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Blurb Emma, a little omega girl, was stunned when she found out that her crush Vincenzo Salvatore, the Alpha son of their pack, was her mate though he was her best friend's boyfriend. Thrown into desolation as that single news causes her friendship with Ava to jeopardize. Filled with pain, betrayal, and broken Emma watches in pain as Vincenzo Salvatore marks Ava and claims her as his in front of everyone on the day their pack was invaded by their enemies, the mythical creatures Vampires!!…….. However, Emma's miseries are not over, not only did she lose her parents in the bloodthirsty battle between her kind and their enemies, Vampires, and had her mate marked her best friend in front of her but she was also abducted and offered as a s*x slave to the fearless, vicious, merciless, and bloodthirsty ancient vampire king, Alessandro Leonardo. ****** She is his enemy yet he never resisted the urge to have a taste of her. She seems innocent, he is a ruthless blood-sucking demon……. Her worst nightmare! What could fate have in turn for Emma in the presence of a fierce demon whose personalities are worlds apart, yet both carry hidden secrets beneath their masks? Can they be able to use each other for their own sinister purposes? Thus, can Emma resist Alessandro Leonardo's tempting and seductive charm or will she end up falling harder for the villain? How long can the two lovers deny their fate? NOTE: This story contains mature content, BDSM, and a dominating male lead (So please ignore if it traverses the limit of your moral value) So now let's experience the dark romance between the two ancient enemies, vampires, and werewolves.

Chapter 1

Six thousand years ago (The story behind the world war and the rivalry). 

In the supernatural realm, vampires and werewolves share a common ancestor…….. But due to some misunderstanding,  the vampire race was created to counter the uncontrollable monster that was the wolf ancestor. And this led to the vampires enslaving the werewolves, which ultimately sparked a deep-seated hatred and a war between them. The war raged on for centuries, under the full moon which was casting an eerie glow upon the battlefield.

The air hung heavy with the metallic scent of blood, a constant reminder of the fierce battles that had been waged. The werewolves, their primal instincts driving them, fought with unwavering determination, their howls echoing through the night. It was a war that seemed to have no end in sight, as both sides clashed relentlessly, seeking to secure their freedom and power 

As the war waged on, the vampires emerged as formidable adversaries, driven not only by their insatiable thirst for blood but also by an unquenchable greed for power. They reveled in their fearlessness, their icy gazes piercing through the darkness, instilling terror in the hearts of all who crossed their path. Their fangs glistened with malevolence, ready to strike at a moment's notice. And this causes the once vibrant world teeming with different mythical creatures to now fall silent. Seeing that the war is not ending, the werewolves, battered and scarred, retreated into hiding, away from slavery by the vampires! 

But even in their seclusion, the rivalry between the werewolves and their adversaries withstood. The scars of the war ran deep, fueling a lasting animosity that simmered beneath the surface. The werewolves, their primal nature demanding revenge, yearned for a chance to reclaim what was rightfully theirs.

   In the aftermath of the war, the realms stood divided, forever scarred by the fierce rivalry between these supernatural beings. The werewolves, though fearful, refused to succumb to their enemy, their spirits still flickering with the craving to conquer and take control. And the vampires, their greed unsatisfied, continued to prowl the night, forever hungry for the same power and control.

And throughout the centuries, the battle for power and superiority between vampires and werewolves has never been resolved. The anger, hatred, and thirst for power have been passed down from generation to generation, creating a lasting conflict between these two powerful creatures. This rivalry has persisted for centuries and continues to this day.

This battle for supremacy has now been inherited and passed down to the two formidable rulers: Alessandro Leonardo, the merciless and brutal king of the vampires who had lived for ages, and Matteo Salvatore, the new king of the werewolves. These two fierce men continue the age-old conflict between their respective races.

    However, as we grew up, we have been told that for centuries these two mystical creatures have been in deep enmity, our kinds and these beasts……..The main cause of this enmity has remained unknown to us, the pups!! We were just raised with the idea that we shouldn't cross paths or have anything to do with them.

Chapter 2(The moonlit festival)


Chirp chirp!

The melodious song of the birds can be heard from outside as the early morning sun stones inside my room. Its rays reflect directly to my face, signaling that it is time to wake up.

I yawned and stretched out my arms tiredly, after the intense war and bloodthirsty battle that happened years ago, the Moonlight Festival is finally here! We are celebrating it in remembrance of our freedom from slavery and lucky me it was also my birthday. And today being the day I will turn eighteen makes the possibility of finding my mate 100% because that is the average age where werewolves do find their mates……. I giggled and slipped out of my bed. I stride forward and stop in front of my closet, a wave of excitement washing over me.

Oh! My gosh…….

"What should I wear? What should I wear?" I pondered, eagerly going through my wardrobe in search of a perfect outfit when suddenly I heard my room do


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