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Thrown To The Wolves

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“I...I would rather stay here if that is okay. Forgive me. I do not believe that I can grant you the satisfaction you are wanting.” I stuttered taking one step back before his strong hand gripped my wrist. His grip tightened and I winced a little. “Will you come with me the easy way, or shall I go ahead with a punishment?” He grits his teeth as he spoke and my heart began to brace. I glanced at his two companions and the smiles they gave as they stared at me hungrily. My whole body tensed as the man with the silver eyes spoke as he opened the car door. “Get in, now. You won’t be punished. Refuse, and we will make you wish you were dead.” My body tensed up at his threat, and before I knew it, my feet were already betraying my mind as I walked toward the car swallowing hard. The man who opened the door tilted my chin up gently so we made eye contact. A smile made its way to his charming face. “Good girl.” He purred as he brushed a strand of stray hair behind my ear. The man shut the door as I stepped into the car and walked up to the driver’s seat preparing himself to start driving. Cyrus and the other man slid into the car on either side of me. My whole body tensed as I felt all three pairs of eyes on me as if I was prey they had been waiting for as the car took off. I stared at my hands that were neatly folded in my lap as they drove in silence for a moment afraid to look at any of them. Could it be possible that I left one hell, just to go to another more depraved version? The voice of Cyrus pulled me from my thoughts yet again as he spoke to the driver. “Kota, we will need to return home first before we play with our new little rabbit. She needs to gain her strength so she can shift. It won’t be any fun if we hunt her as is.” Hunt? They were going to hunt me?

Prologue: This Is Only The Beginning


“Please, don’t do this. You have made your point. We will...we will submit to you.” My father pleaded as the man I didn’t know approached me. “She is only five. She had nothing to do with this. She is innocent. Please. Take my life instead of hers. She just woke up at the wrong time.”

“It is too late to beg me for kindness. I gave you an option to submit. You decided to attack. Now, you and your Luna will face a fate far worse than death. I will take the one thing the both of you care for even more than the lives of your people. Your child is mine to do with as I please. Let this be a warning to the world of what happens once you defy me.” The man spoke with a deep growl rumbling from his chest. “If you choose to defy me again, not only will I kill you, but I will devour every inch of your this brat without a second thought. Do you understand?”

My father's hands trembled as he wrapped his arms around me tightly. “I...I can’t allow you to take her from me. Please. Take my head. My life means nothing if my family is torn apart.” He tried to plead again as the man, who back then seemed more like a monster tried to reach for me.

“Daddy...I’m scared.” My voice broke as I hid into his chest.

“Shh, my sweet little angel. It will all be okay.” He whispered as he held me even tighter.

“Awe, I hate sweet goodbyes. It is disgusting, truly.” The man stated harshly as he grabbed my arm roughly in an attempt to jerk me from Dad’s stronghold. “Come quietly, or be punished.” He growled as he gripped my wrist tighter.

I cried out at the sudden pain that shot through my tiny wrist. My mother had stayed silent and stood behind my father shakily. But this is where she decided to push past her fear and break that deafening silence that had overwhelmed her. With a loud growl and a howl, she shifted quickly and lunged at the man. I still have no idea what caused her to do something so reckless. It could have been my cries. It could have been the reality of the situation in general. But she did. I had never seen my mother so prepared to fight before. Father was our protector.

As she lunged over our heads, I broke my gaze from Dad and followed her every movement. She was a beautiful grey wolf with remnants of white scattered through her fur. It reminded me much of a late star-filled night sky. My eyes widened in awe. The man never let go of my arm. At this moment I had forgotten he even existed. That was...until with his free hand he grabbed her by the neck and smirked a little. Within two seconds of him grabbing her, still holding her in the air, I heard a sickening crack echo through the now silent pack house. Mom’s body went limp and with ease...he threw her into the wall behind him. She didn’t make a sound...nor did she ever get up again.

Dad’s grip on me lessoned for only a moment as his heart hammered in his chest. His screams of grief and agony were the only sound in the room. The man took full advantage of Dad’s momentary weakness jerking me up in one quick motion and snapping my tiny fragile wrist in the process. He held me in the air and my father reached for me weakly. His reach was met by a kick in the face and he stumbled back falling to his back.

My cries fell on deaf ears as he dangled me from my shattered wrist. He smirked as he licked his lips. “Hello, child. My name is Alastor. But you my sweet child, may only refer to me as Master. Do I make myself clear?” When I didn’t answer his anger grew and his grip tightened. I cried out weakly trying to struggle. “Answer me, child.” He growled as his eyes glowed an unmistakable red and his fangs grew even sharper. “I am losing what little patience I have left after the disrespect your family has greeted me with.”

“Y...y...yes, m...master.” I stuttered the words as my tears streamed from my tiny bright green eyes. The man threw me across his shoulder like a rag doll and proceeded to walk away. I stretched my unharmed hand out reaching for my father, who by this point, had tears streaming down his cheeks as well. This was the first time I had ever seen him cry. The only time I felt as if all was lost. “Daddy! Help me...please!” My tiny voice echoed on the walls around us as we walked further and further away from the scene that had taken place. He looked at the ground ashamed as he let out the saddest howl I had ever heard.

That was the last time I saw my father as I heard from several slaves gossiping that he had committed suicide that very night. The pain was too much for him to bear. That was how life that I had come to know ended in the blink of an eye. My world was forever changed. It was then that I realized, this was only the beginning of my torment. There was no end in sight. Not for me.



I sat in my cold dark cell alone with a silver collar and chain keeping me close to the wall. I tried not to move too much as the silver would only cause more burn marks. According to the tallies I leave on the wall as every day blends, I have been here for thirteen years. Alpha Alastor only brings me out of this lowly dungeon on rare occasions when he chooses to belittle me in front of his entire pack while asking me to do very specific tasks for him. However, I am graced by his pathetic presence each night when he chooses to come down here to punish me for little things. Such as him stubbing his toe in the morning as he gets out of bed.

I can no longer tell whether it is day or night. Oh, how I missed the bright stars as the sun went to rest. As I become lost in my thoughts, I heard the door to my cell creak loudly as it was opened. I looked up dreading to see the face that took everything away from me.

A twisted smile painted his


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