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The Rejected Luna

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"I, Alpha Richard Brown, reject you, Jane Biller, as my mate and Luna." "I'm sorry, but I can't accept your rejection because I have no wolf." *********** Jane Biller was a late bloomer who was rejected by her first partner, Richard Brown, a famed Alpha King. Years later, she makes a triumphant return as a strong, powerful girl. It's hardly surprising that Richard wants her back. But, on the other hand, Jane doesn't want anything to do with him, particularly now that she gets a second chance mate. What happens when Richard vows to get her back despite the odds? Would she stay with her second-chance mate or go back to a man who rejected her from the start?



Last month, my mom sewed a simple sundress and folded it neatly for me. It felt silky and had the prettiest colors, but I didn’t put it on until today because today is a special day.

The dress envelops me like a gentle breeze, accentuating every curve. I wonder how my mom got my length right. When I twirl in my room, the hem of the dress seems to twirl as well, and my auburn hair, styled in an orderly ponytail, joins in with a little dance.

Even the sandals I’m wearing are new; my mom just bought me a pair from the local market.

My lips curl into a smile, satisfied with how pretty I look. But there’s a knot in my stomach, fastened by my nervousness. Today is the happiest day of my life, the day I get to meet my fated mate, yet my anxiety is getting the best of me.

Our pack is celebrating today, and alphas from different packs have been invited to the event. It is a mating ball where unmated werewolf Alphas get the chance to meet their mates, and this happens once a year.

It will also be my chance to finally meet mine.

I was born into a werewolf family, and my father is the beta of the Red Moon Pack. As amazing as that sounds, it hasn’t been easy for me. As the only daughter of the beta, there are a lot of eyes on me—a lot of expectations.

I’m expected to have a wolf by now, to be a future female beta, but I’ve remained a clumsy, wolf-less girl. At least, that’s how members of the pack see me. And they bully me for it. Despite being the beta’s daughter, they poke, shove, point, laugh, and curse at me.

So, of course, I have no friends, and my father sees me as a disgrace. I’m the 18-year-old infamous werewolf without a wolf, and he hates me for it. All he wants is a strong daughter who will take over from him when he gets too old to serve as the pack’s beta.

And he doesn’t see that daughter in me. When he looks at me, sometimes with a frown, other times with a cold glare, all I see is disappointment in his eyes. Maybe his hatred will end when I finally meet my mate.

Since my earliest teenage days, I have wanted nothing more than to meet my mate. I have the wishful thought that he will make my wolf bloom when he marks me. Our mate bond will unleash my wolf’s side. And even though there is no guarantee for it, I still hold on to that thought.

My mother has always been there for me, grooming me and teaching me about my mate – one who will love and cherish me. A mate who will accept me for who I am and accept my flaws with a warm heart.

I’ve had enough criticism and bullying to last a lifetime, and I don’t think I can take more of it. I pray for a mate who will show me nothing but unadulterated love, and I believe the ever-kind moon goddess will grant me this wish.

Our pack has prepared enough food and drinks for the celebration today. The she-wolves are clad in their fanciest dresses, smiling and giggling amongst themselves, and their makeup is done so beautifully. I don’t have a fancy dress or any makeup, but my sundress is more than enough for me. All I want to do tonight is meet my destined mate.

“Jane.” My mother knocks on my door. “Are you in there?”

“Yes, Mother. I’m coming.” I rush to open the door.

My mother is all dressed up, and she glances at my sundress. I notice a small smile on her face— a little hint of pride.

“What are you doing?” she asks. “Why aren’t you downstairs yet?”

“I’ll be down in a minute. I still need to fix my hair,” I say hurriedly, feeling nervous again.

She notices the discomfort on my face and cups it with her hands.

“Jane, what’s wrong? Are you feeling sick?”

“No, Mom. I’m fine, just—” How can I tell her that I’m afraid?

“Aren’t you happy that you’re finally meeting your mate today?”

“Of course, I am, Mother. I’m the happiest girl on earth. I hope the moon goddess blesses me with a mate,” I force a smile.

“Sure, you will, sweetheart. I’m sure you will meet your destined mate, who will love and cherish you,” she states.

Hearing her say those words so firmly chases away my doubts. I feel confident again, all thanks to her.

“Thanks, Mother.” I smile and give her a quick hug.

“Now… go finish up quickly. You don’t want to miss the celebration. I will be waiting for you downstairs. Don’t take too long, alright?”

I nod. When she leaves, I close the door and hurry back to my full-length mirror. I take a deep breath, bracing myself for tonight.

It’s okay, Jane. You’ll be fine.

“Jane,” my mother calls again.

“Coming!” I do one last quick twirl and scurry downstairs to meet my mother.

“You look beautiful, sweetheart,” my mother compliments me as I get down the stairs.

“Thanks, Mother,” I giggle, linking my arm with hers. We head out of the house and arrive at the ball a few minutes later.

The enormous hall is beautifully decorated, with beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and glowing like the moon. Everyone is dressed in their best clothing.

The mated alphas have their tables on one side of the hall, where they sit with their Lunas, and the unmated alphas have their tables on the other side. The unmated she-wolves at the party are bubbling with excitement.

Soon, our alpha makes his grand entrance with his Luna, and they go to their seats. My father sits beside the alpha since he is the beta of the pack.

My gaze remains on one of the unmated alphas. I wish to know more about the remarkable alpha. He is perfectly made, so beautiful that it makes me jealous.

How can a man be so perfect and, at the same time, so beautiful? Is he my mate? I don’t know, since I have no wolf, but he couldn’t be. He seems like a powerful man.

I doubt such a man will be mated with someone like me. Maybe I am just drawn to him because of his stunning looks.

“What’s wrong? Who are you staring at?” My mother demands, interrupting me.

“Nothing. I just feel a bit attracted to that man over there,” I answer, pointing at the alpha.

“Will you stop it, Jane? Do you know the alpha you’re pointing at?” she yells. Why is she angry? “He is the most notorious and ruthless alpha in history. You don’t want to provoke the beast in him.”

But he doesn’t look cruel or ruthless. With his looks, he could be an actual angel from heaven. But then again, they did say looks can be deceiving, right?

“Don’t ever point at anyone again,” Mother adds. “If I were you, I would focus on finding my mate.”

“I’m sorry, Mother,” I mutter.

Soon, my mother’s friends drag her away, leaving me all alone. I roam around in search of my mate.

The sweet aroma of the food infiltrates my nostrils. My stomach rumbles in hunger, so I go to indulge myself in some snacks, still admiring the aesthetics of the hall.

Without looking at where I am going, I bump into a hard chest. I almost fall, but a firm hand catches my wrist.

“Watch where you’re going.”

The voice is a deep baritone, and soon the firm hand lets go of me.

“I’m sorry,” I apologize, then quickly step away from him, feeling the sensation of his touch.

My mind races with conflicting emotions as I try to make sense of what just happened. Part of me is drawn to his touch, craving more, while another part is filled with confusion.

Is he my mate? Is he the one? I look up to see who saved me from falling, finding his dark, brooding eyes locked on mine. I let out a soft gasp. He’s the alpha my mother just warned me about.

Chapter 2

Rejected Mate


“What is your name?” He asks me, stalking me. I take quick, fearful steps backwards. I can feel my heart racing and my throat constricting. I open my mouth, but no words come out. I shiver in fear.

To begin with, he is incredibly tall, and I’ve never felt so lacking in height. Secondly, there is this tense aura around him that seems to be sucking the air out of me.

And more than all that, I have this weird feeling about him being so close to me. Is this a mate thing, or is it all in my head? His eyes are boring holes in my body, and his eyebrow quirks when I don’t give him a reply.

“I just asked you a question,” he says indifferently.

“My name is Jane Biller,” I answer, taking another step backward, but I almost bump into a waitress.

“Watch out!" he hisses, pulling me away by my hand. Once again, I feel that strange electric sensation.

I look up at him, my heart pounding. His eyes are intense, and I can feel the ele


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