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Touched the Alpha's Chest!

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Xenia, an unshifted Gamma's daughter, experiences some temper issues as she is close to her first turning on the full moon. She accidentally touches the Alpha's chest and feels excited. She prays he will be her mate. The Alpha on the other hand is disgusted by the balloon that almost crushed him with her weight but he didn't show it out. Xenia transforms on the full moon as expected but not into what she she expected. No, she wasn't a gamma wolf but a strange creature that was extinct. She begins to doubt if her parents were really her biological parents and confronts them but they are as confused as she is. The Alpha sees that this chubby Xenia is his mate and rejects her without a second thought. She runs into the woods changing into her other form. But after an hour, she discovers she is lost. In the path she decides to take, she meets a stranger who promises help her return home at a costly price. Reaching home successfully, she has become someone else. On that day, the Alpha who had gotten his s*xy second chance mate threw a party but she ruins it unintentionally. Angry, the Alpha expels her from the pack and forbids her other family members from leaving the pack. Her parents can only give her money and other things she demanded and let her go to another shifter clan's community. She is accepted into a small pack and able to get access to the world library where she finds out what she really is. An orc! She sets on an adventure to find her clansmen who are still alive. During this adventure, she makes friends and accidentally touched the chest of the hottest Alpha- her second chance mate.

Chapter 1

Vole Octres pack.

This is my pack. We are the 1st ranked pack out there in Dovilyon- a world of shifters. Apart from us werewolves, we have our arch-enemy clan- the vampires. Then we have the werecats, weredogs, werebears, werelions and all that. There were some werebirds too.

I'm Xenia Anderson, with a height of 1.5m, tan-skinned with a small nose. I have short silver hair that is not even enough to create a small bun. My double eyelid grey eyes are quite big but not like that of owls. My chestnut lips are thick, there are some freckles on my cheeks and nose. I think they make me look cute.

I love reading and writing stories (the latter my family knows nothing about), gaming on MLBB AND LOL, and writing songs, but I can't sing. Everyone says I sound like a lion trying to sing with my rather deep, almost manly voice.

I'm a little timid at parties when it comes to dancing. Did I forget to tell you I'm plump and robust, with beautiful skin? I never had pimples all my life!

And the cherry on top, wherever I go, flip-flops are the best choice always! No footwear can give the maximum comfort of flip-flops and I love chocolate. My mum always preaches to me about the benefits of weight loss but come on. A girl's gotta be herself. And we are werewolves, aren't we? So I have a mate out there waiting for me- his beloved princess.

I'm born into a family of 9. I'm the lastborn. I've got 6 older brothers who don't seem to like me very much. You know they are sextuplets. Sometimes, I get confused about who is who. They've got the height, the model type of body and nice skin and good looks. Gosh!

They are a sensation in the shifter school we go to, the pack. In fact, anywhere they go coz girls chase them from all angles, which I think they don't like. Well, at least with my features, I'm spared from all that disturbance from the gross boys in school and the pack. Though some girls would ask me to link them with any of my charming brothers and I'd simply smirk and say nothing. If they harmed me badly, they won't end well.

My dad's the Gamma of our pack, you know the 3rd in command and he's really a busy man. He has his own office just like the Beta and Alpha but his is smaller compared to theirs, which is natural but I think it's spacious. One fun thing I like about it is that I can enter it without using my side like I usually do at home because the door to his office is so spacious. What a blessing! He treats me the best in the entire world. There's also my bestie, Romilly Barkers. She is not as chubby as I am and is very smart and respectful. From the first day we set eyes on each other, we became best friends. She's a nerd, I'm not. Her mom, Cosima, treats me like her very own daughter. And the cakes she makes are just the best!

So let me not bore you more by just talking about myself. Turn the next page and make sure you got your popcorn ready coz a beautiful tale's about to unfold.

Chapter 2

6:30 am.

Xenia's room.


There was a repetitive, loud banging on the door.

"Wake up, sleepyhead!" a lady's annoyed voice was heard outside Xenia's door.

Xenia in question was lying sprawled on the bed with an eye pillow on her eyes and snoring.

The yellow blanket on the floor was in a rough position.

"Xenia, I'll punish you to pick a pin before you go out today." came the lady's annoyed voice again.

Xenia turned over, hugging her pillow and groaning.


The knockings had become more relentless and harder. The door was trembling. If she added more strength, it could break!

"Honey, don't worry. I'll wake her up myself." a calm male voice was heard.

"I'm going nowhere. I've got to teach this girl a lesson today."

"Honey, can you not frown? You don't look pretty anymore." the male said in


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