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Cynthia Chris

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Blurb Emma, a little omega girl, was stunned when she found out that her crush Vincenzo Salvatore, the Alpha son of their pack, was her mate though he was her best friend's boyfriend. Thrown into desolation as that single news causes her friendship with Ava to jeopardize. Filled with pain, betrayal, and broken Emma watches in pain as Vincenzo Salvatore marks Ava and claims her as his in front of everyone on the day their pack was invaded by their enemies, the mythical creatures Vampires!!…….. However, Emma's miseries are not over, not only did she lose her parents in the bloodthirsty battle between her kind and their enemies, Vampires, and had her mate marked her best friend in front of her but she was also abducted and offered as a s*x slave to the fearless, vicious, merciless, and bloodthirsty ancient vampire king, Alessandro Leonardo. ****** She is his enemy yet he never resisted the urge to have a taste of her. She seems innocent, he is a ruthless blood-sucking demon……. Her worst nightmare! What could fate have in turn for Emma in the presence of a fierce demon whose personalities are worlds apart, yet both carry hidden secrets beneath their masks? Can they be able to use each other for their own sinister purposes? Thus, can Emma resist Alessandro Leonardo's tempting and seductive charm or will she end up falling harder for the villain? How long can the two lovers deny their fate? NOTE: This story contains mature content, BDSM, and a dominating male lead (So please ignore if it traverses the limit of your moral value) So now let's experience the dark romance between the two ancient enemies, vampires, and werewolves.


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