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Unbroken Bonds : Triplets Mother's Return

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"I don't want to see you," Lilian says, her voice shaking with anger and hurt. "You made your choice when you chose her over me." "I know, Lilian, and I'm sorry," Lucas replied, his voice just as shaky. "But my father is sick, and I need your help. You're the only one who can save him." **** Lilian Gray thought she had turned the page on her night of love with Lucas Storm, the alpha of the pack, and her childhood best friend who had chosen another woman as her mate. Years later, Lilian has built a new life in the human world as a successful doctor and mother to Lucas' triplets he knows nothing about. She had even found love with Damien Steel. But when Lucas contacts her for help, she is abducted and forcibly brought back to the pack. Unknowingly, she has been exposed wolf bane and is unable to feel the mate bond with the alpha who fathered her children. Now Lilian must navigate a dangerous world of deception and betrayal as she searches for a way to save Lucas' father and protect his family. Will she be able to keep her heart protected, or will the passion she once felt for Lucas rekindle as she tries to survive the cutthroat world of werewolf politics?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Rejection . "I choose Cassandra Lancaster as my Luna," Lucas stated firmly, his eyes never leaving hers.My heart stopped, and I could feel the tears pooling in my eyes. "Lucas...please," I whispered, hoping against hope that he would change his mind.We have been best friends since we were children. Despite me having had a crush on Lucas for years.But he didn't change his mind, and my world came crashing down around me. "I'm sorry, but my decision is final," he said, turning away from me.I stumbled back, the pain too much to bear. "But...we had something..." I choked out, my voice barely audible.The day before , we had a one night stand, after he became the alpha of the pack ,he took my virginity , and I thought that meant something to him.Lucas looked at me, his eyes softening just a fraction. "It was a mistake, a momentary lapse of judgment. I never meant for it to get this far," he said, his tone gentle but firm.I felt like I was suffocating. "So, that's it? You're just going to forget about me?" I asked, my voice rising with desperation."Of course not. You'll always be a part of my life, but we just can't be together in the way you want us to be," he said, his voice full of regret.And with that, he walked away, leaving me standing there alone, my heart shattered into a million pieces. I had left the pack, unable to bear the constant reminder of my unrequited love. It was a way to start anew, a fresh start to forget the heartache and move on, I had decided to settle down in the human world. ~ Six years later ~Six years had passed since then, and I had found a semblance of solace in my new life. I was a successful doctor, a mother of triplets, yes the one night stand with Lucas had paid off, after my departure from the pack I had discovered that I was pregnant and without lying, it had broken me, I had thought of committing suicide or even to abort, but I didn't, I wasn't the type to give up . I was engaged to a man who loved me despite the fact that we were not fated mates. He didn't know anything about me, I always avoided talking about me, he didn't know I was a werewolf. Damien Steel was my rock, my constant support, always by my side no matter what. He was the owner of the clinic where I worked and a doctor as well.As I woke up each morning and prepared my triplets, Landon, Liam, and Lana, for school, Damien would be there to help. He loved them as if they were his own, always ready with a hug or a kiss."Mommy, can we have pancakes for breakfast?" Landon asked, with pleading eyes , tugging on my pyjama pants."Sure thing, bud. How about I make some blueberry pancakes?" I replied, ruffling his hair."Yay!" Liam and Lana chorused. They were just as excited as their older brother.As I got to work in the kitchen, Damien walked in, rubbing his eyes. " Good morning beautiful, " he said with a smile.Damien wrapped his arms around me, giving me a kiss on the neck."Good morning, my love," I replied, smiling as I turned around to face him."How did you manage to wake up so early?" He asked while yawning . A heavy sleeper.I chuckled. " Motherhood does that to you. Plus, the kids need to be fed and sent to school on time."Damien nodded, looking proud. "You're an amazing mom, you know that?"I grinned. "Thanks, but I couldn't do it without your help and support."Damien walked towards the kids and gave each of the kids a kiss on the cheek."Good morning, my loves. How did you sleep?" he asked."Good morning, Daddy," Liam responded. "I dreamt about going to the zoo today!""Well, we can't go today, buddy. But we'll make plans to go in the future, okay?" Damien said, ruffling Liam's hair.I busied myself with cooking breakfast while Damien helped the kids get dressed. Soon enough, the pancakes were ready and we all sat down to eat.As we ate, the triplets excitedly told us about their plans for the day. I listened attentively.Damien ate quickly then went upstairs , and came down a few minutes later dressed in his scrubs."Damien, what's going on? Why are you in a rush to leave?" I asked as he bolted down the stairs."I have a surgery scheduled today, so I need to be at the clinic early. You and the kids have a good day, okay?""We will," I said as I kissed him on the lips. "I love you.""I love you too," he said as he grabbed his bag and headed out the door.After breakfast, I got the kids ready for school. There was always a flurry of activity in the morning as I had to pack their bags, comb their hair, and make sure they had everything they needed.Once they were off, I headed to the clinic ."Good morning everyone, how's your day so far?" I asked with a smile as I entered the clinic."Good morning! It's been busy already, but we're managing," my coworker replied with a chuckle."I hear you on that," I replied, "Have any of you heard about the upcoming hospital fundraiser?"My coworker shook her head, "No, I haven't. What is it about?""Well, it's a charity event to raise funds for the hospital, and it's going to be held next month. I'm thinking of volunteering, anyone else interested?"My other colleague spoke up, "Yes, count me in. I think it's a great idea to give back to the community.""Agreed," I nodded, "I'll send you guys the details as soon as I get them. I can't wait to see how the event turns out."Just as we were about to part ways, Grace, another coworker, approached me, holding a stack of files in her hands."Hey, sorry to interrupt, but I have some files to present to you," she said."No worries, Grace. Come and give them to me in my office later," I replied.As I walked towards my office , I couldn't help but feel thankful for having such dedicated teammates who were always willing to lend a helping hand. It was always a pleasure to work with such a talented and supportive team.As I worked at my desk, I heard a knock on my door. I assumed it was one of my colleagues and called out for them to come in. "Come in," I called out knowing that maybe it was Grace .But as I turned to face the door, to my utter surprise, it was Lucas who walked in. My childhood crush whom I hadn't seen in years. "Lil," he said quietly. "Can we talk?"

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Unexpected reunion.I was shocked to see him and couldn't believe my eyes.I stared at the man in front of me, my heart racing as memories of our past flooded back. Lucas Storm – the man who had shattered my heart all those years ago."What do you want, Lucas?" I asked, trying to keep my voice steady. I was feeling overwhelmed."Lilian," he breathed out, his green eyes filled with regret. "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't urgent. My father's sick, and I need your help."I shook my head, my hands trembling slightly. "I can't come back to the pack. I have a life here, Lucas.""I know that, Lil," he said, leaning closer. "But please, I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important. We need you."I hesitated, my mind racing. I had left the pack behind years ago, after Lucas had chosen Cassandra Lancaster as his Luna. It had been a


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