. Nearby warriors training in the field flee in terror, racing towards the Betas' residence to alert them of the sudden chaos.

"A Witch. Confirmed!" Bob yells, colliding with one of the Betas.

"She's attacking the Alpha!" One of the Betas chuckles, strolling towards the scene.

"Alpha Crimson can't be defeated so easily. He's a powerful wizard himself." He summons his fellow Betas, "Let's go check on him. He might need our help."

As they approach Macy, who's savagely tearing into Crimson's flesh, they're met with a terrifying sight. Macy's lips are stained with blood, her eyes glowing white with a deep wolfish intensity. Blake, the bravest Beta, hesitantly steps forward, tapping Macy's shoulder. She spins around, her gaze fixed on him with an unnerving intensity, while Crimson lies shivering and stuttering on the ground.

"Ah!!" Blake yells, unleashing his wolf's fury, "she's finally taken down Crimson."

The other Betas' wolves take control, their bodies transforming as they howl and growl, their skin covered in hair, their backs arched, ready to pounce on Macy. But Blake, still in human form, raises a hand, halting the others. He examines Macy, trying to determine her type of witchcraft. As he squats behind her, attempting to remove a mysterious encryption from her neck, Macy turns and pounces on him. The six wolves charge at her, delivering a flurry of wolf punches, but Macy remains unfazed. They drag her off Blake, and she responds with a blood-curdling scream, flying through the air with Crimson clutched in her grasp. She slams him into the pack house fence and continues her relentless attack. Crimson, a wizard, lies helpless, unable to retaliate without a signal. His wolf tries to heal him, but Macy's witch power prevents it. Finally, after the Betas gather, Macy plunges her claws into Crimson's eyes, gouging them out. He shudders, but she swallows his eyes and jumps down, transforming back into her human form mid-jump.

"Who are you, and what are you doing here?" Macy demands, facing the Betas who stand fiercely, awaiting her approach.

"We should be asking you that," Blake retorts, "thanks to the moon goddess and my fellow partners, you could have killed me as well."

"Step aside if you don't want to suffer the same fate as your serial killer Alpha!" Macy warns.

"Use the gate and don't come any further." Blake orders, standing firm in front of his Betas.

"I suggest you forget about your Alpha." Macy advises, her eyes fixed on them.

"We won't, ever!" Marshall, one of the Betas, defiantly responds.

Macy's gaze zooms in on Marshall, and with a flick of her wrist, she knocks him to the ground with a sharp pain.

"Your Alpha, Alpha Crimson, has joined our group in the spirit realm. I didn't come to steal food; I came to avenge my father's death, and now it's 50-50. He killed my father, and I've killed him."

One of the Betas whispers to another, "But why can't a wizard attack a witch?"

Macy overhears and clarifies, "Because you lack cooperation. These powers require unity to work effectively."

With that, she turns towards the gate, ready to exit the pack house and move on to her next mission.

Chapter 2 - The Price Of Power

"Mum, I've told you before, I can't have a werewolf as a mate. I was born a witch and I intend to keep my power," Macy snaps at her mother, Ruth.

"What about the Betas who now know you're a witch?" Ruth counters, her arms crossed, "do you think cooperation will always work in your favor?"

"Don't push me, Mother," Macy warns, her eyes flashing open with a creepy intensity, "a new witch like me has more power than an experienced witch like you. If you annoy me, I'll gouge out your eyes."

"True," Ruth admits, uncrossing her arms and approaching Macy in the dark room, "but we'll withdraw our support and see how you fare on your own."

"Come on, Mother," Macy chuckles, "I escaped the pack house unscathed; I can do as I please, with or without your help."

"I'm contacting the coven to withdraw their support as well," Ruth says, rolling her eyes at her defiant daughter.

"Mum, if you follow through on your thre


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