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Twice Rejected

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Koko Magnus, an ugly and useless she-wolf decided to give her heart to her beautiful twin sister who was supposed to be the next Luna of the red moon pack, as a redemption for causing the death of her father, so as to gain her mother's love. She knew there was no way she'd enjoy the love in death, but what was the use of her life anyways? Alpha Niyol, who was yet to get over the pains of loosing his beloved mate, meets a second chance mate two years after, but she doesn't look anything close to his beloved late mate. How can he accept another woman that is not Erika? Will he even love her?


Michelle Peavey

Review after the novel completion

Really good book. There was always something happening, almost too much at times. She got out of one mess and right into another sometimes without a break. At the end, is there really a curse on the baby girl or did it get canceled out by the grandmother figure that helped her out when needed. Did not like having to pay $100 or more for a book that we could buy off the shelf for $30. Not the authors fault that the app owner is greedy.

March 11, 2024

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