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Vampire High

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She's half human and half vampire, but she didn't know about it. She only knows that she's a pure human. He's a half-vampire and a half Elementalist with a blood of a werewolf. He can't control his power, he can't control his expression. Clementine Leullie Konzet is the woman given the opportunity to enter Vampire High. The woman was given the opportunity to meet the extraordinary students of Vampire High. National Vampire high is held during the full moon every year to celebrate the school anniversary of Vampire High, it is where the student of Vampire High needs to participate for them to establish their own strength. Welcome to Vampire High, where the extraordinary creature is studying.

Chapter 1 Vampire High

Vampire high.


Clementine POV

I was standing and staring now at a very large black gate covered with vines and with the word Vampire High written on it with rust.

The gate is old, and even its design is due to rust.

This is it, Clementine, you are already in front of an extraordinary school.

You are already in front of your dream school.

Your dream is ahead and within your reach.

I wiped the tears that dripped down my cheeks from my eyes.

I am so happy because finally, my dream is in front of me. It's only a matter of time before you can enter a big school here in Victorian City.

I grabbed my luggage again as the old and high gate slowly opened.

This is it.

"Ms. Konzet." A woman in her 50s and older smiled, this is probably the principal of this school.

"I'm Chairman Jo, one of the official officers at this school." Introduce her.

"Nice to meet you," I said with a smile.

"Welcome to Vampire High." She said with a smile so I smiled.

"Thank you," I said. She took one of my luggage and started walking while talking.

"We will first go to my office to give you the uniform and the key to your room, I'll also give you the rules and regulations paper so you know the rules of this school. Hope you enjoy your 1 year stay here. " She smiled and said that's why I smiled.

"You're a happy woman." She commented so I looked at her.

"I just can't believe that I'm now in the school of my dreams," I said. She stopped slightly so I stopped too. She turned to face me with a smile.

"You can now believe it, it's a great privilege to get into this school." She says.

"I'm really happy because I'm already in here, when I was young I used to just look outside this school. Now I have the opportunity to see and go around the inside of it." I said with a smile. She started walking so I started walking too.

"Many aspiring creatures can enter this school, apart from the beauty of this school you will learn and learn a lot." She said with a smile so I nodded.

We were now in front of a large door that I think is the entrance door.

"Are you ready Ms. Konzet?" She asked while smiling and looking at me.

"Ready," I said.

Slowly the big golden door opened and I was almost stunned when I saw inside.

From the center is placed a gold fountain with the design of the Vampire high logo. Butterflies are flying accompanied by some people with the ability to fly.

Some students walk and have fun chatting, students are running and playing, some use their power and some nerds just read a book.

There are pictures on the wall display and there are also designs that are very nice to look at.

Wow, this is nice.

"Ms. Konzet, come on?" Chairman asked so I nodded and started walking inside Vampire high with Chairman.

Some students are walking around looking at me. Some smile at me so I smile too.

I just look around the place I’m walking.

They are right, this school is very nice.

"Ms. Konzet, here we are in front of my office," Chairman said so I looked to the front and my eyes almost popped out when I saw the golden door.

All the doors here are made of gold.

"Let's go Ms. Konzet." Said the Chairman and opened the door. I followed her in and was almost disgusted to see her very large office.

"Chairman. It's just for you?" I will ask.

"Yes." She said with a smile as someone took her divider.

I just looked around the whole place, it looked like three ordinary houses in a subdivision the size of it.

"Ms. Konzet, this is your uniform and this is your key," Chairman said and handed me the key and uniform

It is black and the skirt is knee-length.

"Room 57 is your room and these are the rules and regulations, you just read in my room, this is what your class is scheduled for." She said and I took what she handed me.

"The equipment you will use for the projects and some are already in your room." She said so I nodded.

"Please sign this." She said so I immediately signed the form and gave it to the chairman with a smile.

"You are now officially a student of Vampire high, welcome to Vampire High. Your journey begins here."

Chapter 2 Roommate

I smiled as I opened the door of my room and almost gasped as I was exposed to a large room, as in too big! Living room, kitchen Then there are two more hallways. It's a house and not a room.

The interior theme is black and the furniture theme is white. Paintings are hanging on the wall.

"Roommate." I looked at the one who was speaking. I saw the woman leaning against a wall where I could pass.

Long black hair that I think is knee-length, black lipstick, black eyeliner, black nails, and is wearing a black t-shirt and black pants.

She looks like a bad girl when you look at her because there is chewing gum with matching leaning on the wall and cross arms.

"Welcome roommate! I'm Lit Tallulah Fuertez, and I'm your beautiful vampire roommate!" She said enthusiastically and transformed into a bat then flew closer to me and returned to her previous form.

Now she is in front of me. I almost swallowed when I saw her two f


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