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Vampire Alpha's Mate

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Iris only wanted a simple life with her family. Following the death of her father, her mother got married to the Beta of another pack and died of food poisoning. She is made a slave in her stepfather's house and as if that wasn't enough, her destined mate, prince Fenrir, rejected her. She is discarded as she wasn't needed anymore and stumbled upon the Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack. Now, in order to become Alpha of his pack, Fenrir was tasked with finding and accepting Iris as she is tagged a gift from the goddess because of the birthmark on her neck. How will he be able to do that when she falls in love with her protector and refuses to go back?

Chapter 1


"You're no good." He kicked my stomach repeatedly. I tasted something like liquid metal on my tongue; Blood and I also felt like passing out.

What had I done to deserve this brutal treatment? Was it my fault that my mother and my brother died?

"Don't kill her, father. We need her around the house. If she sustains much damage, who's going to do the chores? Definitely not me." Lyra sat on the other side of the living room, smiling devilishly at me. I stared at her through hooded eyes and gritted teeth.

"That's true, dear." He gave me one last kick before moving away from me.

"Let's go, honey." He grabbed her school back and together they walked out, but not without Lyra giving me the fakest ugly smile she could ever come up with.

My mother and I used to live happily with my father in the Blood Rose pack. We were the envy of every other family. My father was a beta and so, I got his genes. He was strong and because of that, kids didn't bully me at school.

I was shown all the love in the world but there was one mistake I made; I thought the happiness would last forever. Sadly, my father passed away on the battlefield while trying to fight off some rogues. My mother always thought that it wasn't a mere coincidence and that Alpha Nathan had planned for his execution.

When I heard the news, I fell into a coma for a few days. Since then, I got bullied at school; I was the caricature of the school. My mother and I eventually got banned from the pack because someone accused my mother of trying to kill the Alpha through food poisoning.

We stayed in the woods. I thought we were going to die because we were abducted and lots of wolves were killed in front of us but luckily, Beta Bennett, found us.

He took a liking to my mother and in less than a year, they got married. Sometimes at night, my mom would come to my room and pat my head. She would cry and ask my late father's spirit to forgive her. She would recount all the good times we had before she would retire to bed. Her words made me cry; she was doing it all because she wanted me to have a bright future.

My stepfather and his daughter didn't exactly like me but they did well to accommodate me. All that changed after my mother and Bennett's two years old son died. They put the blame on me, saying I killed them because I was jealous.

If I were that jealous, why didn't I just finish the entire family? Nobody thought of that. Lyra already had her father tied around her pinky finger and did well to turn the entire Blue Moon Pack against me.

I got harsh treatment from everybody, and if not for the kind Alpha we had, I would have been thrown out or fed to the rogues.

I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and stood up from where I knelt. I went to Lyra's room, as I always did, and saw a huge deal of clothes. I was expected to wash all those before going to school but then, we had a test and I couldn't risk failing just for some clothes that weren't even mine.

I painstakingly had my bath and put on some clothes. Why am I still here?

Because of the next in line to be Alpha, Fenrir. I turned eighteen a few days back at school and on my way to the cafeteria, I perceived a scent that made my head spin. I followed the scent and found out it was coming from the Alpha's heir.

From that day, I was happy. Finally, I could leave the trenches and live the life I deserved. Not doing chores but staying in the library all day reading my favorite books with my mate in my arms.

I didn't take much time to dress up because I was already late. I quickly fixed my hair and grabbed my old, torn backpack. I scouted for my skating board but I couldn't find it. When I had a peep in Lyra's room, I found it there. I dared not to take it to avoid another round of brute hitting.

I had only one option; to run. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me and I made it just in time. Well, barely. As soon as I settled down, that was when the head teacher was coming in. I felt grateful to the Moon goddess for the gift of running. Mrs. Rowan detested latecomers and never hesitated to punish them.

The door opened and Lyra together with Fenrir walked in. I felt a huge ting of jealousy rush through my blood as I already knew what they were doing. I didn't really bother myself about them because once he finds out that I'm his Luna, he won't have any other choice but to leave her.

"Keep abusing your powers, Fenrir. You'll pay for it one day." Mrs. Rowan threatened but a smirk appeared on his face instead. He didn't feel remorseful for his actions, just pride, pride, and pride. I was disgusted by his attitude but that didn't make me love him less.

Every day I woke up, I wanted to go tell him about my discovery but I didn't want him to hate me. He would think I was just throwing myself cheapishly at him. He hates me already but hopefully, by his eighteenth birthday, he would begin to see me differently.

He sat in front of me and my heart nearly burst out when he turned back to look at me. A smile formed on his lips and I immediately bowed my head.

"What was that all about?"


I was the first person to leave the hall, sadly. I aced the test and I had already finished and was helping Fenrir with some answers when Mrs. Bennett caught me. She asked me to leave freely only because she thought Fenrir was using his influence on me. I was happy but then, I wasn't happy.

While reading for the next test we had a week from then, I saw a pair of feet and when I looked up, it was Fenrir. My eyes opened in shock as I stared at him.

"Thanks for today. I hope I can repay you someday." He took my hand, shook it, and walked away.

I stared down at the palm he touched and looked at his back.

I thought he hated me when all this while, he probably knew nothing about me.

I am never washing this hand.0

Chapter 2


The happiness on my face disappeared when I noticed my stepfather standing at the door with a whip. I gulped hard as I approached him. I knew the whip was for me but what I didn't know was my offense.

"Good afternoon, sir." I greeted him and made to walk past him but the glare on his face was enough to make me rethink that action.

I wondered what Lyra had said this time to make him look that angry.

"What's your mission, Iris? Haven't you taken enough from me and now, you want to take from my daughter?" He said through gritted teeth and fire-blazing eyes.

What was he talking about?

"I'm sorry, sir." Trying to ask questions would only make things worse, I learned this the hard way over the years. I bowed my head, my eyes meeting the ground. I dared not look into his face. The next thing I felt was a lash on my arms. I instinctively moved away from him, holding my arm.

"Now, Iris, let

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