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The Only Man

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Devya, a cheerful and childish woman, meets an Axen, a CEO who is a lonely Werewolf who can't express feelings like ordinary people, he's a Werewolf without an expression on his face. "Go." Axen orders in his stern voice made me frown in annoyance. “After you stole my first kiss, you asked me to leave?!! B*st*rd!!” I ruffled the bed, I threw all the pillows on the floor in a rage. "*ssh*l*!!!!” I saw him come back closer to me, he agagin locked me under his body, he touched my neck with his cold fingers. I'm in an awkward situation and it makes my heart beat fast.

Chapter 1 Pov Axen

Car horns, baby crying sounds, people talking around, birds chirping, tires rubbing against the road… noise, noise squealing in my ears makes me hate all of it. speeding up my pace, wishing I could return to a place where there was no sound, only me and the sound of my breath... I was half running, but couldn't avoid the scorching sun that made my body tremble strongly. I kept walking and half running. Now I'm far away, very far from the city center. I stand in front of a large castle in the middle of the forest, in this place I was born and I live. A place that is far from the city center, away from the noise and the most peaceful place.

My hands move around opening the door and immediately closing the door that has been opened again, my eyeballs roll to see the peaceful place where I am now. All the windows were covered by curtains that hung wide and large so that there was not the slightest gap for the yellow light to enter my place. Being in a dim castle, with humid and cool temperatures, I feel very comfortable being in the castle makes me very peaceful. My feet moved closer to the sofa with me sitting on it. I spread my legs freely.

"Hide again like a sewer rat?"

A man with a cynical and scary face. He approached me, sat on a single bench.

“Axen, stop hiding. Come out quickly!!”

“You have no right to rule my life, Alex.”

"Oh, whatever. I'm so tired of asking you to walk outside and enjoy the fresh air, instead of being indoors just breathing in the humid air here."

Listening to his babbling made my eyes slowly close, I was very sleepy and fell asleep on the sofa.

"It's really annoying. I was busy talking. He just sleeps like that. Whatever, I have to go check now.”

I felt my body had been on the sofa for a long time. I opened my eyes to see fruit and food already served on the table.

" Thanks." I said flat.

"Why is your face so flat, expressionless?" Alex babbled. I saw his brow furrowed.

"How, how do you make it like that?"

I pointed at his frowning forehead and it made him stop frowning at once.

"Quickly finish your dinner, after that go take care of company data."

I inherited a fairly large company from my extended family, a company engaged in the toy business. My family, long dead, are victims of the massacre of a government that doesn't allow creatures like us to live. We werewolves who have lived for thousands of years. My family is included in the richest werewolf because it has a company. I don't clearly know how the company was founded. Alex is my right-hand man, he is the one who appears in public if there are clients who want to cooperate with our company. No wonder, if Alex is much more famous than me, the real owner. Alex is like family to me, he is the son of the maid who used to work in this castle. Now, the Maid and my extended family were slaughtered. After the massacre, for some time, I was hidden by Alex, who was very young at that time. After five years of walking, we returned to the castle with a different governor. Alex and I re-started the company that was already bankrupt. I worked behind the scenes while he worked in front of the screen.

“Axen, hurry up and finish your dinner, you have to work!!”

Orders, he always makes orders to me, no matter if I'm the owner of all of these. But, seeing him ramble on like that didn't bother me, because to me it was something that looked funny, something I couldn't do. I can't show any expressions.

“Axen, I have to go to bed because tomorrow there will be a meeting at the company.”


I always answer briefly every chatter from him. After I finished eating, I immediately returned to my office, which is not far from the main room. There, I worked to develop my company. I worked until sunrise. After sunrise, I felt very sleepy and went to sleep.

"Basic werewolf has no discipline, is an adult but still always sleeps on the table."

If I was asleep, it would be very difficult to wake up. But, don't worry, I will wake up when it's time for me to wake up at ten at night or nine at night. But, I will wake up prematurely if I dream about how the tragedy of my family massacre happened. After waking up, I just stay in the room and spend time alone with spelling books or magic books like spellings that humans rarely know about.

I couldn't go back to sleep at all because the dream about the tragedy came back. I chose to reread the book and sat on the sofa with my legs crossed.

"You had that dream again, Ax?"

My eyeballs rolled, I saw Axen carrying a bag of fruit and bread, then I came back with my reading book.

"I met a beautiful woman."

I saw him approaching me with his face red from blushing.

"How do you make a face like that?"

My hands held his face and looked at him with a straight face, why does Alex always manage to make all kinds of expressions? Why not with me?

"Don't worry, I just wanted to show you something that would make you chuckle."

I saw him take out a rectangular object that could give off light. I saw his fingers play well on the rectangle playing.

"Here, look at how beautiful she is."

He pointed a square object towards my eyes. I saw a human who had long hair and red lips and a large chest, different from mine and Alex's

"Is he human?"

"Yes, she's a woman. She's my girlfriend, named Reina."

So, humans who have a different body shape than me are called women.

"Why, that square thing gives off an image?"

"Of course!! Look at this, handphone making music too."

I was surprised to hear that voice, it made me cover my ears immediately.


I ordered, with a trembling body now, that voice is no longer heard.

"What kind of sound is that, I've never heard such a sound."

"This is not sound, this is music. Music is sound with pitch.”

Alex knows a lot about what happens in this world because is since childhood, he was raised by a man like a normal human. He was indeed prepared to be my right hand because it was impossible for me to appear in public.

Alex knows a lot of things about what is happening in this world because, since childhood, he was raised by a man like a normal human, he was indeed prepared to be my right hand because it was impossible for me to appear in public.

"Tonight, I'm going out of the house. I want to have fun with my friends.”

"Have fun?"

"Yeah, like going to a bar. Meet the bartender to have lots of drinks and enjoy a one-night stand with a lady.”

I just nodded, I know that the world that I have with the world that Alex has is very different. For me, peace is being alone in the house enjoying all the reading books. In contrast to Alex, the happiness he spoke of was drinking, enjoying a night with a woman and listening to noises.

“Axen, take care of yourself okay. I want to go."

I watched him walk out of the house in nice clothes and a fancy car. As for me, I only wear black long sleeves and sometimes I wear gray and white. In my life, there are only three colors, namely white, gray and black. After seeing him leave the house, I returned to the room with a book I was reading.

In the midst of my busy reading of books, I accidentally felt something strange in me, such as a vibration or something that made me a little excited. I remembered that it was time for me to do something important.

"I have to find my partner."

Every werewolf is obliged to find a partner to continue their offspring.

Chapter 2 Pov Devya

My name is Devya, my footsteps continue to move following the music that is loud and also sounds very cool in my ears. I continued to dance merrily, jumping and twisting. I am already 20 years old, but for me this kind of thing has become a natural thing, because I am a cheerful woman who never feels sad.

"Devya, hurry up and do your job."

She is a noisy woman whose name is Reina. I am very disturbed by her presence. She's ruined my beautiful day, reminded me of all the work piled up on my desk.

"Okay, you're so noisy Rein."

My hands quickly do the work on my desk. I've just made two files. My eyes already feel very heavy, I'm very sleepy. I really want to sleep. Night and morning I'm always sleepy. Could this be normal? But, I don't care, I sip a cup of bitter coffee on the table to get rid of sleepiness. My hands are still good at making all the work deadlines.

"Devya, tonight I'm going to ha


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