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Katherine Obasi

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"You must behave appropriately since you are now Mrs. Alessandro", he says sternly. You are not an exception, and I have never tolerated mistakes". He looks into my eyes and I feel a chill run down my spine. I nod without turning to face his penetrating eyes and look down. He leaves in silence. There is only one person Camilla Allegra knows who could assist her in exacting retribution after she saw her father's murder. Michael Alessandro. Can she trust him after what he promises her? Powerful businessman Marco Alessandro is also a Mafia member. He is wealthy, attractive, and every girl is groveling before him. He discovers a girl he may marry without making a love commitment as his parents urge to get married grows. After ending our kiss, we turn to face one another. ''You make me irrational. I want all of your words, deeds, and body". He muttered. "You can have everything". I promptly smacked our lips together once again in response.

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Through serendipity and fate! "Dario Down With Me! Now!" I glared at him angrily while screaming at the top of my lungs. Shit!! Shit!! Shit!! What have I done? Is it true that I just yelled at the emperor and addressed him by his first name in front of the entire Royal Staff? Oh, God, I'm in big trouble. He placed me on my feet while dangerously observing me. I was frozen as I observed his Demon Blue Eyes. Will He Murder Me? If you weren't my wife and Empress, this would be very different! I still have a penalty for you, though. He moved toward me while glaring. I was shoved upon something before I had time to consider fleeing! I was lying on his shoulder inverted. I'm in trouble today! Robert Dario Armani The world's most feared mafia, a billionaire businessman, and the Emperor. The owner of Armani's multibillion dollar empire and heritage wealth, which is fit for Kings. The Armani name itself was associated with power, wealth, and luxury. He is the richest person on Earth. Avoid going against him unless you wish to die. Serena Roma The dancer. She is a Goddess of Innocence with a Smart and Subdued Personality, as her name suggests. She is the daughter of Brian Serena, Luka James Armani's personal assistant.

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Since she was able to walk, Amelia Bell has been a tomboy, and her parents split when she was little. nearly a year old. She wants to visit her mother in New York, but it will be twelve years too late. turns into five years. Amelia, now seventeen and unquestionably no longer a tomboy, is eager to return to Ohio and see her family. as well as foes, but primarily to her father But nobody anticipates him to return with a fresh appearance. person. However, despite appearing like a goddess, she is still single and the next in line. A substantial response for the Alpha position. Since he can remember, Aiden Snow has resided in Ohio with his father, six brothers, and extended family. their mother gave birth to Thresh, her youngest son, and passed away. Always the one to play practical jokes and tease, Aiden. As they grew up together, "Amelia" made her life miserable. There was nobody to replace her when she left. However, now that it has been a few years, Aiden believes that she is still annoying when he learns that she is returning. identical tomboy, unable to defend herself. He has developed into an even worse bad boy, enjoying all the both difficulty and the girls who approach him. He does not have a partner, and simply because his elder Is the next line for the Alpha position, as my brother passed it down. What then transpires when they re-convene? Five years later, are you older and more developed? Are they hostile toward one another, still? What follows? when both individuals understand they are related in ways they never could have imagined?

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A dislocated knee during cheering practice was not something Lisa Uriel Lindsey had anticipated or ever imagined . She is greeted somewhat unexpectedly when she is taken into the hospital, though. Michael Louis is a youthful, seductive man who is dedicated to being a doctor. However, as soon as Lisa shows up, he rapidly changes . He has never loved any of his patients. Infatuation has taken over the doctor and his patient. Will the percipient doctor and the high school cheerleader develop feelings for one another? Will Lisa's history present a barrier in the way of love, or not?


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