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THIS BOOK CONTAINS STEAMY MATURED CONTENTS, NOT SUITABLE FOR UNDERAGE... Since she was able to walk, Amelia Bell has been a tomboy, and her parents split when she was little. nearly a year old. She wants to visit her mother in New York, but it will be twelve years too late. turns into five years. Amelia, now seventeen and unquestionably no longer a tomboy, is eager to return to Ohio and see her family. as well as foes, but primarily to her father But nobody anticipates him to return with a fresh appearance. person. However, despite appearing like a goddess, she is still single and the next in line. A substantial response for the Alpha position. Since he can remember, Aiden Snow has resided in Ohio with his father, six brothers, and extended family. their mother gave birth to Thresh, her youngest son, and passed away. Always the one to play practical jokes and tease, Aiden. As they grew up together, "Amelia" made her life miserable. There was nobody to replace her when she left. However, now that it has been a few years, Aiden believes that she is still annoying when he learns that she is returning. identical tomboy, unable to defend herself. He has developed into an even worse bad boy, enjoying all the both difficulty and the girls who approach him. He does not have a partner, and simply because his elder Is the next line for the Alpha position, as my brother passed it down. What then transpires when they re-convene? Five years later, are you older and more developed? Are they hostile toward one another, still? What follows? when both individuals understand they are related in ways they never could have imagined?

Chapter 1

Bell, Amelia

I embraced my mum and squeezed her close to me. She had taught me all I needed, especially the things my father couldn't teach me about being a woman, while I was growing up to become a young woman. I would never forget these five years I had spent with her. She had also provided me with all the information I required regarding werewolves.

We are werewolves, indeed. I was approximately a year old when my parents separated. Since they both lost their significant others in a conflict between various packs more than twenty years ago, my mother and father are not close friends. They became acquainted, and after some time they started to fall in love, get married, and have me.

Before I left, my father had also explained some aspects of the werewolf lifestyle to me, but it wasn't until I was older that I truly understood everything. Oh my father. I was sorely missing him. He couldn't stop laughing when I contacted him two weeks earlier to let him know I was returning, and I could almost see his smile.

My desire to meet and get to know my mother was the primary driver behind my initial decision to leave. When my father eventually agreed to let me leave when I was twelve, we were both unaware that what was supposed to be a one-month stay would turn into five years. Although I was upset with my mother for abandoning my father and I so soon—or even at all—I went because I felt like I needed to at least get to know her. I liked how different life was there. I made the decision to stay with her there since I had met some new acquaintances and because everything was so overwhelming and novel.

I realize that it was a really cruel thing to do; first, my father wasn't too pleased, but I believe his main emotion was sadness. But since I was his only child, I can't really blame him. With some assistance from his sister, my aunt Bianca, he had raised me all by himself. He was outraged when he learned that I was staying with my mother, who had abandoned us. He was there for a variety of reasons, and I felt like a jerk for treating him that way. But I was aware that my mother's situation was not long-lasting.

Even though I had been in contact with my father ever since I had gone, we both found that returning home was a different experience. I understood that both he and I needed each other. Yes, I got to meet my mother, but my dad had been there from the start, sacrificing everything for me. He toiled assiduously to provide for his family, put food on the table, and offer me everything he could. Not to mention that he was the pack's Alpha, which was even more difficult given the frequency of attacks and other difficulties at the time.

I became aware, at the age of 17, that my father was not getting any younger and that I needed to return home to take care of him. He had already done enough for me, even allowing me to live in New York and go to a mother I had never met. Though it pained him so much, I'll never forget that he gave me the chance.

As her eyes began to well with tears, my mother replied, "Call me when you get there, Amelia, okay?" After five years, I was saying farewell and I wasn't sure I'd be returning for so long. I wasn't even sure I would return. But I had to visit her at some point.

I blinked. "I will," I responded. I resisted wanting to cry. I was terrible at sobbing. Not in particular, in public. And because I was a person who kept everything inside, I didn't weep all that much.

She said, "I love you." I took my other, larger bag, which I had checked in as my hand luggage, and swung it over my shoulder.

I offered her one final smile and hurried to gate 4, saying, "I love you, too, mom." I pulled my ticket out of my backpack and exhaled in relief when I noticed that there were still a few individuals present. When I arrived, I showed it to the woman working behind the counter. She took it and tore off a piece before returning it.

She grinned and wished them a safe flight. I grinned and mumbled "thanks" before running to the plane.

Ugh. The idea of flying through the air didn't appeal to me much. Because I don't fear airplanes, I've never been the hysterical kind when it comes to that phobia. I really didn't like sitting there and knowing that I was traveling on something that could easily go wrong and kill us all while I was thousands of feet in the air.

Amelia, way to be easy on yourself.

There were a lot of folks traveling to Ohio, I realized as I made my way to the plane. I detested the lengthy lines at the plane's entrance and exit. I happened to catch sight of a couple suitcases, which reminded me of mine. I hoped they would arrive at the airport in Ohio without incident because I had everything I needed there. Well, the majority of it, since there wasn't enough space for everything. And I detested the idea of misplaced luggage.

After waiting for 10 minutes, I finally boarded the plane and peered at my ticket. 2A. When I realized I was standing in the back of the aircraft, I sighed. I'd entered the incorrect way.

I had to make my way through a lot of individuals who were settling in or shoving their bags up into the spaces above for almost fifteen minutes. I sat down after putting my larger suitcase into the space next to my seat. Finally, I relaxed as I fastened the belt. I closed my eyes. I was aware that the combination of the tension of flying and my tendency to fall asleep soon.

In spite of the din everyone made, I could already feel myself slipping away.

My eyes immediately landed on the tiny window next to me as soon as I opened them. Due to the light, I first squinted before grinning as I noticed the familiar greenery around the airfield we were now arriving at. Everyone started getting up and gathering their baggage as the aircraft came to a stop. They began to leave from both sides, so I made the decision to wait until half of them had left before getting up.

I stood up nonetheless, grabbed my bag, and basically shoved them all away as I passed them since I had lost patience with their slowness. The power of the werewolf could be useful. I was growing impatient and wanted to just get there and see my father and my family.

I hastened to fetch my baggage and had to wait for all four of them to come for thirty minutes. As I moved toward the large lobby, I loaded them onto the carriage and moved it forward. I walked to the bathroom and gave myself a cursory glance. I hurriedly brushed my hair after pulling my brush from my bag. I glanced down at my attire. Since it was too hot to wear anything else, jeans shorts and a tank top would have to do for the "nice" entrance.

Because I had a thing where I always wanted to smell good, no matter the circumstance, I made sure I wasn't smelling or doing anything. Who wants to smell awful, after all? - and left the lobby once more. Flights were coming in, departing, and experiencing delays. People were pacing back and forth, either out of excitement and delight or worry and perplexity. Max was going to pick me up, my dad had told me. He was a wonderful friend from my youth. In many ways, we had grown up together.

I also remember Olivia, my cousin and greatest friend, from my early years. One of the things I missed the most was being able to tell her anything. simply talking to her and knowing that she was listening without passing judgment. Throughout all of these years, we had stayed in touch via Skype, text messages, calls, and other methods.

What I find hard to comprehend is that I completely missed the moment she found her mate. I was so embarrassed for not being there for her that I was on the verge of tears. It was awful, and all she did was laugh at me for my alleged hysteria. I did scare out, and my mother even ran in with a horrified expression. Did I also mention that her brother and sister also found love? They did, indeed. Talk about missing out on important family gatherings.

Mason had also acquired his mate, which was another item to add to the list! He was the eldest of seven siblings and the son of Jacobsnow, a close family friend of my father's for his entire life. Mason served as the equivalent of the older brother I never had, guarding me at all times. He and Olivia had always supported me, so when I learned that the second-most important person in my life had found love without me present, I sobbed uncontrollably. the two of them. They meant so lot to me, and finding your mate is a major event for werewolves, so maybe I'm exaggerating. And without my presence, each of them had discovered theirs. It made me despise myself.

I felt more anxious just thinking about it all. There is no reason to feel guilty any more. Where on earth was Max?

I searched the area for him. He had to be here somewhere because he gave me a ride home. I looked around for a tall, black-haired guy. It made reasonable that he was still tall because he had been when I had gone. But he had undoubtedly undergone some minor transformation. Perhaps he was still that charming nerd.


Max was the only person I could see as I turned back; he was looking at me with a shocked expression. I yelled "Max" loudly and grinned like a fool as I gave him a hug.

I virtually yelled, "Max! It's so great to see you!" as I laughed. He grinned and gave me a hug in return. After a short while, he pulled me back, his eyes widening as he took me in. Even though I was aware of my changes, the way he seemed made it appear as though I had transformed into a princess.

He exclaimed, still in astonishment, "Amelia!" "You've changed so much, you look completely different!"

I smiled and added, "I hope that's a good thing, but you haven't changed that much." "You look just as good as always."

"Thanks, Amelia,, and no, it's a great thing; your father won't recognize you because you look amazing."

I chuckled at him while shaking my head. He now wore fashionable glasses, but he still had a good appearance. better still than before.

A voice from behind him asked, "Max?" It was a girl, about Max's and my age. She had stunning shoulder-length platinum blond hair and vivid blue eyes. She was much cuter than Max and much shorter. He grabbed her hand and drew her toward him.

Max joyfully introduced Lillian Armstrong, his friend, to Amelia. "Lilly, I'm Amelia Bell," she said.

I grinned but secretly sighed, "Your mate? You, too? Congratulations!" I had missed another mating. It's a pleasure to meet you.

"Yes, amelia,e here," Lillian replied with a smile. "I've heard a lot of good things about you."

I smiled and said, "I hope only good things."

She nodded, "Only.

Max pointed at my baggage and asked, "Should we go?"

I was overjoyed to finally see everyone again, especially my father, and I said, "Right! Yes, let's go."

My things were taken by Max into the carriage, and Lillian and I followed him. We exited the building and stopped next to a black Volvo XC70 in the parking lot. My four enormous suitcases were placed in the trunk, two in the seats, and two by Max. I refused Lillian's invitation to sit in the passenger seat and slid into the backseat next to my bags.

I gave Max and Lillian a close inspection as we were driving. They were completely different from one another in terms of appearance. However, I could already see that she shared a lot of his characteristics. Perhaps a little bit more ferocious than he was, which was advantageous for him. He had always been the friendly, reserved person who never refused someone.

We literally lived in the woods, so I knew this ride would be lengthy. We were located in Waynesville, a tiny community farther from the actual "town" in question. Living near or in the woods was also preferable for us wolves because it made shifting much simpler. Additionally, if we lived near to everyone else, moving would need great caution and, occasionally, a speedy turnaround.

There were just two packs where I lived.

Uncle John's pack and my father's pack. They would always band together as one large pack and battle whenever they felt threatened by another pack. Knowing that was soothing. When I remembered all the fun moments I had with everyone, especially my cousins and Uncle John's seven boys, I grinned.

There were seven of them, but just one of them had managed to annoy me. Mason, the oldest of the group at twenty, was, as I mentioned, always the one to defend me and keep me safe from everyone and everything. But to be completely honest, Noah, his brother, was the only one I had to fear. When Noah was around, he was the one who constantly played practical jokes on me, teased me, and generally made my life unpleasant. Five years later, he was now eighteen, and I merely prayed that he wouldn't treat me any differently now that he was an adult. When we were kids, Caleb, who is now seventeen, was always friendly to me. His own brother pretty much bullied him for always helping me out. Noah was mean, really mean, though I wouldn't say he was a genuine bully. Their sixteen-year-old twin brothers Leonardo and Theodore arrived next after Caleb. They weren't doing anything really noteworthy back then, but they did always make jokes with everyone, so I guess they were regular. Thresh and Jacob, who were now both fifteen, were opposites from the twins. Thresh was the only cute geek; Jacob was never bashful; he loved to chat and was constantly surrounded by dramatic scenes. He was very quiet and reserved and always performed well at home and in school. He was beloved by all. The younger ones, however, were much smaller then, and by this point, they could have developed into anything.

my cousins, too? Olivia and I were pretty much black and white. I was the tomboy, usually wearing oversize boyish or boyish-looking clothing. I detested girl stuff, and my hair fell well below my ears. Even when I was a young child and naive, I absolutely disliked acting like a traditional girl. You might say that I was a tomboy from the moment I was born, but that all changed when I moved in with my mother for a few months. The white between us was Olivia. She wasn't very feminine, but unlike me, she was a female. She enjoyed acting like a female, chatting, and having crushes on young celebrities. She always managed to obtain the most recent publications containing the hottest rumors despite the fact that we lived in a little town, and I never gave a d*mn, which occasionally made her angry with me. But she had grown more mature and less excited and weird about such things over the years, during our talks and video chats. She still enjoyed doing girly things, but she had become more reserved.

Olivia's siblings, Joseph and Willa, were generally typical. Willa was one year older than we were, and Joe was two years older. When their mother was busy, they never got engaged in foolish things, always assisted, and made sure there was food on the table.

I became uncontrollably anxious as I considered everything. Were they angry with me for abandoning them in that condition for five years? They couldn't be, though. They didn't fit into that category. As eagerly as I was to see them again, I knew they were to see me. I simply sincerely prayed that nobody had become a chilly fish in my direction.

Max glanced back at me and asked, "So, Amelia, how was it in New York?"

Although it was kind of strange to be in a place where people were everywhere and always hurried around like stressed monkeys, unlike here, I grinned, "It was really amazing. I saw a lot and learned a lot, so it was wonderful.

"Well, there were a few things you missed here, but you already know about those, right?"

Once more, I felt like the evil person and guilty. I didn't intend to miss out; in fact, I wasn't even considering it when I made the decision to remain in New York. But I suppose in some way I was to blame.

I asked him, hoping it wouldn't be anything major, "Ugh, I know. It sucks. Anything else happen than Mason and Olivia's mating?"

A couple from the packs apparently met each other, and one of them got married.

I sighed, "A wedding?" The fact that there are so many weddings means I will be able to attend more weddings than I will miss.

Max laughed.

"Yeah, but don't worry. As you said, you'll attend more events than you'll miss. And we're here now."

I froze as I noticed that we had entered the lush woodland. My chest was being pounded by my rapid heartbeat. Why did I feel so anxious? They were, after all, the friends I had grown up with. They were my closest family and friends. How would they perceive my shift, though? I mean, I won't deny that I changed. A great deal, and I already knew that.

I had everything I needed on my body, my hair was much longer, and even my face had changed, so I wasn't the tomboy everyone had come to know and love. I'm not saying you can't wear Converse even if you're a girly lady, but maybe I was still a pretty clumsy girl who loved to wear Converse to everything. I, for one, never imagined that I would develop into a taller, slimmer, and curvier 17-year-old, especially given the fact that I had always had a thing for masculine things. I even imagined that I would eventually resemble a male.

As Max was parked, I said, "I am freaking out."

Max grinned, "Don't, we've been waiting for you all day," and turned off the car.

They were all gathered in front of the three large homes, gazing in through the window at me. I sighed in relief while grinning. They continued to want me back. I turned to face my cherished house. This location was surrounded by trees and had grass around the dwellings. There were three houses in a row: my house, my Aunt's house, and Uncle John's house. A few houses were located behind them, and a few more were located on the opposite side of the automobile, across the other field. Yes, the area where we resided was somewhat large, but as I mentioned, it was ideal for us as we were the only people living there.

Chapter 2

I searched the crowd for my father, looking for a tall, dark-skinned man with gray hair. discovered him. He was present. As I pulled the door open and sprinted toward him, nearly knocking him off his feet, I felt the tears welling up in my eyes.

As I buried my face in his neck, I muttered, "Dad." I had been missing him so much, even his smell. My dad.

He spoke "Amelia," his voice wavering. Even though crying was my worst dread, if he started crying, I would definitely start crying out of joy. Only my dad, Olivia, and Mason had actually seen me cry, and I vowed never to let that happen again. It irked me.

My father gave me a tight embrace while burying his face in my hair. We were there for a very long, enjoyable moment. I wasn't going to abandon him once more. I was unable to even recall my original motive for leaving. My dad was my entire world.

After some time, he drew back and placed his hands on my shoulders while lunging at me. S


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