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Twin Alphas: Wings Of Prophecy

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When Jaden Blackwood loses his mate to the cruel hands of death, he sinks into cold emptiness. Harbouring revenge towards his twin brother, the culprit of his mate's murder, becomes his only drive to live. Like a storm, Rhea Stone barges into his life and knocks down his defenses. Just when he's starting to accept her as his second chance mate, her power hungry twin sister steps into the equation. Jaden will have to keep his bond with his mate unbroken. When push turns to shove, will the duo be able to fight against the looming prophecy and their siblings who have become thorns in their flesh?



Loud music blasted from the speakers in the club. Multicolored lights illuminated the whole place, bodies swaying according to the beat of the music. I could already smell the alcohol and the drugs. I snorted in amusement when my gaze rested on the male and female species of vampires in a hot session of PDA. I steadily made my way into the VIP lounge, taking note of all the vampires of high class seated in this part of the club. The cloaking spell I'd placed on myself earlier tonight was the only thing preventing the vampires from noticing that I was not a vampire.

Tonight, I'd chosen to go with a classic look. My skin tight red dress ended far above my knees, revealing a lot of skin and showing off my long legs. The upper part of the dress was no different.

It exposed my collarbones, shoulders and a healthy amount of cleavage. I was wearing a pair of diamond earrings and matching necklace. On my feet was a pair of stilettos that made my legs look even longer. I'm the closest thing to a goddess that anyone can get, so why not flaunt that beauty? Besides, it's an advantage. It always is.

A hand snaked around my waist and I got a whiff of strong masculine perfume which I easily recognized. He was my target tonight. I turned to look at him with a sultry smile on my face.

"Hello beautiful," he drawled, his gaze locked with mine.

"Hello, handsome," I responded, my gaze rather seductive.

"Dance with me, won't you?" He grinned, exposing his fangs. "Of course."

He steered me towards the dance floor, lost in my eyes.

His name was Ichabod Zerres. He was one of the high lords in the vampire society. He had fifteen wives and twenty eight children. He was also the kind of vampire who loved hanging out with any woman who could seduce him. He was the ultimate man wh*r*. Ichabod was also stinkingly rich and I wanted some of that wealth.

While we danced, he started to kiss me on the neck. But, I had other plans. I mumbled a spell under my breath; a spell that would make him feel heavily drunk.

"Can we go to your private lounge?" I whispered sweetly and he gave me a slurred response.

"Yes, let's go. I'll make you feel good."

I grinned and took his hand in mine. I led him towards the exit of the VIP lounge where three of his men stood.

"Where are you taking him?" One of the vampires demanded, a suspicious look in his eyes.

"Leave her alone. Tomaso, I want you to drive us to my lounge."

Tomaso followed us to the car and soon, we'd arrived at Ichabod's lounge. When we walked into the lounge, I locked the door with a spell and made my way towards Ichabod who had already started to shed his clothes.

I took out the document I'd prepared. All I needed to do was get him to sign the document, subsequently handing over a large portion of his wealth to me.

I handed him a pen, alongside the document. Then, I whispered in his ear since he was still under my control.

"Sign it."

He nodded slowly and signed on the document. I took it from him and switched off the light.

"Go to sleep, Ichabod. Forget you ever saw me," I whispered. He fell to the ground with a thud and I vanished from sight, knowing that today's theft had become a success.


Dressed in a white sleeping robe, I stood by the window of my room, gazing at the moon shinning brilliantly. I brought a glass of italian red wine to my lips, savoring it's taste. I exhaled slowly and turned to look at the photos of my parents which was sitting on my nightstand. Mum and Dad had been so young when they'd died. The pictures are all I have left of them. My father was a werewolf and my mother was a witch. She had originated from a distant lineage of powerful witches, the most powerful bloodline that ever existed. I was my parents' only child and I was forced to grow up too fast because I wanted to survive. Well, it was all in the past.

Mulling over sad memories are so not my thing. But, you see, revenge was what I truly wanted. I wanted revenge on the cruel woman who had murdered my parents, and that person happened to be Aunt Morgana. I had casted spells in order to find her, but she seemed to be far beyond my radar. I had decided that I wouldn't give up. I would find her, even if it was the last thing I would do.

You might be asking why I steal from people. I'm not poor. At one point in my life, I'd been living off scraps. I guess you can say I stole a lot to get to this point. Stealing has become more of a hobby, I do it for the thrill of it. It's not something I want to stop doing at the moment.

Letting out a sigh, I placed my glass of wine on my dresser. Then, I took off my robe and approached my bed. After getting comfortable on my bed, I closed my eyes and soon gave in to sleep.

I was awoken sometime later by the knock on my front door. I sat up quickly. Then, I took out the knife I'd hidden under my pillow.

I flinched when I heard a loud crashing sound coming from the front door. I quickly locked the door of my bedroom and hurried towards the window of my room. As a result of my magnified hearing, I could hear what was being said downstairs, and I knew I was in big trouble.

'The b*tch thought she could get away with stealing from our pack. Find her! Alpha Zaden wants her to be brought to him, alive'

I jumped out of the window and took off running into the night. I'd stolen from a lot of werewolf packs, I didn't know which of them was after me. But, I knew I had to run. It suddenly began to rain. I could hear the wolves chasing after me. My heart was racing. Getting caught was definitely not part of the plan. Neither was running barefooted, in the rain.

While I ran, one of the wolves suddenly lurched himself at me, pushing me to the ground. He was large, I'll give him that. He had grey fur and orange colored eyes. He growled at me and my heart sank. The rest of the wolves were quickly approaching, so I did the only thing I could do. I muttered a spell which immediately transformed me into a rat. This threw the wolf off guard and I quickly ran off. I made my way into one of the dark alleys, keeping in mind that the spell had a disadvantage. If I remained in form of a rat for more than three minutes, I would remain like that, for the rest of my life. Two minutes after I'd transformed, I ran into a bar as soon as the glass doors were pushed open. Without wasting any time, I reversed the spell and found myself in the middle of a bunch of drunk men. I ran out of the bar and continued down the streets, ignoring the fact that I was soaked to the bones.

Once I turned down the corner, I bumped into a man with a black umbrella. Standing behind him was a man and a woman with a red umbrella each. He grabbed my hand to steady me and I gazed into his eyes. It was at this point that I knew that I was doomed.

His eyes were hazel. They drew me in and kept me enchanted. My heart began to beat faster and I could already feel myself heating up. He had long black hair that was braided boldly. On his ears were a pair of silver piercings. His brows were dark and arched to perfection. His nose was straight and perfect for his face. His lips looked lovely. They called to me, made me imagine what it would be like to kiss them.

He was wearing a black T-shirt that was stretched tight over his broad muscled chest and arms. His ripped jeans did wonders to his lower body. He was also wearing a pair of black boots.

If s*xy was a being, then this man in front of me would be it. I gulped, unable to take my eyes off the hot piece of something spicy that was right in front of me.

My mind rebooted when I heard the growls of the wolves approaching us. So, I did the only thing I could think of. I grabbed him by the front of his shirt and pulled him towards me, with my back to the wall. Then, I kissed him.



Kissing a stranger was definitely not what I wanted to do tonight. The problem was that I couldn't pull away. The seductress had me entrapped. She was a hell of a kisser. I could already feel my wolf stirring within me.

Turns out my wolf wasn't the only thing stirring. The front part of my jeans suddenly felt too tight for comfort, thanks to the woman who was kissing me so sensually. Believe it or not, it wasn't something I wanted to do in front of my beta and gamma. When I eventually tried to pull away, I suddenly felt like I couldn't control myself. I placed a hand on the curve of her waist and drew her closer to me.

It was at this point that my wolf started to grow so excited, I could barely hold it back. I was finally able to pull away and when I did, I found myself staring at a beautiful pair of grey eyes.

'Mate!' Tarus growled and my mind instantly shut down. I took a step away from her, unable to believe it. She li


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