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The Rejected Alpha's Counselor

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“As a counselor, you shall never choose your emotion over your reason. Can you do that?” “Yes, madam.” “You shall always offer the most professional advice despite your personal feelings for the clients. Can you promise that?” “I’d do my best, madam.” “Well. Welcome to join Moonlight Company then.” Ara is a an omega majors in machine learning. She starts her first intern in a media company where she needs to help clients to find a girlfriend or boyfriend. To be a formal employee in the company, Ara is asked to pass a trial, to guide Alpha Nick to find his match. Weirdly, Alpha Nick is rejected again and again until one day Ara discovers his secret. The Alpha fails every date Ara arranges for him on purpose…because she is his real target.

Chapter 1 A Dangerous Wish

Ara's POV

"I have been single since the day I was born." the man sitting in front of her whines in a melancholy way.

So do I. Ara thinks to herself. She would never leak such a secret to her client, though. Some contracts are quite cunning if you give it a second thought. It requires the client to be honest in front of the counselor but never asks the counselor to be honest.

The unfortunate thing is that people don't usually go through a contract before they sign their name on it.

"No offense, but how old are you, if I may ask?" Ara waves the pad, telling her client that she needs his age for a calculation purpose. To make her words sound more convincing, Ara adds, "Theoretically speaking, the more information is gained, the more accurate result the Moon can produce."

"Ok. I get it." the man shrugs, "I am 32."

"Ok." Ara types in the number without raising her head, "And do you have any preferences for your future mate?"

"I want her to be s*xy." the man wets his lower lip, "Slim body with a charming curve. Big t*ts. Horny on bed."

"Er, excuse me……" Ara frowns and wants to interrupt him, but fails.

"And it will be great if she has a higher rank in the pack. Alpha's daughter will be the best. Beta's daughter is acceptable. I am not fond of girls from Omega family, though. Most of them are uneducated bastards."

Ara feels sick about this comment. Although he didn't mean to mock at her, yet what he says still becomes an unneglectable personal attack, for she happens to be an Omega not knowing who her parents are.

Ara takes a deep breath and says, "Sir, stop, please. I understand what you want now."

"You do?" the man blinks at her.

"Yes, I am fully aware of that." Ara fakes a smile and clears her throat, "Ok, a s*xy lady with respectable social rank. Anything else you want? "

"She'd better be young and innocent. I like a virgin. They're tight. You know?"

You're an *ssh*l*. You know? Ara holds back the urge to smack the device at his face and forces herself to smile.

"I know." she replies, "I've collected all the information I need. A report and the corresponding guideline will be sent to you within seven working days. If you have any questions, you may contact the consult service for support. You may leave now. "

"But I had thought you would be helping me find a girlfriend. That's what your company promises in the contract."

"No. The contract states we will generate a personal analysis about the client to help them find a perfect match. But we didn't say we'd help you to chase that girl."

"This is fraud!" the man gets furious and glares at Ara.

"The terms are clearly written in the contract." Ara snatches a marker and highlights the item, showing it to the man, "Here."

"But I didn't see it. I didn't know…"

Ara interrupts him, "But you signed the contract."

"This is fraud!" the man shouts again. This time he sends Ara a murderous look and smashes the table.

"Please stop this, or I'd trigger the alarm and the security will come here and you'll be arrested and charged with vandalization. The table you smashed is a cultural relic. Believe me, Sir, we had a great lawyer team." Ara warns the man and offers him the alternative, "I kindly suggest that we should seek a truce. What about you get out of the building and never come back again, and I won't press that alarm button."

"You b*tch!" the man gives his middle finger and storms out.

Ara rubs her forehead and lets out a sigh.

"You alright? Honey?" A figure pops out in the doorway.

"Yeah. Not a big deal." Ara smiles at her manager Lisa and mutters to herself, "Just another miserable day."

"I've told you so." Lisa lets out a hearty laugh, "Most clients are assholes. Are you sure you want to keep going?"

"I won't quit." Ara shakes her head, "The colleagues are nice. The salary is good. And my job matches my major. I enjoy what I am doing. I just have some difficulties in tolerating stupid clients. But I'd try my best to be more patient. I want to be a regular staff in Moonlight. "

"It will be our luck to have you, dear. You've shown your talent during your probation period and you've proved yourself to be sharp-witted enough to address emergent cases." Lisa gives her a encouraging smile, "Speaking of which, your probation period is coming to an end, and you may start to prepare for submitting an application form for being a formal employee."

"Thank you, Lisa. Your kind words mean a lot to me." Ara smiles back and asks, "But can you tell me what should I mention in the application form?"

"Don't worry. I'd send you a format and you can fill in the blank."

"Thanks! Is there anything I should keep in mind?"

"Actually……" the manager hesitates for a while and nods carefully, "Yes. You need to help a client to find his or her mate to qualify yourself to be a professional counselor. And you should keep a record of what you've contributed to the mating bond."

"And I assume this task will be tougher compared to the work I do during my probation period?"

"It won't be easy when you apply the theory to the practice. There would be endless troubles." Lisa shrugs, "But I have great faith in you, dear. You're clever and determined, not to mention that you have a smart assistant."

Ara is amused by the way Lisa calls her artificial intelligence. She smiles and asks, "Can I pick a client?"

"I am afraid not. This is a test for formal employees, and a profession can never pick the client." Lisa smiles, "It will be randomly arranged by the machine."

"Sounds fair." Ara muses and nods, "Ok. I'll do that. When will the test start?"

"Whenever you feel ready, honey."

"I am ready. Can we start the pairing tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow it is then." the manager announces merrily, "But it is not a pairing. It is a lottery. To let you have a taste of control of your own fate."

That will be great. Ara smiles to herself, hoping tomorrow will be her lucky day. She prays to the moon goddess silently.

Dear Muse, please assign me a gentleman with good manners.

And her wish is answered.

Not in a good way.

Chapter 2 A Red Ball Mission

Ara's POV

"Good luck." Lisa hands Ara a huge lottery box.

"Thanks." Ara takes a deep breath and grabs a ball from the box.

"It is a red one, " someone murmurs behind Ara, sounding a bit panicky.

The nervousness in the voice is contagious, making Ara alarmed. She subconsciously plays her fingers and asks for an explanation, "Does this color have certain connotation?"

"Bad omen." a guy wearing glasses from IT department shrugs, sipping the coffee in his cup.

"You're joking." the smile on Ara's face froze when she notices the sternness on her manager's face.

"I……I am extremely sorry, Ara." Lisa stutters and sends her subordinate an apologetic look, "I didn't see such a thing will happen to you."

Now Ara is really anxious. Everyone around her acts so weirdly, as if they had been possessed by some might force and lost the ability to spea


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