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Third chance mate

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A Third Chance mate has never been heard of until Astrid Stephnie Jones loses two of her mates and is shunned by everyone for being wolf-less and without a mate. She loses hope for happiness and believes she deserves all of the hardships that come her way, but fate has different plans for her. While she was auctioned by her parents, she discovered that she was destined with a "Third Chance Mate," the Vampire King Rafael, who is known for his ruthlessness and lack of mercy. However, nobody knows that the notorious Vampire King was waiting for his mate for decades. What will happen when he gets hold of Astrid through an auction? What will happen when he discovers that his long-awaited mate is trying to flee from him? Will she go into trouble again, or will she fall in love and give herself another chance? Or he, the vicious vampire everyone hears about, will further devastate her life. Find out in "Third Chance Mate," and accompany me on a fascinating trip packed with vampires, werewolves, witches, and a plethora of other unique supernatural species and immerse yourself in this fantastic world full of romance, betrayal, suspense, and the pursuit of happiness.



A third Chance Mate is incredibly rare in the werewolf world, and it had never been heard of before.

Astrid is a young girl who has been abused by her parents, and her pack may be treated worse than enslaved people, while her brothers are lavished with everything.

Astrid had always wanted to marry the son of her pack's Alpha. She has been drawn to him since they were children.

Astrid grows up hoping to be his Mate one day.

Fate conspires in her favor, and they are fated to be mates, but he rejects Astrid as soon as he learns of the circumstance.

Astrid is distraught and believes she has no way out of her situation. There is still hope that she will find her second chance partner, but after a few days, she begins to feel misery, the kind of grief that only comes when a mate dies.

She loses all faith in ever finding happiness and accepts all of the calamities thrown at her, believing she deserves everything.

She becomes aware of the approach of something peculiar one day. She feels a connection with someone who is facing away from her and realizes he is her third chance mate.

She wants to approach him, but she is afraid of being rejected again, so she runs before her Mate even realizes who she is. Was her decision to depart the right one? Is it feasible that this may turn out to be her worst mistake? Because she had been assigned the Vampire King as her 'Third Chance Mate.'

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?

As his finger traveled down my throat and down to my chest, I swallowed.

I backed up against the wall even further.

"You have no idea how badly I want your blood right now," he huskily muttered in my ear, causing chills to appear on my skin.

"Then why don't you try it?" I asked, turning away from him.

"I don't want to hurt you. I don't know why I want your blood. I should be disgusted by my Mate's blood. It's against my nature to want thirst for your blood," he said, but he seemed to be holding himself back from approaching me.

I entwined his hands with mine, placed one hand on his exposed chest, and held it there.

"You feel like I don't have a heartbeat," he continued, peering into my eyes, which had turned crimson from staring at me.

"But you make me feel things that I can't even put into words; you make me feel alive," he added, admiringly looking at me.

I was drawn to him all of a sudden.

"Are you trying to persuade me?" I inquired.

"No, my queen, I wouldn't do that," he responded, irritated. "I can compel everyone around me," he said, "but my compulsion will not work on you."

"Please," I pleaded.

"Please what?" he asked, his palm resting on my throat.

"Feed from me," I said.

"Are you sure?" he asked, looking at me with skepticism.

"Yes," I said, nodding.

He stared me in the eyes and began to descend towards me.

He absorbed my aroma as he buried his head in the nook of my neck.

I cocked my head to allow him better access. He licked my delicate place and brushed his fangs on my neck.

I was startled to feel his teeth pierce my skin.


I shook as I felt agonizing pain coursing through my body as if I were on fire.

I felt as though I had been teleported to an unknown location. I felt as if bits of coal were being rained on my body.

Suddenly, I felt a chilling sensation rush through my arm, which really calmed me down.

Then I noticed him, holding me in his arms and beaming at me.

"You can do it, Astrid. There is nothing you can't accomplish," he encouraged me, and I felt like I was being teleported back to reality, but the pain wasn't going away.

I noticed my brown hair going yellow and then white, and tattoos began to develop on my arms. They were strange designs that I couldn't comprehend, but they seemed to tell a tale.

I'll figure it out later, but right now isn't the time for me to worry about my partner, who I don't even know if he's alive or not.

I stood up with my limping form.

"No, this cannot happen. Our King cannot die," everyone around me exclaimed.

I pushed everyone aside and hurried over to my Mate, who was lifeless on the ground.

I tried shaking him, but he wouldn't get up.

I screamed and called his name, but it was in vain.

I became enraged and let out a snarl that shook the surrounding area.

"You can't die on me," I yelled, and everyone covered their ears because the ferocity was too much for them.

I was in denial about how much pain I was in. Instead, I was focused on my dead Mate.

Everyone gasped in horror and fled from me when I opened my eyes.

I felt a surge of energy within me. As I looked around, I saw that I was emitting an ombré of light that surrounded my Mate and me separating us from the rest of the world.

It seemed to drain my energies, and I felt as if my life was being pulled out of my soul.

I soon sank beside him on the ground.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Frustrated Life

Astrid's POV:

"Astrid, get up." Someone sprayed water on my face.

I know exactly who it is. I moaned in my sleep, wanting nothing more than to be alone.

My blanket was removed from me, and I noticed a draught of cold air coming from the door beside the dining room.

My mother was the one who was bothered by my sleeping at eight o'clock in the morning. Despite my repeated explanations that I have pack duty at night, she refused to let me sleep, claiming that I am a girl and that I have already caused them enough embarrassment. Now they can take it a step further with my tardiness. I've mentioned to them numerous times that I slept at four a.m., but my mother scolds me, telling me that I've already gotten enough sleep.

I exhaled and opened my eyes. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs because if I keep going at this rate, I'm sure I'll go nuts from a lack of sleep and rest.

It's not like I'll have time to immediately acclimatize to my new surroundings. I'll be thrust into a list of errands I have to run before my assigned time, and then I'll have to go to school.

"Get up and tidy the whole house. I want you to do it before you go to school," Mom said as she exited the dining hall.

Hello, my name is Astrid Stephnie Jones, and this is how I spend my early mornings. Being the only daughter brought me nothing but exhaustion and managing everything on my own.

I sleep in the dining room not because I'm treated like a maid or anything, but because it's my choice. Because there are only three bedrooms in the house, one of which is inhabited by my parents and the other two by my elder brothers, I was forced to sleep in the living room. I wouldn't say I liked it there, so I asked to use the dining room, which was gratefully approved.

It was enormous enough to contain everything while still leaving enough space to roam around freely.

Furthermore, I was never appreciated for all of the hard work I put into my entire day, and if I slept a little late, I was called names.

On the other hand, my two brothers work a little later and are not disturbed for an eternity. I start to feel nervous about them and query my mother about why they are so uninterested in me. She says something about how tired they were when they returned from all the hard work they had done the day before and how they deserved some rest. Still, that same mother can't see her daughter's struggle who, in addition to school, has to run errands around the house, work as a waitress at night in a restaurant, and spend nights serving the pack but isn't appreciated for anything.

It breaks my heart to see the woman who brought me into this world treat me this way. I adore her because I know how much she loves her children. She used to shower me with affection until a few years ago, and I'm not sure what changed for her to treat me so coldly.

I know my brothers work hard as well, with pack chores and their own work to attend to, and they need to rest, but why are others so insensitive to me?

After I accomplish everything, I have to go to school, knowing that new obstacles await me there. Later, I have to go to the restaurant and work. Otherwise, I won't be able to manage my costs. Then again, I'm responsible for my own expenses.

But I'm not complaining. After all, I enjoy the feeling of taking responsibility for myself.

I've never liked to rely on anyone, including my parents, to give it to me, but it hurts at times not to receive the love they show to others, but I guess it's not in my fate.

I got up from my bed and did everything, packed my bag, and left for school.

I was walking aimlessly when I fell against a stone and was about to drop face-first on the ground when a soothing aroma overwhelmed me, accompanied by a pair of arms securely wrapped around my waist.

I closed my eyes and breathed a sigh of relief that I was at least rescued. Still, I dreaded having to turn around and face him because I was afraid I'd lose myself looking into those blue eyes.

"Astrid, are you all right?" he asked, clutching my waist.

I gathered my courage and stood up, embracing myself before turning around to face him.

I pursed my lips in a thin line, cursing myself internally for being careless, which had left me in this situation.

I summoned all of my courage and told myself mentally not to act stupidly.

"Oh Edward, hello," I said, smiling at my crush.


Hello there, Angels. Here's the first chapter. What did you think of the introduction? Did you get a sense of how things are different from other werewolf books?

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CHAPTER 2 Werewolf realm

Astrid's POV:

"Oh Edward, hello," I said, smiling at my crush.

"I believe someone preoccupied your mind, which resulted in your stumbling," he smirked at me.

He is the loveliest young boy anyone has ever met.

I reminded myself that it was his chivalry speaking and that he treated everyone the same way, but my silly heart fluttered seeing his boyish grin.

"Umm... No, I'm okay?" I said, more like a query. I believe I spaced out on his words once more, as I have done since our childhood days together.

We were great friends in kindergarten, and as time went by, he grew apart, but I was still holding on to the promise he made at the time. As his words rang inside my head, my thoughts wandered down memory lane.

"When we grow up, Astrid, we're going to be Mates," he said as we both built a sandcastle.

"Really, Edward?" I inquired.

"Yes, and look, I'll build a castle like this for you, and where we can both play all day," Edward replied,


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