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Vampire´s slave

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Antton Baltimore, manages to intimidate you just by looking you in the eyes, just by whispering to you he can make your body come alive, that is what Serena Hernandez felt every time she saw her new neighbor, from her balcony, she watches him every afternoon and as if he wanted to provoke her, he undresses in front of the window leaving her in the best moment of her sight, but Dalton is a strange boy who did not even have social networks and Serena being too curious one afternoon she followed him when he went to the forest with a boy from her class at dusk, She found it strange and while following him she realized that there was something strange because the fear she felt in her body was screaming at her to run away and that she should return home but she continued following him without imagining that it would be a mistake because she would discover that her neighbor is not who he appears to be and that he is a being that she thought was fantasy, a vampire, one that will lead her to know her darkest desires, will Serena be able to get away from the addiction that Antton causes in her body just by touching her?

Chapter 1

Changes in life can be for better or for worse, sometimes a father's decisions can change his daughter's destiny, that's what Serena's father was trying to do, he wanted the best for his daughter, even if it meant that his daughter hated him for it.

—Why do I have to change everything just because your bosses feel like sending you to a shithole town.

—Daughter, it's a great opportunity for us," said her father excited because he had been promoted, while Serena cursed his superiors because they ruined his life. "I will spend less time at home, but the pay will be good as sheriff of Burkecsville, you will see that you will love this town.

Serena didn't think so, her friends, everything she knew she left in San Francisco to move to a small town that is slowly being consumed by nature, she thinks it's stupid to think there's a future for someone like her in a place like that "Surely her boss brainwashed daddy."

Changing schools is something that Serena doesn't like one bit as it makes her more nervous, she doesn't want to be the typical girl that everyone makes fun of for being the new girl, for her it would be great if it was like in the movies or series she has seen where the new girl is confident and not afraid of trouble, but she's not like that

She lets out a disappointed sigh because this is her sad reality. If there is a problem, Serena runs away faster than "flash" because even her friends knew that she is the first one to run away from any conflict, she is outgoing but when she feels confident, but with strangers she is intimidated, she is one of those who is non—existent to everyone and only has one or two nerdy friends

Seeing the sign "Welcome to Burkecsville" her hands clutch at the seatbelt because after hours of driving they had arrived at what she calls her "curse".

—And there is our house," Mr. Hernandez looked with such happiness at the house in front of them on the left side, "Let's go Serena.

The enthusiasm in his voice was noticeable, but Serena just wanted it to be a horrible nightmare, her eyes scan the surroundings, there was only one neighbor across the street, but the house was across the street from hers, but apparently, it was uninhabited.

"What was that?"

Serena's eyes stay fixed on one of the windows of the house, she swore she saw something moving inside the abandoned house.

—Great," Serena mumbles with annoyance at the excitement of my words, "I've only been here a few minutes and I'm already freaking out.

—Serena," Mr. Hernandez hugs her and kisses her forehead, "I know it's not what you expected, but you'll see that you'll like the freedoms of living here.

—What? Will you let me go out alone?

—That's the only good thing I'll get from here, because in the city dad was the one who used to pick me up after school" —After all, what could happen in a place like this?

In the city, Serena always reproached her father for her friends walking home and not her.


Serena was uneasy, since it's her first day of school, walking the halls while all eyes fell on her, had her on edge.

"I want to get out of here!"

Everyone was looking at her in different ways, like she was a creature that came out of the sea or like she had something strange like a contagious disease

"Ignore them, Serena, ignore them."

While in class, Serena heard faint giggles from her classmates and when she turned to look around, they pretended to listen to the teacher.

"How I hate this place."

Walking out of class, she walked quietly for a few minutes until she felt someone intentionally push her luckily her reflexes were quick and she was able to hold on to the door marker before she fell. Looking at the people who tried to humiliate her, she saw a group of girls.

—Oops, I didn't see you.

They left laughing, she knows very well what was going on, she saw it in her previous high school because they did the same with the new ones, they have chosen her as their entertainment.

—Don't pay attention to them —Serenase's body paralyzes when she observes the boy who offers her his hand "He's cute" —They are just fools who don't know how to behave.

—Yes I know, just because I'm the new one.

"No way, he's so beautiful I don't believe her!"

—I'm Oliver —Serena stands motionless staring at him —Are you sure you're okay?

—Sorry, —I was incredulous that she was talking to a cute boy like him —I'm Serena.

"No way I made a friend and he's the cutest guy I've ever seen!"

—There's going to be a party at the Wenssel's farm, would you like to go?

"What, are you asking me out on a date?"

It seemed strange to her that he should suddenly invite her.

—I don't know...

—If we're friends, you shouldn't refuse my invitation.

"I was already saying it was too good to be true."

—OK, —it was disappointing to Serena since it was a friends outing.

—I'll pick you up at seven.

She walks away leaving her heart excited and with a disappointment in her because she believed that only her mind, in her imagination someone like him would ask her out on a date

When she got home, her dad wasn't home, he left a note that he would be late because he had a double shift "Great!" she considered it lucky for her as she could come home without him knowing I was out.

You could imagine how nervous she was, she was alone with a cute guy inside her car, "god help me with these nerves" "why does he look so good, am I being naive" she shakes her head in denial to get those silly ideas out of her mind

—We're here. —His smile was dazzling and immediately infects her, her heart skips a beat of anxiety when she sees him approaching her in such a threatening way as if he was going to kiss her, Serena's cheeks redden and waits for him to make his move. —You had a scumbag on your neck

Serena pales even more from embarrassment and was sure her face took on a different color because she was imagining things that would never happen.

She followed behind him and just as she got there she realized that he was popular, so popular that everyone knew who he was and when they saw her she asked herself "What the hell am I doing here, there was something strange, everyone was wearing latex gloves."

—It's time to start the initiation!!!!!

Everyone yells excitedly making Serena more nervous. Realizing what they were about to do without thinking about it she turned around to run away, but Oliver stopped her.

—Where are you going Serena? The party has just started and you are the special guest we were all waiting for, aren't you guys?!

When he said that Serena's heart was beating wildly, she was screaming in terror because they were planning something with her and it wouldn't be good.

—Boys, bring the box!

—No, no, wait...!

—Welcome Burkecsville Serena. —she whispered mockingly. —Do it now!


They all started throwing dead smelling garbage at her while crying she crouches down to cover herself from it, feeling so disgusted by how disgusting she is, she hated herself for trusting a pretty face. Filled with rage, when she saw her chance she took off running, when she saw herself in the middle of the forest, she stopped, she hid behind a tree, she felt the stench coming off of her from the garbage thrown at her. Gritting her teeth, she began to cry in anger. After crying she began to walk looking for the road but she was lost, she could not get out of the forest.

The rustling of some branches being stepped on by someone called Serena's attention, fear invaded her since the forest was more dark and gloomy at night. She felt that something was stalking her from the darkness.


"Sh*t, no. How the hell do I even think of talking?"

In the distance she could see something moved in the shadows, the branches on the ground rustle more frequently, Serena squints her eyes as she stares at a fixed point, totally transfixed she watches a pair of red eyes.

Chapter 2


Hearing her father's voice, Serena rises from her bed abruptly. She looks around and realizes she was in her new room.

—How did I get here?

—One of the neighbors told me he saw you leaving the house. —Serena's father sighs uneasily, "Daughter, I know you feel like you're drowning in this house, but don't go out at night, let alone in the woods, it's dangerous. It was lucky the neighbor found you.


Still confused she sits on her place while trying to remember what happened, but she only remembers a pair of red eyes looking at her as if she was the prey, after that, she remembers nothing, no matter how hard she tries she remembers nothing.

Serena's father observes the time, looks at his daughter and tells her that he must return to finish a pending work, distressed she tries to tell him not to leave her alone, but she retracts when she realizes that her father looks stressed.

As her fathe


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