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The Warrior And The Luna

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Coming from a strong bloodline, Catherine was chosen as the Luna to the Lycan king but fate had other plans! Her life took a double turn when her fated mate turned out to be the king's most trusted warrior, Hector! What would be Catherine's fate, would she go with her mate who was the Lycan king's assassin or the beast himself?

Chapter 1

Catherine's POV

I didn't know what this was, an agreement or an arranged bond. call it anything necessary but I wasn't feeling sad or happy nor was I mad at anyone.

Today was a new beginning.....

" That won't be necessary," I said to Dad with a small smile but he was too insistent to pay attention to a teenager like me so I let him be '' Mom, I will miss you" I turned to Mom with a fading smile as I hugged her tight to myself. " You are my babe and I will miss you more," she said sincerely and I knew she would. Mom was the sweetest and I would miss her above everything. She pulled away and we stared at each other before barging into another warm hug, I couldn't believe the day had come for me to join my mate in his pack, a path I chose to take. How fast could time run? And how soon could a moment turn to moments? I didn't for once think time could fly like the wind does. Maybe I was just a little nervous because of the new life ahead of me. " You should take it easy on her, woman." Dad spoke calmly and we burst into laughter " I'm not complaining, Dad... "I told " I will walk you out" my dad, alpha Jerry offered as we walked out of the alpha building through the main gate. I turned my head to look at them for one last time before hopping in the black expensive car that had been waiting for me since morning with my two packed luggage which was loaded at the back thanks to my father's warriors" Luna, it's going to be a long ride if we go by road. The alpha had booked a plane ticket. If that is okay with you," I shook my head. " I am okay by road," I said in a calm voice and he started the car almost immediately. I stuck my hand out and waved my parents goodbye with tears stuck in my eyes. I would miss them more than anything else in this world, I thought to myself. Heading into a world of different creatures with different statuses was more like an adventure. I was the princess of my pack but not anymore just as the warrior addressed me, I became his Luna the day he made his intentions known and that was a year ago on my sixteenth birthday. Best reasons known to him he chose me of all others to be his chosen mate. Ezra was good-looking, every woman won't be able to resist his charms. Young, handsome, and something alluring.

We started as friends to get to know each other and I got to know a side of him many won't imagine existed. Ezra was a great man but he wasn't my true mate and I certainly had no idea what I was doing but I didn't hate the idea of him being my mate either. Besides, chosen mates were common among alphas, especially ones like Ezra who had the power to shift and bring chaos into the world.

He was ruthlessly powerful.

"Can you pull over so we can have something to eat?" I requested and looked out the window. I couldn't describe the emotions that were piling up in my veins. Nothing was understandable since I couldn't read my own emotions, not as if I was confused." permit me to take you to a better place" he said after pulling over at a side and waiting for my approval. I glared at the eating joint at our side " you think this place is no better?" I frowned slightly because I was a little confused. The place looked great to me" Not that Luna" he said and I sighed" Security purpose" he explained but I doubted the place could pose any threat. I hemmed ' okay '

So we drove an additional minute to the six hours we had spend"This place is a lot safer for you" he said and I wondered why.

The restaurant in question was smaller than the one we left behind but much more organized. " your seat" he pulled a chair for me and I sat down running my eyes through the menu. I had to admit, Ezra's men were like robots and not breathing elements. He was too organized to be true. He never looked me in the eyes nor spoke to me unless I initiated it.

I didn't ponder on it when he refused to eat with me because I didn't expect anything less. I just took in something small as I wasn't that hungry and not used to eating alone. To be frank, I thought he might be hungry which was why I ordered him to stop but it seemed he only listens to his alpha." such a beauty" a stern voice behind me startled me, pulling me out of my thoughts.

Ezra's warrior immediately blocked the man from getting to me. " wow, this isn't a battleground" he seemed to have an idea about the Lycan male.

The warrior gave him a warning growl and he took a step back. " just trying to catch up," he said in a friendly tone, meeting my gaze. Taking in the faces around us, It won't be safe if we steer a fight" Cooper" I called him and he responded ' yes Luna' Fighting him would put us on the losing end, it wasn't a familiar pack to me though "let's leave, am done" I didn't like him. The way he was looking at me didn't sit well with me. I hated jerks like him. " not because of me, I'm the alpha of this pack and I doubt you would like to disobey me in front of my members here and besides, I want to give you a warm welcome" he said in a calm convincing tone extending his hand for a handshake which I didn't intend to take. " It's not every day that we get to meet such a beauty" he smiled flirtatiously at me as I stood up.

" It will be good for you if you step aside, I only want to have a chit-chat with the beauty," he told Cooper who wasn't looking friendly in a threatening tone and the expression that followed scared me but I didn't cower away like a coward because I was better than that. I was alpha blood, not some scumbag for losers like him to stamp on.

Alpha my *ss!

I looked around carefully and every one of them was looking our way, the worst part was they were all males. They seemed to support their alpha telling from the annoying look they had on. " don't you think threatening my knight is too much ?" I said with a dark face. I didn't know much about males because I only attended same-s*x schools, that was how my parent pack functioned. Males and females were never put together but this particular male wasn't hard to see through, he was nothing good because I could read his intention. I wasn't some naive girl brought out from the darkness of the night. " You sure have words, I must admit" he chuckled, throwing his glares at Cooper who was standing beside me " and for your information, don't disrespect my knight in front of me, alpha or no alpha, you should put yourself in check. Being it your pack doesn't give you the warrant to disrespect strangers" I said in a defensive tone, I hated his arrogance so much that I wanted to punch him hard in the face" I wouldn't have bothered stopping here if I knew animals like you are called alphas around here" I said with a lot of courage and I couldn't help but notice the jerk's unpleasant expression. He didn't seem to like my comment but I loved it. The fact that I was able to bend his mood made me more excited.

Without so much anxiety we left the place to the car" Thank you, Luna, I should be the one to defend you" he said but I didn't say anything to him as we resumed our journey to the Lycan pack. My new home, where I was going to rule beside my chosen mate, alpha Ezra, the Lycan king!

" We can change our route" Cooper suggested and for some reason, I thought it was a wise idea but later doubted he would do anything to get Ezra angry besides, he was just a werewolf, and the werewolves I knew feared the Lycans. He could go to hell for all that I care! Besides, we didn't just enter his pack, we were permitted at the borders to use this route and the *ssh*l* knew it but he wanted to take advantage of us.

I leaned in my seat as I took off my shoes, my feet were hurting a little. I was lost in my thoughts thinking of what awaited me in my new pack and how I was going to cope with college plus my Luna duties. I knew something about being a Luna because my mom was one herself but not in a huge pack like Crossroads. And to talk of lycans, I was a werewolf for goodness sake! And werewolves and Lycans were two different creatures. One was impossibly stronger than the other.

Suddenly a black car overtook us and our car swiftly ran off the road heading towards the rough path at the side.

Chapter 2

The dark road wasn't supportive, making it hard to see with my bare eyes. The car lost its balance as it fell off the road almost crashing into a tree nearby. I heard Cooper curse hard under his breath just as most ruthless males do. A dim light flashed ahead as it appeared a car was blocking our path, I hated this but it was a planned accident. Whoever was inside that heavy car planned to kill us and for what?" Are you okay Luna?" Cooper stepped down and forcefully tore my side of the door open. I was laying dizzy on the seat with my heartbeat rising to the highest. I couldn't believe how dumped a person could be, was the road that tiny? Because if not then what can it be? I growled holding my head in pain as I lifted my head to meet Cooper's worried gaze." Are you hurt?" I asked, looking a little worried but when he said he was okay, I hemed a sign of relief even though I didn't seem okay. " you can't come out now" he said in


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