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The Rogue Alpha's Huntress Mate

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"You can't kill me, Princess." He smirked. "You can't, because I won't let you and deep down, you don't want to. " I wanted nothing more than to wipe that stupid smirk from his stupidly gorgeous face. "Oh, I can and I will. Don't test me, Rogue," I growled, pushing my knife harder into his chest. He leaned even closer, and my heartbeat raced at the scent of him. "You won't because you are my mate." *** Her Highness Amber Rousseaux is a princess by day, and a rogue hunter by night. She lives for her pack, and that means eliminating it from the plague of rogues. But when she stumbles upon Drew Bronimir, the Alpha of the Rogues, who just happens to be her mate, she's faced with the impossible question: fate and desire, or her duty?

Chapter 1

“You must choose a husband today, Amber. Our pack and kingdom are depending on you.”

This was the third time my mother said this today, and I was sick of it. Today would change my life forever. It should be the day I find a husband, but unlike every other werewolf princess, I dreaded it.

"Be sure to smile, Amber," my mother added formally. "A princess must always look pleasant."

I mouthed her words mockingly. I respected my title, but times like this made it hard to endure. Nonetheless, I smiled at my reflection and braced for the corset's grip.

"And remember to tread lightly. Your steps are too heavy for a princess," she said, chuckling without humor. "You attend your dance lessons, don't you, Amber?"

"I do, Mother," I replied, masking my irritation.

But I chose the wrong moment to put an edge in my tone because just in that minute, she yanked on the corset strings around my waist as I took a sharp intake of breath, which positioned my bosom perfectly upright where my mother wanted it to be.

"Good." She looked pleased as she adjusted a curl around my shoulder. "Finding yourself a husband is quite important tonight. You are of age now, Amber, and your father grows more ill by the day."

"Of course." I gulped as I put my wants and desires aside and considered what I had known for quite some time now.

My father, King Sebastian of Consok, and the true Alpha of our pack hasn't been himself for years. The servants here might've thought his illness grew with age, but I knew it was grief that caused it.

Unlike most kingdoms, my parents didn't promise me to a prince at birth. I had no husband 'to be' in waiting. Instead, they thought it would be better to choose an eligible groom of my own when I came of age.

All my hopes and dreams as a child of finding my true mate went out the window when I learned what my duty as the princess was, too.

It was a fairy tale that I didn’t give myself the luxury of hoping for. My wolf hated this thought, and she growled at me because of it.

Strange. She was a bit more antsy tonight than usual. Still, I avoided the feeling.

"Chin up, Amber. And why do you look so flushed?" My mother jerked my head sideways, applying blush again.

She always did it herself, despite having maids. She wouldn't be satisfied until I had the perfect appearance.

"I think that's enough," I said, grabbing the brush from her. If she continued, I'd look like a tomato.

She glanced at the clock striking 8 p.m. and offered her hand. "Shall we?"

"We shall," I mumbled, placing my hand on hers as we walked to the ballroom. ‘

From the top of the stairs to every corner of the room, white ribbons sat neatly at their respective places, along with specks of golden lights seated on each table in the dining area. They were precisely decorated with blooming white flowers, and the floor reflected every image on its shiny surface.

A familiar face emerged in the front of the small crowd, and I beamed brightly at the very sight of him.

As always, my dad looked dashing in his crisp royal suit, with his black hair that was perfectly decorated with gray strands, slicked back without a tendril out of place. Nobody outside the palace knew of his condition, so until it grew worse, the outside world would see him as King or Alpha Sebastian we all knew. He surely looked the same.

I curtsied to my dad as he met me at the base of the stairs. He was my only light in this world. It killed me daily to see him becoming a stranger to life and his true self by the day. But he never lost his knowledge of me, and that's what I loved the most.

"You look beautiful, darling," he said with a radiant smile as he kissed both my cheeks.

"Thank you. How are you feeling?"

He looped his arm through mine as he slowly walked with me through the room. His steps faltered a bit, but I ensured I held him up sternly. "I'm fine, my dear. You worry about me too much." He chuckled as I halted our strides to face him.

"But I must, Dad. Your well-being is my happiness."

"Hhmm." He nodded with a ghost smile, resuming his walking. "And may I ask where you were last night?"

I gulped nervously. How did he know that I went out last night? No one in the palace knew I went out at nights, not even the guards. So, how did he?

"I went for a walk. I was feeling so flustered about tonight's ball that I barely slept at all," I lied smoothly, but it wasn't all untrue.

My dad nodded as if he accepted my excuse, and I hoped he was done with the conversation for good.

"Forgive me for intruding, Your Majesty," a voice said from behind us, and we both spun on our heels to see a very handsome but familiar face. "But may I have the audience of your daughter, Alpha Sebastian?"

"Of course, Duke Derulo." My dad nodded once at both of us before he disappeared in the opposite direction.

Despite the fact that I had known Alpha Derulo all my life, as his family was very close to ours, I couldn't help the nerves I felt. Unlike all the times we spent together, there was a high chance that tonight's conversation might just be steered to something else—like marriage.

He would surely be a good husband and mate, but I wasn't entirely sure if I could see him like that just yet.

Nonetheless, I crossed my ankles, held the sides of my dress and bowed politely to him before he took my hand to place a small kiss there.

"May I just say, Princess Amber, you are looking most dazzling tonight," he mumbled in such a tone that almost had me swooning.

"Thank you, Alpha. You don't look too bad yourself," I offered out of mere courtesy, but I had to admire how good he actually looked.

Nathan Derulo had always been a handsome wolf. His short black hair complemented his toned, olive skin perfectly, and his green eyes were always so mesmerising. He also had a smile that could send any girl in a bundle of butterflies.

He smiled, extending his hand. "May I have this dance?"

"You may," I said, smiling. He held me as the music began, sensing my nerves. I trusted him, but did I want him as a husband?

My attention was pulled from my messed-up musing when I caught a whiff of a scent. My wolf was going crazy in my head, demanding to be free, and my chest was heaving in heavy breaths.

I couldn’t place the scent, but it didn’t smell like someone in my pack or the packs of the guests here.

A rogue.

Anger boiled in my chest, and it took everything in me not to go for my hunting gear and catch that rogue.

How dare he come to my ball? He had some balls and a death wish.

But what irritated me the most, was that his scent did things to me—things I didn’t understand or liked.

"Is everything okay, Amber?" Nathan asked.

"I'm fine," I lied. "Just dizzy from the spinning."

"We can stop if you'd like."

"No, I can manage, " I said.

He tilted my head up. "Just focus on me," he said, and I nodded. Most dancers had stopped to watch us, my mother smiling approvingly. Nathan was no prince, but he was alpha blood and I knew she approved just as much.

"Would you believe me if I said you're the most exquisite woman here?" he said suddenly.

"Do not tease, Nathan. There are many beautiful women here."

"I do not tease. You are the most beautiful, and I mean that," he said seriously, the alpha in him becoming evident.

I thought it would've been a good time to know for sure if he wanted me as a wife, so I steered the conversation in that direction without making it too obvious.

"And may I ask, what else is your heart telling you?"

I could see that he picked up on my little game as he flashed me one of his smirks— the very smirk that had 16-year-old me in a crushing mess.

"I will not beat around the bushes, my beautiful werewolf princess. I desire to have you as my wife and chosen mate. I have for years," he said, shocking me.

"Y-y-you have?"

"Of course I have, Amber," he mumbled as he held my hand and led me from the dance floor. "How could I have known someone as wonderful as you all my life and simply not desire to have you forever? That is if you'll have me."

I gulped. It all became so real right there and then. This man—my old friend, Alpha Nathan—was asking for my hand in marriage.

Of course, I expected it from the minute he took me onto the dance floor, and I thought I'd accepted it. But to have it being said out loud, it suddenly became real.

If I were his Luna, especially to someone who knows me this well, I'd have to give up rogue hunting forever. I'd have to become a dedicated wife and gear myself to become the queen and Luna of Consok.

My world spun.

"I need some air," I blurted, rushing to the balcony.

The cool air calmed me.

My chest rose and fell slowly as I took ten deep breaths, and I was grateful to be calmed within a minute after almost freaking out.

This was what my life had become now, and there was no way I could wiggle my way out of it. I was the only princess who should be enthroned as queen soon with my new husband. I was the only living heir, after all, and it was my duty.

The only living heir.

The thought made me sick to my stomach as I remembered why I started rogue hunting in the first place. Now, I would have to give it up to accept my new life when there was still so much to be done and still so many rogues to kill.

But it was only me now. Whether I liked it or not, I knew I had to do this.

I knew it was rude to run away from Nathan like that, so, with one final breath, I decided to go to him and accept his proposal.

I caught a glimpse of him, still sitting in the seat where I left him. My life will change forever tonight, but I believed I was somewhat ready.

With the last bit of courage I had left, I stormed right back through the balcony doors and into the mass of dancing people. The closer I got, the faster my heart raced, and I was relieved when I saw a server approaching me with a tray of champagne.

"I'll take one of those, thank you," I rushed out as I reached for a glass.

But my fingers didn't get to wrap around the glass, as I was stunned into a frozen state when that scent hit me again, this time stronger, and my knees buckled beneath me.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I felt a presence behind me, and I knew that my nose wasn’t playing tricks on me again.

I took a sharp intake of breath when I felt cold fingers brushing the hair away from my ear, and it took every ounce of self-control in me not to whip around and claw his eyes out.

"Hello, Princess. May I have this dance?"

Chapter 2

I froze.

My heart was beating a thousand miles per hour, and I knew that the bastard could hear it to as he chuckled lightly.

I squeezed my eyes shut to regain my composure. When I reopened them, I analysed the crowd and setting, calculating the odds of breaking his neck right here, right now.

But for some reason, the thoughts didn’t seem as appealing as usual, as his cold fingers continued to draw circles on my shoulder.

“Who are you?” I gritted out, hating that I couldn’t have my way with him. His once gentle fingers suddenly dug into my shoulder and spun me around to face him.

My breath hitched, and my mind felt blurry when I saw his face. I should be killed for thinking this way, but his face was more than gorgeous. He was devilishly breathtaking—literally.

His eyes were grey and scrutinising, but something in them was fighting, as if battling to form into one simple emotion. His hair was long around his ear and the base of his neck in dark br


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