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The Rejection

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Chloe's life is shattered when during a date her mate - Jeremy, the Beta of her pack - rejects her and confesses he loves another woman. She is ready to beg and just die on the spot until a stranger stops her. The rejected mate of Jeremy's lover. In a world where separation between mates is unheard of, Chloe has to fight the effects of the mate bond and its strive to either kill her or make her lose her mind. And the only way to do that is to join forces with Finnian - the other rejected wolf. But will they survive when the whole werewolf kind is against them and their own mates are the ones who cursed them? There are threats lurking in the shadows, stalking after them and everything they've fought for. This is book 2 of The Rejection Series. Book 1 - Rejecting Her Mate Book 2 - The Rejection Book 3 - The Curse of The Rejected Mate All books can be read as standalones but follow one common theme - rejection.


Deanna Myers Lute

Review after the novel completion

I really liked this novel. It is an interesting twist on the mate bond. I liked the fact that the main characters were able to work through the rejection, find another love, and beat the bad guy. I found there to be humor, an innocence, and some sorrow. It was great watching the female lead grow as a character, find herself, find her worth and value. There were some slow moments but altogether it was a quick lite read.

June 17, 2024

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