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The Unwanted Mate's Mark

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When she woke up, she realized something weird- she stepped back in time and became the Alpha Prince's unwanted mate. ----- Amaris Samara McPherson is a thriller and fantasy writer. She was born with a mark on her neck as if someone had bitten her inside her mother's womb. However, she began to make a change when her recent dreams about a werewolf couple seemed to have something to do with her mark, pushing her to write a romance story about it. But the moment she woke up, something weird had happened. Her world began to spin backwards, and she woke up under the authority of the ruthless Alpha Gavner. She managed to escape her last pack due to her unique abilities, and finally found her mate. But she just became the Alpha Prince's unwanted mate because of being a rogue. Determined to prove him that she's capable of being his Luna, she always makes sure to ace the training sessions, and her determination and strength made the Alpha fall for her. But what will happen once Amaris finds out the truth about why she got back to the past time? And most importantly, how will she handle the truth about the reason behind her mark?


Prologue "MATE."

"MATE," THE woman replied. Her blue orbs shone brightly under the moonlight as she stared at her mate— the Alpha— who was staring back at her with the same intensity using its jet-black pair of eyes.

His eyes were dark like a moonless and starless sky. But still, those eyes are the prettiest thing about him. They are as cold as the night breeze, but they twinkle like the stars as they rested on the woman.

The woman launched herself forward, spreading her arms to wrap them around the Alpha. His smell was intoxicating, the smell of cinnamon and honey combined.

But before she could even hug him, two of the Alpha's guards held her fragile arms. With confusion clouding her mind, she looked up at her mate, and what she saw broke her heart.

The twinkle in his eyes is gone and was replaced by disgust.

"Back off, wh*r*."

I woke up trying to catch my breath. My chest rose and fell as I did. I could feel my veins and heart pounding as I tried to remember my dream.


And the Alpha and his unwanted mate.

My brows furrowed and my forehead knotted, trying to remember their faces but I couldn't. Their faces were clear as crystal in my dreams, but now that I woke up, I couldn't remember them.

I was suddenly becoming aware of the hot liquid pouring down my cheeks, and that's when I realized that my chest feels so heavy. My heart is aching, and this is exactly how the woman felt in my dream.


It was like watching a movie and being affected by it.

I wiped my tears away to get those thoughts out of my mind. I don't know why I'm having these kinds of dreams recently when I'm not even into werewolf romance. Is this because I watched Twilight too much when I was still a kid? Or maybe because of the birthmark on my neck?

Sighing, I looked at the clock. It was still three in the morning—too early to rise.

I was about to go back to sleep when I noticed that my laptop was open, and not just open. It looks like someone had turned it on. It was placed on the study table just beside my bed and upon seeing the light emitted by it, confusion dawned on me.

Wait, what the heck is this? As far as I remember, I already shut my laptop down before I went to sleep.

Or did I?

D*mn. Maybe I didn't. F*ck it.

I stretched my legs and swung them sidewards, getting off my bed. The cold floor beneath the soles of my feet made me flinch so I wore my slippers first before standing up.

F*ck. I should have worn my socks.

I hurriedly walked towards my laptop and bent down, leveling my face to the screen. To my surprise, Microsoft Word was open. The screen showed a blank page as if my laptop is telling me to write a novel— or even just a chapter.

I scratched my head in confusion as I tried to remember what I did before I went to sleep. First, I wrote a chapter after brushing my teeth and doing my school activities. Then, I shut the laptop down and went to my bed.

Dang, forget the latter. I wasn't even sure if I really shut it down. Maybe, I was too sleepy to do it so here I am, freaking out over nothing. Silly me.

I looked at the clock again. It's 3:09, and the sleepiness has already crept away from me. And now, at dawn, I have the urge to write the things that have been bothering me for these past few days.

My dreams.

The Alpha doesn't want his mate.

I ain't a romance writer, but I guess, there's nothing wrong if I try something new, right?

Smiling, I put my fingers over the keyboard and began pressing on the soft keys. I watched as letters appeared on the blank page, making me smile even more.

I couldn't hear anything inside my room but the sound of the aircon and the sound of the keys every time I pressed them. It was peaceful—the sounds that accompany me during my writing hours.

Halfway through doing the story outline, my eyelids begin to feel heavy, but I fight the sleepiness that has made its way through my nerves.

Dang, my creative juices might get lost once I wake up and I wouldn't be able to plan this thoroughly. But no matter how hard I try to stay awake, my eyelids drop as moments pass by.

My vision darkened, and the last thing I remember was telling myself to take a nap for five minutes.

But the five-minute nap became a nap decades backward.

Because the moment I opened my eyes, something weird happened.

The universe had broken its own rules—I was back in time.

I became the Alpha Prince's unwanted mate.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 "ARE YOU SURE that's a birthmark? It looked like someone had bitten you." My seatmate, Xavier, traced my mark using his index finger. I immediately shoved his hand away and glared at him.

"It tickles, you jerk! And how many times do I have to tell you that it is, indeed, a birthmark?!" I said, emphasizing the last word. He won't really shut up about the mark on my neck, but I couldn't blame him. My birthmark is really weird. It looks like a bite mark instead.

It is composed of light-dark dots, forming a circle, and is placed right in the crook between my neck and shoulder. But I know these kinds of birthmarks are normal because they come in different forms. They can be weird though.

"Awesome," he muttered, taking his blue orbs off my neck and staring at mine. "Did you know? I always heard from the oldies that birthmarks appear on the places where we were injured in the previous


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