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The Renounced Alpha

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Two powerful Alpha struggling against fate in a world full of chaos and unknown threats. One Alpha in complete denial, trying to protect his pack. The other is willing to do anything to save his pack. Will they give in to each other? “If you want my help you will need to renounce your title as Alpha and swear your loyalty to me and my pack.” Alpha Rhett said his stare was cold and icy as he looked at Alpha Aldric. Alpha Aldric gritted his teeth. He wouldn't let his pack suffer anymore, he couldn't keep them safe. Their numbers had shrunk to almost nothing. “It's the only way I can help protect your pack moving forward. It is too complicated with two alphas running around here. Take the offer or leave it.” Rhett said through gritted teeth. Aldric took a deep breath, part of him hated himself, hated himself for letting it come to this. Hated that he felt like he wasn't strong enough to keep going. He hung his head and dropped to his knees. He heard his pack members gasp behind him. “I, Alpha Aldric of the Cold River pack, renounce my title of Alpha and swear my Loyalty to Alpha Rhett of the Dark Moon pack.” Aldric said as pain ripped through him causing him to fall forward onto his forearm. He felt his bond from his pack rip away and felt like pieces of him were being ripped apart from him one by one. His pack behind him fell to their knees in pain as well as the bond break, sadness shaking the room. “Now submit.” Alpha Rhett said a smirk across his lips as he sent out his Alpha aura onto Aldric.

Chapter 1

*Warning this book contains violence, differcult situations, foul language, sexual situation, Sexual male relationship and adult content. This book is not for everyone and can be triggers to some. *



The mindlink pierced Aldric’s brain. Panic set in as he ran towards the front door of the pack house. He hit the bright red button on the wall next to the door. Metal steel came down over the windows and back door of the packhouse. Aldric threw the pack door open, running out it as quickly as he could. He only had minimum warriors left. He didn't know if they could survive another attack.

Women, children and elderly get to the pack house as quickly as you can. We're locking down. He mindlinked the pack.

They all knew the drill, he could see them running across the field to the pack house. The few men he had were defending off the rogues just on the other side. Xyler pressed beneath his skin wanting him to shift.

Waverly He sent out the mindlink looking for her.

He saw her blond hair flying behind her as she was carrying two children bring up the rear of the group of children and woman running to the pack house. A rogue on her heels. That was all Xyler needed. Aldric felt all his bones snap into place as he shifted into his monstrous wolf. He raced towards Waverly, his heart panicking as Xyler pressed on towards her. He prayed they would get there intime. He felt the bond breaking and getting weaker as each pack member died. Xyler forced it from his mind, his only thing he was focusing on was stopping the rogues. Xyler leapers over Waverly landing directly behind her, his teeth sinking into the wolf that was snapping at her heels. Xyler captured the rogue's throat, ripping it out and slinging his body to the side. The two others chasing Waverly stopped seeing Xyler kill their pack member. The two wolves advance on him circling.

Alpha Waverly mindlinked him fear in her eyes as the two wolves circled him.

Go Xyler and I got this, get them to safety now. I will hold them off. Aldric ordered her.

He felt her cringe but she kept running, getting the last of the at risk members into the pack house. Xyler lunged at the wolf on his right taking him out at the legs, his powerful jaw crunching down on its stifle. He felt the stifle crack into two in his mouth. The wolf howled, dropping to the ground. Its partner lunged, attacking Xyler’s back, sinking its teeth into his shoulder. Aldric heard a howl coming from the pack house. He looked over his shoulder to see Waverly shifting. Her bright white wolf charging towards them. Aldric growled seeing her coming. Xyler torsed the wolf effortlessly from his back. He pressed his large paw on to it’s chest pinning it before biting into its throat and ripping it out.

Two more wolves emerged from the woods, howling feeling the pack remember die. They snarled showing their teeth as they approached him, going to circle around him

Waverly caught up flanking the Alpha's side, waiting for the two wolves to attack. It was a standoff as the two wolves attempted to box Waverly and Aldric in.

I told you to stay in the pack house. Are you going against my orders? Aldric linked her.

I can't leave you out here alone. Technically you ordered me to get everyone to safety and I did. I can fight, take the help, Alpha. Waverly responded back.

We have this Xyler said, reaching out to her wolf Winter.

Let us help you, we don't want to lose you. Winter begged.

Xyler nodded to Winter and then they stood together ready to fight. The two dark brown wolves got there quicker than Xyler thought they could and a second fight began. Xyler was so caught up in trying to protect Winter that he kept getting bit. He had teeth marks on both his shoulders and claw marks across his back. Winter was done with watching her Alpha take damage for her. Winter snatched one of the wolves mid lunge. Her teeth enclosing around its throat as she torsed it upwards in the air. The wolf's neck snapped mid air as she hung on to it and brought it up and over her. She released when she heard the snap, sending it’s lifeless body into a tree. The other one attacking Xyler whipped its head towards the other wolf as if shocked it was dead. That brief moment Xyler took advantage of and tore its throat out. Blood sprayed outwardly as the wolf collapsed, sinking into the ground. Xyler began a howl trying to check in on his other wolves. Winter joined the howl. He had felt the bond weaken, he knew he had lost members. There was only a soft echo back. Xyler hung his head. The attacks had been relentless. Each time an attack happened, they lost more and more members of his pack. Winter came over to Xyler and rubbed her head against him. She could feel his sorrow and defeation.

“Alpha, you are doing all that you can. This world is not what it once was.” Waverly said softly.

“Get back to the pack house and check on the others. I am going to go out and see if I can find any wounded. See who we have left.” Aldric orders her through mindlink.

Waverly nodded, walking slowly back to the pack house. Checking over her shoulder every so often watching her Alpha walk across the open field. She reluctantly entered the pack house going to check on the others like he ordered.

Aldric walked out into the field, the smell of blood invading his nose as he followed it. The trail of blood led him to a tall grassy section. He could see the blood moving in the wind as it clinged to the long pieces of grass that bent in the breeze. Aldric walked forward and he felt sick. He was looking at a massacre of his men. He had no one left, all of his warriors were dead in this field. He had no choice now. He needed to seek refuge in another pack. The next attack will wipe them out. He didn't even know if he could risk taking the time to give them a proper burial. The rogues could attack again even quicker knowing the numbers have decreased rapidly.

Waverly I need to get a hold of the Dark Moon Pack’s Alpha….we can’t stay here any longer. His voice is full of regret and sadness.

Yes, Alpha. Waverly responded.

Waverly was his Beta’s mate. Derrick died defending their homes from a rogue attack several weeks ago. Waverly had stepped up in his place and Aldric couldn't think of someone more capable he could have by his side.

Tomorrow. We should start getting ready to leave. All members left are in the pack house. We can stay there this evening. It’s solid. Waverly said through a mind link.

Thank you, I’m heading back. Aldric responded.

Alpha are you sure about the Dark Moon pack. They are not exactly welcoming to other packs. Waverly asked cautiously.

Disease and femain have spread like wildfire. The world was not like it once was. My, our pack was one of the strongest, one of the most feared. We thrived as one of the largest packs around. But I can't keep it going here. They're going to start starving and the next attack could end us all. We have to seek help and refuge from another pack. I have to do what’s best. Aldric mindlinked back, ending the discussion.

Aldric headed back to the packhouse, the door creaked open making sure it was him before letting him. Stepping inside Waverly squeezed him into a hug, she could feel the sadness and disappointment radiating off of him. He looked out over her shoulder to what was left of his pack. He felt their brokenness.

“We should be safe as long as we stay inside the pack house. It is built well and reinforced. No one is allowed to go out or undo the shield.” Aldric ordered.

“Make yourself comfortable, let the eldery have the beds before anyone else.” He said continuing towards his office.

“Alpha the Dark Moon pack said we could come tomorrow. I told them it was an emergency.” Waverly said to Aldrics back.

He nodded, walking into his office and shutting the door. He sunk down into his chair at his desk, burying his face into his hands, as he begged for something to help him get his pack stable. He leaned back wincing as the wounds from the fight pressed into the chair. He didn't care. He felt he deserved every bit of pain. Everything around his home was crumbling and he was supposed to be the one to stop it all. A small knock came to his door. He knew before she walked in who it was. Waverly smiled weakly at him carrying a basin with water, a wash cloth and bandages.

“Let me see.” Waverly smiled softly, setting down the water basin on the desk.

Aldric groaned and Waverly made a clicking noise with her tongue at him letting; him know she wasn't taking no for an answer. Aldric leaned forward exposing his bloody back. Waverly sighed deeply seeing all the wounds. She dunked the washcloth into the water, rung it out and then began cleaning his back.

“You should hate me.” Aldric said quietly.

“Hate you. Did the wolf get your head too?” Waverly teased.

“Derrick isn't here because I have failed as an Alpha.” Aldric said, clenching his jaw.

He felt the pain roll off of Waverly at the mention of her decreased mate’s name. Derrick had been her whole world and they had plans to build a life together.

“Derrick is not here because the world is cruel and you're doing the best you can. It isn't time to sit here in defeat and pity. Self loathing is only going to hurt this pack more. You're doing what you have to, to survive. There are many packs out there in the same position or worse.” Waverly said fiercely.

Aldric was already healing as she cleaned the wounds trying to rush so infection set it. She heard him sigh. He reached around tapping her forearm telling her to stop. She made a noise but he was already on his way to standing. Waverly made a face as he stood up and looked at her.

“I am so grateful for you.” Aldric said to her.

“I know.” Waverly said with a big smile.

“I’m going to go shower. In the morning we will have pack members gather only their necessary belongings and make the journey over to the Dark Moon pack. If everything goes well, I don't want to come back.” Aldric said quietly.

“You don’t want to come back?” Waverly asked concerned.

“We will find somewhere new, once we are strong enough. There is nothing here left for us. This place is just a reminder of death and defeat.” Aldric said his eyebrows scrunched together.

“Yes Alpha.” Waverly said with a nod letting him know she would see to it.

Chapter 2


“Alpha your meeting with the Cold River Packs Alpha Aldric any minute.” Luke said to his Alpha.

“I know. I really don't have time for this.” Rhett growled.

“I don't know what he expects me to do to help his pack, We are doing everything we can here for ours.” Rhett sighed.

‘I know Alpha. It was gracious of you allowing this meeting to hear him out.” Luke agreed.

“What are you going to tell him?” Luke asked after pausing for a moment.

“I am going to hear him out and then tell him no. I will offer them some small supplies and homage for the night or two but we can't keep them.” Rhett said, annoyed.

“Alpha. The Cold River Alpha Aldric is in the waiting room with his Beta.” Priscilla said, knocking on the door bowing her head to him as she spoke.

Rhett sighed annoyed, looking from the papers on his desk to Priscilla. He opened the top drawer of his desk and scooped all the papers into the drawer. He looked up to he

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