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Werewolf Reincarnated

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Sandra a geeky girl in shabby clothe and looks so weird compared to all the girls in her school, Bravely she is determined to loves a school prince named Aldyn. Aldyn handsome guy and child. From Family billionaire that me make it popular in school and know as school prince handsome charm as well as Aldyn his a handsome girls love him. One day, tragedy make a shooking because the prince the school that Sandra loves quiety he makes and crush Sandra lips gently and sensually make Sandra comfortable with a kiss the secret also made her suprised because Aldyn kissed her concious. The Next Day, getting a secret sweet kiss from Aldyn, Sandra received the cruelest bullying from felt his head bleeding a result.

Chapter 1

All eyes on me, strange. Because I was wearing glasses, shabby clothes and dull shoes while they were wearing nice clothes with their short skirts that looked hot in everyone's eyes, they were a group of women who were looked up to and respected. Any man they want to get they can reach easily, while me? only playing the victim of bullying and the victim of their strange stares. I hate this situation, I want them to see me as the most beautiful girl in school, but that's impossible because of this old-fashioned appearance.

hey look!! The prince of our school has come!”

I ran with a group of girls who were trying to steal the school prince's glances.He named Aldin,he was very handsome and made me fall in love with him. Our gaze does not turn from his good looks.

“school prince!! I love you."

“Prince Aldyn, I love you!!”

All the ladies cheer for him, while I'm just silent I'm too shy to scream love at him.

“You guys, shut up!!”

She is Febiola, the most beautiful woman in school who is respected by all the school's people and becomes the school's idol but that beautiful girl is only interested in Aldyn.

“Prince Aldyn, please accept my food. This was made especially for you, school handsome boy.”

Aldyn stared at him coldly,he indeed became a school idol but Aldyn is very cold and does not care about the condition of the people around him,he is quite introverted.

"Ah, I really like it.” I muttered

“You like Aldyn, it's only natural because he is the prince of the school."

I was surprised to see my friend Thei who apparently heard my grumbling. I just looked down. I was afraid that she would convey what I said to the Febiola group, because the girls in that group are really scary.

"I won't say it, calm down."

"Thank you, because you are willing to shut up for me."

Thei just smiled, she doesn't seem bothered to keep his mouth shut so I don't have to bother to beg or give her money to shut up.

"Love in silence, it's hard, huh?"

"You like the school prince too?"

"No he, but Robio. I like Robi,the second prince after prince Aldyn.”

“at least, you still have a slight chance of getting his.”

"How big?"

“0.00001 maybe.” I laugh and she laughed too

Our eyes returned to the two people who were walking towards their class

"Very handsome, yes. how can prince Aldyn be that handsome.” I grumbled

"For me, only Prince Robio is the most handsome. good looks to penetrate the sky.”

"Ooh, I'm touched to hear that."

We laughed again, until a teacher came into the classroom to chase away those who still wanted to stare at the school's prince.

I'm studying very well, I'm sitting near the classroom window making me occasionally look out to see the scenery outside. Strong wind makes my hair sway, I really enjoy the strong wind that slowly makes me sleepy.

“Alexandra, are you asleep!”

I got a reprimand from my teacher, and I immediately returned to focus on the lesson. However, the wind kept bugging me. I looked back at the window, very surprised when the school prince came out of the classroom and leaned against the wall facing my window. I was so surprised that I immediately returned my focus to my studies.

"It was very surprising."

I glanced back out the window, I saw he smiled at me and waved his hand to make me blush. My heart beats fast from receiving the smile his very sweet

"Why is he so sweet? I like it very much.”

I smiled broadly making me blush even more, I didn't expect that the teacher's gaze was staring at me.

"Sandra, go to the toilet to wash your face."

I immediately stood up and nodded

“ah, yes.”

My reaction was quite surprising to my classmates including my teacher. I walked out of the classroom but I was not looking at the school prince who had been standing staring at my window.

"where he?”

I walked into the toilet, to wash my face I saw my flushed face and a big smile that I couldn't stop.

“Hevery handsome, absolutely charming.”

After washing my face, I walked out of the toilet but my body accidentally bumped into someone who was about to enter the toilet.

"ouch, I'm sorry."

"are you okay?"

I was surprised, felt a hand touch my shoulder and our eyes met, so handsome... staring his up close

"So handsome.. Am I dreaming?"

I feel hands his touch my cheek he smile at me

"You're not dreaming, this is real."

"Ah, school prince, why are you so handsome?"


I jerked and blinked my eyes a few times to wake up from my reverie, it's true that right now you and the school prince are looking at each other very closely, realizing that our situation is dangerous, makes me immediately step away from his

"oh sh*t!"

Very surprised, moment he kissed my lips and pressed the nape of my neck deepening our kiss,he crushing my lips sensually makes my level of desire increase

“mmph ah”

He let go of the kiss his, looked into my eyes. My heart was beating so fast that it made me run away his, I ran fast and back to class

"What's wrong, you look scared now." Thei looked at me in confusion

“D*mn it! Why did it happen? Does he see me blushing? What if the febiola gang finds out about the situation between me and the prince, I will die."

"Hey Sandra, wake up!"

Thei patted me on the shoulder made me wake up and focus back on the book, I don't want to she know what happened to me

"you are very weird." It was Thei's grunt before she went back to the book.

After school, I saw a group of febiola gangs driving their sports cars and stopped right in front of the school's prince

"Prince, come on in. Your driver definitely won't be coming any time soon.”

I saw the smiling school prince,he getting into febiola's luxury car, made me realize again that expecting something that can't be achieved is painful, I looked down sadly.

"Hey, you're home alone?"

Hemy best friend, Robio and also the second prince of the school after prince Aldyn

"Yes, I came home on foot."

"Don't be sad, I'll take you. Come on, get on."


I was astonished to see he asked me to get on his expensive motorbike, I was really embarrassed. How could a lowly woman like me get on an expensive motorbike with the second prince of the school. I chuckled

"haha no thanks prince. I don't want them to look at me weird and I don't want to be targeted by a febrile gang.”

Robio smiled at me,he hold my hand

"Hey, I'm not a school prince like Aldyn, I'm just Robio, still the same as the other guys in this school, come on, get on my motorbike."

Sentence Is Very gentle, full of good sentences.henot the typical arrogant man

"Can I?"

"Sure, come on up."

I climbed on his expensive motorcycle,he pulled my arms to hug the waist has surprised me and let go of the hug but was held by Robio

"Hey, don't mind them."

I hugged Robio tightly around the waist and we walked home, body odor is really makes me addicted, I inhale the scent of the body seven up to the neckhis

"You like my scent?"

I was struck with what he say, I get out of the body his

"Are you blushing?"

“Robio, stop teasing me.” I'm annoyed pinching the waist is he just laugh

"Your next goal after high school?"

"I want to go to work for a year and then go to college."

"Why don't you just go straight to college?"

"My family, I don't have enough money to go to college."

“Is that so? Okay I understand."

Robio took me home well

“Thank you very much, Robio.” I smiled and waved at him his

"Then I will go. see you soon, beautiful girls.”

"see you later."

I smiled and went into my house

Chapter 2

It's cold, it's so tight to be in a toilet like this. I can only cry and wail behind the toilet door hoping good angels come to me and make them open the door for me.

"How come, how could they know that yesterday the school prince and I stared at each other."

I was locked in the toilet, not allowing anyone to have mercy on me to open the toilet door

"How is this, I'm so claustrophobic inside. Please, I beg your pardon, I promise I will erase my feelings for the prince starting today, but please get me out of here."

"noisy!! You're just a lowly girl who dreams of a prince liking you."

"Please, get me out of this toilet. I ask."

I kept crying hoping they would have some compassion for me and set me free. I was very happy, saw the toilet door was open

"go out!!" febiola screamed at me, she looked at me with a sneer

"Thank you, thank you Miss Febiola."



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