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The Vengeful Luna

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Brooks, a young lady who was adopted by the Brooks family, suddenly wakes up in another city with the knowledge that her family was murdered,she was devastated yet she tried all her best to stay away from the strange world but in the quest of escaping,she discovered her her true parent and the perpetrator behind the Annihilation, She vowed to make them pay in blood. She slowly turned from weak to strong stretching her vengeful claw to her enemies, Becoming their worst nightmare. She slowly fights her way through in the midst of dangers and attacks from enemies. "Will she be able to make them pay? Is she on this journey alone? Find out more in the Vengeful Luna

Chapter 1 : serenity POV

The alarm rang making me groan a little before coming down from the small sized bed.

Allow me introduce myself to you,My name is serenity Brooks,I was adopted by my family because they had no child.

I have a white long hair with blue eyes making some people call me a jinx,but I just think it's beautiful.

I have a gentle and kind personality,but people of my age or order still bully me, making me wonder if it's a crime to be gentle.

"Serene! Serene dear! Come out, breakfast is ready" My Foster mother Martha Brooks called, interrupting my thought. She's a sweet mother to me,ever since I came into this house she's been nothing but nice and warm to me.

Although my foster father Sebastian Brooks was always indifferent,I can still feel the love and care for me like my mother.

"Am coming mum,let me freshen up" I answered rushing into the bathroom to freshen up.

After I took my bath I wore a white flowery gown that trails a little behind me and tied my hair in a ponytail,after I was done I walked out of my room.

"You look beautiful my dear" My mum commented as I walked into the kitchen.

"Thanks mum, Good morning,How was your night?"I asked her as I looked around the living room. "Morning darling,my night was great" Mum answered smiling as she continued to clean the kitchen.

"Mum, where is dad?" I asked her. "He went to the forest for some firewood," she replied. "Didn't I tell him not to do that anymore?That's my work,what if he injures himself?" I said softly.

"Alright, nothing is going to happen to him really,go eat your breakfast before it turns cold" She said, pushing me into the dinning room. I looked at her and sign softly looking towards the door from time to time as I ate my food.

After I finished eating I walked a little outside our house but my dad is not yet back making me feel uneasy about it.After contemplating for a moment I entered the house.

"Mum,I am going to search for dad" I said softly to her.

"Why?He is not a child right?" She replied aggrieved.

"Mom it's okay I just want to check up on him since he's not back yet,I am not feeling good about this". I said, hugging her shoulder coyly.

"Alright then you can go but take care of yourself" she said waving her hand.

"Thanks mum I love you ❤️" I said, pecking her cheeks as I rushed out of the house.

After walking for an hour in the forest I still can't find my dad, making me worried.

Suddenly I smelled blood coming out of a certain place which terrified me but I still walked towards it.then I saw a huge something with white body and green eyes.I was terrified to go near but my heart melted at its wounded stomach so I walked forward. As soon as I got near it,it howled softly, making my heart jump.

"Easy I just want to treat your wound okay? I won't hurt you" I said moving towards it slowly,as if understanding my words it lay down back earning a smile from me. I took out some clothes from my sack as I started treating his wound, gently, forgetting I came looking for my dad.

After an hour the bleeding stopped.

"Alright you can go now,I am looking for my dad,you must take care of yourself don't get injured again" I said as I rubbed it white fur gently before standing up waving a goodbye I walked towards the forest calling out to my dad.

"Seren?," I heard my dad's voice from behind me and I hurriedly turned back.

"What are you doing here?"my dad asked in a Stern voice.

"I came looking for you when you are not back yet,we were worried so I came"

I replied, holding his hand.

"Alright since I am here now let's go home now" He said before sighing softly.

"Alright Dad let's go or mom would be worried"

I said, chuckling as we headed towards our house.

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Chapter 2 : Harold POV

"Alpha watch out!"

My beta Henry mindlinked me yelling but it was too late, and I was stabbed with a poisoned spear making me bleed and unable to heal.

"Alpha you have to go now! I will hold this people off,you can't heal because of the poison"

Henry mindlinked me again.

"No, I am not going anywhere,I am staying to help you finish this" I mindlinked him back.

"No you have to go,if anything happens to you how can I explain it to your parents?" Henry said hurriedly but I cut him off.

"Henry you are not only my Beta,you are also my Best friend and like a brother to me, Do you think I would leave you alone here? Never" I replied, fighting with one hand and the other hand holding my stomach. I was ready to shift to Hunter my wolf as he was clamoring to come out and fight but Henry mindlinked me this time yelling calling my full name.

"Harold Dauglas you actually want to let Hunter


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