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Katherine Obasi

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THIS BOOK CONTAINS STEAMY MATURED CONTENTS, NOT SUITABLE FOR UNDERAGE. Young journalist Isabella Jones is tasked with speaking with Robert Woods, the charismatic and influential CEO of Woods Enterprises. Given that Woods is extremely reclusive and rarely grants interviews, Isabella is anxious about the interview. She is adamant, though, that she will give it her all and get the story. When Isabella shows up at Woods' office on the day of the interview, she is immediately terrified by his presence. He is far more appealing than she had anticipated, and he exudes authority. But Isabella is determined to stand her ground and refuse to be intimidated by him. The interview goes well, and Isabella is successful in getting Woods to reveal some useful information. She is shocked by her attraction to him as well, though. She is aware that she should avoid him, but she still finds herself pulled to him. As Isabella gets to know Woods better, she begins to see that he is not the stolid, ruthless businessman she had assumed. In actuality, he is nice, humorous, and caring. Despite the fact that she is aware their connection is illegal, Isabella starts to fall for him. Woods also begins to feel something for Isabella, but he hesitates to express it out of concern for what might happen to her career. The two of them, however, are unable to resist their attraction to one another, and they subsequently begin a covert romance. They have to keep their employment a secret from everyone, which complicates their relationship. Nevertheless, they are adamant about making it work, and they eventually figure out how to be together without jeopardizing their professional success.

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THIS BOOK CONTAINS STEAMY MATURED CONTENTS, NOT SUITABLE FOR UNDERAGE... Since she was able to walk, Amelia Bell has been a tomboy, and her parents split when she was little. nearly a year old. She wants to visit her mother in New York, but it will be twelve years too late. turns into five years. Amelia, now seventeen and unquestionably no longer a tomboy, is eager to return to Ohio and see her family. as well as foes, but primarily to her father But nobody anticipates him to return with a fresh appearance. person. However, despite appearing like a goddess, she is still single and the next in line. A substantial response for the Alpha position. Since he can remember, Aiden Snow has resided in Ohio with his father, six brothers, and extended family. their mother gave birth to Thresh, her youngest son, and passed away. Always the one to play practical jokes and tease, Aiden. As they grew up together, "Amelia" made her life miserable. There was nobody to replace her when she left. However, now that it has been a few years, Aiden believes that she is still annoying when he learns that she is returning. identical tomboy, unable to defend herself. He has developed into an even worse bad boy, enjoying all the both difficulty and the girls who approach him. He does not have a partner, and simply because his elder Is the next line for the Alpha position, as my brother passed it down. What then transpires when they re-convene? Five years later, are you older and more developed? Are they hostile toward one another, still? What follows? when both individuals understand they are related in ways they never could have imagined?


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