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The Pack's Vampire

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Book Three in the Havermouth Pack Series - "The Pack's Secret Keeper" and "The Pack's Triquetra" ** Trigger Warnings - this is a DARK werewolf/vampire bullyboy romance book, featuring non-con/dub-con, gaslighting, violence, and a range of very kinky group s*x bxg and bxb, sounding, masochism, bondage, BDSM, Daddy-Dom, and more ** Once a king, and once a slave, can his secrets save his mates? Talen has waited over a century for a mate, and the goddess is generous when she finally grants his wish – she gives him four. It does not take long for Talen to realize that his very long, long life has been spent in training for the arrival of these mates, as he will need every skill at his disposal to not only heal the rift between the Triquetra and Aislen, but to protect them through the coming trouble. The flood waters have brought to Havermouth many threats, and not just in the form of the face-eating former inhabitants of the original abandoned colony of the Havers family. When Rhett is infected by the zombie-making virus, Talen, Aislen, and the Triquetra seek the help of the mysterious warlock Leighton and his family, just as the town fills with black-clad, armed men who call themselves the National Emergency Service... But they aren’t there to help Havermouth recover from the storm. Will Talen’s wisdom and wealth of experience, help save his mates from the dangers of Havermouth?



Review after half of the novel

Loving this series the author really has a great imagination and a way of getting the reader engrossed in the story and having the throw backs to get the back story of all the main characters is great iv read the three books and am still engrossed in it and loving it all I can hardly put it down but I hope heath softens a bit and listens more instead of been stuck in his head otherwise he will turn into his father

April 23, 2024

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